Criminal Minds

Season 5 Episode 13

Risky Business

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 20, 2010 on CBS

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  • Yet another fantastic episode, possibly my favorite of Season 5. The BAU, through the insistence of J.J., are called to Wyoming to investigate a series of teen suicides which appear to have a link to a sinister internet site.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, I thought the script, the guest actors and the regular cast were all terrific and I can't find much to fault about it. I was also pleased to see Garcia go "off-site" with the team as that rarely happens and it was good to see J.J. asserting herself with Hotch when she first heard of the teen deaths and had every intention of getting the team to Wyoming even though the BAU doesn't investigate suicides.

    The way the introduction was filmed showing the simultaneous actions of the teenagers was excellent and very suspenseful. I also enjoyed the perfect way that Reid got through to the students in the classroom when he was describing the death throes of someone who has attempted to 'get high' by this method of strangulation, it was great writing, very descriptive and to the point.

    The interaction between Garcia and the young boy was really moving and both actors did a great job here. It was nice to see her more directly involved although a little hard to believe that Hotch would send her in without any preparation at all given that they assumed at the time that he was inciting local teens to try and kill themselves. The rapport between the two, having lost parents at a similiar age was a great piece of writing too and it pleased me that she was able to assert that she didn't feel he was a killer.

    The father was a sinister piece of work and I had already worked out about the Munchausen's Syndrome by proxy as soon as I learned that he worked for the fire department. It was also obvious from the way J.J. put on the necklace that she had lost a loved one to suicide long before she made any other comment on the subject. Of course, given that she was a member of an elite FBI agency, Hotch would have already been aware that her sister had committed suicide as it would have been in her file so it was odd that he didn't know. A touching moment between the two of them in the plane and good to see Hotch managing to appear 'human' again.

    A terrific episode and well worth a re-watch or two as we wait for the new season.