Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 23


Aired Wednesday May 06, 2009 on CBS

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  • It was ok episode but nothing amazing

    I do not know but I love the episodes where they have majority of the case around profile and the whole cat and mouse game more than episodes like that - I am not sure how to even classify them.. they do have profile, they do have little of the cat-mouse game (specially then end sequence with car crash.. I loved that part).. but most of the time, the episode was little.. slow or flat or? There were things I loved for sure. The man who JJ met who thought he was behind the accident and what came out, he hurt noone.. I liked the storyline.. the doubt and blame the man had and how JJ took it.. There were some great writing in some parts.. but I did the things going around the unsub.. they were somehow.. not poorly written but.. like the chases he started with car? Do people really run in straight line not drying to go somewhere were car cannot? Maybe they do it on instincts but it was weird to watch.
  • hit and run!

    The BAU is called to investigate a series to hit and runs done by the same vehicle. After a third victim is killed, thye find that the connection between all of them is that they drove an sportive red car. After profiling the driver that run over his victims, they find out that he probably was in a car accident and is now handicapped. When a man listens to the press realease and comes to the police office to confess that he was involved in a car accident while driving his red car, they set a timeline for when the accident happened. After a long car persecution, the Unsub kills himself by driving over a fence and falling.
    Good chapter although quite weird. Not my favorite of this season.
  • Was expecting more

    This one and the last couple episode were not that interesting. Criminal Minds was always a great tv show, full of drama and suspense, but lately it has been just kinda boring and slow.
    This episode had a weird serial killer, with a weird motivation and the other guy that was also weird.
    That whole Penelope thing was very very weird too.
    I'm missing more profilling stuff and serial killers with better motivation, like we have seen in many episodes already.
    I hope that they can do a season finale as excited and the one we saw in the past, because i really enjoy this show.
  • Wierd case but still great!

    It was a wierd case as they usually, don't investigate stuff of this nature. With someone killing people with their car. Usually it is by guns, or by strangliation or something like that.
    But after the second car killing, the BAU is summoned to help with the investigation. And one man thinks that he is responsible for the crime. Only to be assured by JJ, that he wasn't. And all of this guilt he has been carrying around with. Meanwhile, Kevin who, Garcia has been seeing for awhile. Says he might have to get another job and go overseas with the NSA. Though he can't tell her exactly where and a long-distance relationship could be hard. But he wants her to go with him. That leaves it wide open, whether she may break up with him or not!
  • Not the best episode, but worth tuning in.

    The premise of this episode, an unsub killing people with his car, was interesting enough to make me want to tune in. I wasn't disappointed, just not overly thrilled about it. The case had it's interesting points. I was surprised when the man, Gil Bonner (played convincingly by Dale Midkiff), came to turn himself in, believing he was the cause of the unsub's spiral into insanity. And I was even more surprised to learn that he actually had nothing to do with it. That was a good and unexpected twist. But other than that, the case was a snooze.

    I think the most interesting parts of this episode where the scenes between Kevin and Garcia as well as the small scene with JJ and Mr. Bonner. It was nice seeing JJ as more than the press liaison. Seeing her step out her usual role to offer her own brand of comfort to the guilt-ridden man was a refreshing touch. And I enjoyed the scenes between Garcia and Kevin. I'm a Garcia/Morgan girl myself (I just love their banter!) but it was nice to see Garcia in a scene with her boyfriend. And I adore Nicolas Brendon, so it was nice to see more of him.

    All in all, a good episode, one I might watch again in the future, but nothing spectacular happened. But next week looks promising!
  • Not the best plot or script, but interesting and kept my interest.

    I thought the idea of someone using a car as a murder weapon was going to be a challenge to sell to the viewers. The analogy of guys and their cars I'm sorry to say I totally agree. I loved how the viewers were initially given only pieces of the case and the unsub. It really gave you a puzzle as to what makes this nut snap but more importantly what made this guy tick. What was more intriguing when it was revealed that the basis of the unsub's rage steps forward. I appreciated the pieces being put together at the end. I loved JJ's scene with Mr. Bonner and Penelope's scene with Kevin at the end. It was nice to see Penelope's hacking skills haven't gotten rusty.
  • Another good one

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. We open in Oregon with a woman driving home and before she makes it there she has car trouble. She pulls over to check out the car and when she gets out another car approaches. Assuming that the driver will stop to help her, she doesn't get too worried. Only the driver doesn't get out, instead he keeps driving and eventually knocks her down and kills her. Garcia's boyfriend goes to see her and we learn that he has a job interview. We also learn that the job it's an overseas job he's known about it for a couple of weeks. He suggests that she also apply and that they move there together, although Garcia is not told where as it is classified. The BAU are called in on the case when the 2nd victim within 12 days is found on the same stretch of road. Soon we see the Unsub as he sets eyes on a new target. The profile of the Unsub is released to the media and soon a man comes forward claiming that he was in the accident with the Unsub which caused his disability. Soon the team get an ID and learn that he and his wife were in a car accident and that she died and now he is taking his revenge out on people who drive similar cars to the one from the accident. They search his apartment and find photos of who they believe is his next target. They learn that he is on a bike ride and so the team try to find him before the Unsub does. When searching his apartment the team believe that the red car that caused the accident was the one that the Unsub was driving, there was no other vehicle involved. Soon they see the Unsub and he crashes into Hotch's car, but luckily no one in the car is hurt. As they chase after him, he realises that he can't escape and so he drives his car off of the side of the road and dies. At the end of the episode JJ tells the man, who thought that he caused the accident, that there was an accident but the man driving was unhurt. At the end of the episode we learn that Garcia's boyfriend, Kevin, didn't get the job.
  • This episode was a favorite of mine because it was so different from what we normlly see.

    I found this to be a very interesting episode of Criminal Minds. The case was very different to what the show normally produces, and we don't see too many cases on any TV show where the weapon of coice is a car!

    I foudn the idea of a disabled unsub to be intriguing. It was certainly a bad thing to be confined to a chair for the rest of your life, but killing is certainly not going to solve anythings.

    I thought that this was a very good episode because of its unique nature! I would highl y recommend this, and I think it is among the best episodes of Criminal Minds (even though every episode is great)!
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