Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 24


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 16, 2012 on CBS

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  • Wrapping up the season with a terrible disservice to Paget's character. The last scene was beautiful, but I can see why she left.

    I think what keeps fans watching a show is their attachment to the characters. The fact that they've consistently seen these people grow and develop (hopefully with decent enough writing) and really come to love them. Season 7 does Emily Prentiss as a character such a disservice, not to mention Brewster as an actress after how CBS treated her.

    Besides shouldering Emily with massive amounts of guilt and blame earlier in the season, her aftermath after such a traumatizing confrontation with Doyle was almost swept completely under the rug. Save for this measly episode.

    After 100, We saw the struggle of Hotch and how he had to deal with life as a single parent, still working for the BAU. We saw a little bit of Jack, and it was heartwarming and beautiful, (though, of course I would have loved a bit more, because again I am more interested in the development of these characters and the relationships between And, though Reid is significantly less skilled in compartmentalization, we got to see his struggle with the aftermath of his time with Tobias Hankel.

    I was HUGELY disappointed in seeing Emily almost completely unchanged from her experience besides her profuse apologies, again shouldering some massive guilt that has been so unnecessarily put on her. She really did not seem to be suffering all that much. Her apologies sounded more like she was sorry for standing her friends up for dinner than a more heavy feeling of doing something untrustworthy for the greater good (which is essentially what the writers had her doing, though I won't even go into the plot issues with that Again, it seemed as though hardly anything had happened to her.

    I did love what little scenes we got with Prentiss dealing with what happened to her even if it was only really for one good episode. The little scene with Hotch at the end made her seem a little less robotic and a little bit more like a human being who's ex-significant other/terrorist from her CIA days (which took a toll on her humanity) come back to haunt her, teasing her and threatening her friends lives before torturing her, feeling her up, branding her and then staking her, not to mention the months of isolation in Paris where she was forced to abandon her friends and identity, still constantly looking over her shoulder, waiting for Doyle to find out she wasn't dead and come kill her and most likely her team in retaliation. Oh, and the thought of Doyle possibly finding Declan now that she was no where near the boy to offer any protection.

    Oh, no. That kinda thing wouldn't really shake someone up at all.

    Plot holes.

    Speaking of Declan, I was ready for this beautiful touching reunion with Emily and Declan, or just ... something. The boy seemed like just another kid saved at the end of the day. Prentiss risked everything to make sure Declan was safe and living a good life, and they could not write one scene in this entire season alluding to their relationship? We got nothing from Declan and Emily even though they played up her motive so much for this kid. So disappointing and again, a complete disservice to both Emily as a character and Paget as an actress.

    I wasn't surprised when I learned the reason Paget left the show after season 7.

    For my own selfish reasons, I really do hope she comes back because Emily is one of my favorite characters, and Paget's acting is superb (though she is candidly hilarious, I find her to be more enjoyable in dramatic roles with a bit more dry humor thrown in there).


    I did, however enjoy parts of this episode

    The fact that Emily saves Will is sort of this beautiful full circle moment. After JJ helped Emily in Paris, it's only fitting that Emily risk her life to keep her best friend's family intact.

    JJ's wedding of course. A bit cliched but touching all the same.

    Emily's goodbye was sort of beautifully simple and actually a bit tear inducing

    Amazing performances by Paget and AJ

    Another full circle development when we see Emily willingly opening up to Hotch in their conversation at the Rossi Mansion - "would you like to talk about it", "Absolutely"

  • Fast forward to the fight scene.

    Whatever happened to the days when a season finale would have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish? All shows seem to have weak finales these days and I was nearly asleep watching this one. For me, it only even began to get interesting when J.J. kicked the backside out of Madame X. Go, J.J.! I always love seeing Jack and Henry (but Henry needs a bit of a haircut. *grin*). I gave the episode a 7 because it was Paget's swan song and I found that very sad because she is such a huge asset to the show. I fervently hope that Emily has a guest spot here and there but after the way Paget was treated by the CBS honchos last season, I'm not really sure why she would want to do that. I think Garcia echoed my feelings well.

    I am hoping for good things in Season 8 but I shall miss Paget Brewster very much, she was a great asset to my favourite show. I wish Jeannie Tripplehorn all the best and the rest of the cast too.
  • This is the most brilliant finale I have seen.

    This episode was phenomenal. This season was a complete roller coaster. it has downright horrible episodes and then some absolutely superb episodes but the finale was INSANELY AMAZING. I kid you not when I say that there wasn't even one moment where i got even slightly distracted from what was happening on screen. it was fast paced, well though out , every reason and motive was clearly explained and the unsubs were unlike we have seen before and very creative. When I read the review regarding some bank robbery, I was like eh that sounds boring but believe me, it was the complete opposite. The emotions and relations were such an important part of the story but not once did it come in the way of the storytelling or the main plot. What I love about CM is that even when new couples are introduced, its done with so much subtlety and not thrown in your face to like them, its basically kept at the background with just enough knowledge to know whats happening. Rossi and Strauss, Beth and Hotch and also I have to bring this up, they manage to get the most adorable child actors. I am big fan of jack and I love JJ's son as well. The last scene, oh man. Without being too cheesy and corny they managed to make it the most heartfelt scenes I have seen in a long time on any show. Emily's dance with everyone, her friendship with morgan, her talk with hotch, rossi throwing JJ a wedding, everything was just spot on. I am extremely sad that Paget is leaving, I'm not clear ont he reasons why but I hope they bring her back the way JJ was brought back. I like the original team a LOT and the opening credits needs to have Paget. Oh and I love Matthew Gray Gubler :) Cant wait for the next season and hopefully to see Emily.
  • love it


  • criminal minds

    Thats allsome
  • No!!! Where's my Emily gone!

    Well before I address the obvious, let's talk about the brilliant continuation of a truly phenomenal storyline! Everything in here was executed to perfection! The Queen of Diamonds slash Lady X woman with Henry, plus the bomb scene! Aside from JJ kicking that woman's butt like there's no tomorrow, we also showcased the true brilliance of Prentiss in that scene with Will!

    OMG, this case was one of the BAU's best, and Criminal Minds never fails to deliver!

    My own ipinion to this ending, though, is that I am so sad that Paget Brewster is going! OMG, Emily has been my favourite character since I started watching CM, and even though she wasn't an original cast member, she will be missed more than I can even express in words! She was brilliant!

    I do hope that we get a replaecment. No one can replace Paget Brewster and Emily Prentiss, but it is better than leaving a void in her place.

    Thanks Paget Brewster for many weeks of brilliant CM episodes and many years with this show! I will miss Emily and her sense of humour. She was absolutely amazing!

    Also, congrats to JJ! And Will! And on a side note, Jack and Henry are both so unbelievably cute!!! <333
  • The best

    I think that by far this is the best serie or program the tv could have I don't miss an episode and I think I've seen most of them and I can watch them over and over and I still get the same feeling plus I love Dr spencer Reid he's the best :) even though my daughter likes Morgan :) I am addicted to criminal minds :)
  • stupid character..

    SERIOUSLY?! they had at least four, FOUR opportunitys to kill off the stupid annoying character of La-bla-bla Jr but nooooo.

    Then they had to get married! they have no chemistry what so ever!

    Loved the JJ fight scene!

    So sad to se Paget go, but glad they did it they way they did it.
  • Kate Bryggman (Tara Kirkland)

    The chic who played Will and JJ's next door neighbor was awesome. Her interaction with psycho black haired chic like nothing was wrong in the midst of all that insanity was great. Anyone else notice?
  • so lomng prentiss

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    Great finale loved JJ dress and how emily took turns dancing with everyone so moving loved the action drama
  • AWESOME!!!!

    kick-ass ending to another great season... loved jj's fight scene!!! talk about mums turning into tigers when their cub's are in danger.... it was nice to see what the agents do on their brief and well deserved days off, so refreshing to see them smiling ... and i loved the fact that they ended the season with a happy moment... i will be counting the days till the new season airs... :)
  • the ending song

    does anybody knows the title of the ending song that describe it all ???!!
  • amazing

    Awesome finale!!!!!!!!!! am I the only one that don't know that JJ and Will wont married?
  • Thank you for ending the season on a positive note

    What an awesome season finale - action, suspense, shock, retribution, everything you could ask for...looked forward to JJ kicking Izzy's butt through the entire show, and I was not disappointed. Thank you, Criminal Minds, for not having the OMG cliffhanger, but rather the OMG, OMG, OMG finale, with some happiness at the end. So good!!!!!!
  • Wow! Amazing!

    Now, this is how you end a season. This was just an amazing episode. Loved everything. AJ Cook got to show what a great actress she is and so did Paget Brewster. I am going to miss her. I do hope they get a new team member next season.

    This episode had it all. Can't wait for season 8.
  • emily prentiss

    I thought this season finale was great though i was hoping for an exciting end for emily prentiss such as the episode 'Lauren' but i really liked this episode it was very exciting, but im gonna miss emily (paget brewster) a lot !, she was the reason why i'm watching this show,

    goodbye paget