Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 5

Safe Haven

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 2010 on CBS

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  • If we are VERY lucky, we just may have seen the last of Ellie Spicer and all of her relatives. Perhaps now we can get back to what 'Criminal Minds' is supposed to be about; catching criminals.

    I had to watch this episode twice before I could write this review because I was so bored the first time that I missed several salient points. The first thing I want to yell about is how, once again, there was little or no profiling of the unsub and when there was, the team jumped to their conclusions so fast my head was spinning! What has happened to the team dynamic where they all sit around and brainstorm to come up with the solutions and put the profile together? It just seems to have gone out the window.

    The young unsub seemed to me to be reading his lines but I still found him more interesting than the one from last week. It was a good premise to have such a young killer but it seemed to me that his crimes were a little too neat and clean for one so young. As for this nasty habit of Ellie Spicer being mentioned or seen in every episode, it MAY just be over now but what in the world was Morgan thinking with regard to that whole scenario? So, they couldn't find Ellie's mother? Did they even consider asking Garcia? She would have tracked down Susan Spicer in a matter of minutes because that's what she does.

    It seems that access to Quantico and the BAU is quite easily gained as I have lost count of the amount of people who just wander in without security clearance. Ellie just coming in without Morgan's knowledge doesn't ssy a great deal about security there, does it? That journalist who wrote the book about Foyet last season couldn't get in to see Hotch but it seems that just about anybody else can.

    One positive thing I did find was the performance of guest actress Mare Winningham who handled the situation she was in very nicely. Her two 'children' were not very good actors though, unfortunately.

    The scene at the BAU between Morgan, Ellie and Susan Spicer was appalling. What kind of sane adult would discuss such personal matters in front of a young, traumatized child? I don't know about Mrs. Spicer but Morgan certainly should have known better. His gung ho macho man attitude annoyed me given that he knew none of the details and then, suddenly, he sees the book containing all the letters Ellie's mother had 'written' to her in her absence and he is just about ready to award her the title of 'Mother of the Year'. Was there some reason she didn't mail the letters to her child? And how does the mere existence of the letters themselves prove to Morgan, a BAU profiler, that Susan obviously loves her daughter dearly and will make an excellent mother? This makes zero sense to me. The writers have done Shemar Moore a lot of disservice this season but hopefully, with Ellie now re-united with her mother, we may be fortunate enough to have seen the last of ALL the Spicers!

    Is it wrong to want this show to go back to basics? To want the team, working as a cohesive unit, to profile, hunt and track down unsubs instead of letting a dozen side stories get in the way? I don't think it is. The 'Criminal Minds' of old is what has made it such a superb show. Can we please focus on the unsubs, the victims and the cases as a whole so that the BAU can do what we love watching them do so much? Maybe they should not only keep young Jeremy on their 'watch list' but perhaps Ellie as well, given all her traumas, she may turn out to be anything, even an unsub herself. Let us hope not.