Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 5

Safe Haven

Aired Wednesday Oct 20, 2010 on CBS

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  • Good but not great, as Criminal Minds episodes go. Warning - a few spoilers.

    This was not my favorite episode. Another "enfant terrible." Lots of child actors, which means lots of mediocre acting. The plot device for the killer's origin (one twin consumed the other in the womb) felt contrived for shock value. And the Ellie Spicer arc served as a distraction from the main story.

    Seemed to me like most of the BAU team had very little to do in this episode, and the Jeremy's story was just not compelling to me at all. There's obviously some political context to the episode about the problems of what to do with sociopathic children, the ills of the foster care system, and the ethics of Nebraska's child abandonment law. But none of that was presented in a way that particularly fascinated me or stirred any emotion.

    However, guest star Mare Winningham was strong, and it was still Criminal Minds, making it better than just about anything else on TV during a given week.
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