Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 5

Safe Haven

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 2010 on CBS

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  • Ellie is a pain in the ass! Why couldn't they pick a likeable kid? I'm sorry but I felt no sympathy or interest in her at all

    I'm so frustrated because I LOVE Tim Curry and was so excited to see him in the season 5 finale but then to have the Ellie and Spicer characters completely ruin it! I did NOT care about Spicer at all and knew he was going to die just like that annoying Kate character at the end of season 3 that died. Its a season finale!!!! Stop bringing in people that we don't care about if they die! Then the whole thing with Ellie coming back is just friggen annoying, she does my head in there's nothing likeable about her. Characters like Jack and Henry on the other hand are SOOOOOO CUTE!!! I know they are the main characters kids but that's not why I like them, they are likeable characters who we love to see but Ellie? NOOOOO GO AWAY AND DON'T COME BACK!!!! Seriously CM you couldn't find another BETTER actor for her part? I'm sure she's a great actress but in this she sucked and I don't like seeing her in episodes. I fast forward them so I don't have to see them.

    Now onto the episode review lol that kid was a nut Morgan should've killed him because he'd be out before he was 18. A low rating because I wanted to kill the kid. I wouldn't mind seeing this kid again when he gets out so I can watch Morgan finish the job and kill the shit.

    I have to give applause to the ONLY interesting character/decent actress Mare Winningham. I love her as an actress and as usual she was great in her role :)
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