Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 3

Scared to Death

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 2007 on CBS

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  • good episode...

    The team is called in to investigate murders that are all different. The victums were all new comers to the city, and that's about it. It turned out that a creepy pyscologist person convinced his patients to confront their fears and he practically killed them. He let go of the saftely line when a man was scared of water was in the water, thus causing him to drown. He burried a girl alive, but the team freed her. Overall, the case was interesting and there were some good character moments in the episode. It's weird not to have Gideon, but it's also nice. I like change in a show. Overall, good episode.
  • Someone is killing someone based on their fears.

    As usual i thought that this was a great episode of Criminal minds. Also once again I thought that the cast was really great with their characters in this episode. I liked the storyline with the psycho killer killing people based on their fears because he is dealing with some trama with his mother dying and what she did to him when he was a child. I really do not notice a difference in the episodes of Criminal Minds now that Mandy Patinkin is no longer in the cast. I liked that Hodge told someone that his wife left him at the end of the episode.
  • With no Mandy, "Criminal Minds" looks to Paget Brewster's chest to carry the show.

    I was willing to give "Criminal Minds" a chance after the (in my opinion) nicely handled departure of Jason Gideon. Unfortunately, my fears were confirmed: without the strong center that Mandy Patinkin and his character provided, the profilers are lost and the show is veering more and more into "shock of the week" territory.

    In a continuing effort to top themselves, the writers continue to dream up "unsubs" with less and less grounding in reality, and who are saddled with backstories in an effort to garner our sympathy. Case in point, the psychiatrist with a bad childhood and nagging wife kills people in the style of their greatest fears. It's a plot more appropriate for a comic book villain than a serial killer. Gone are the days of the early first season when the crimes and their culprits were so grounded in reality, the tension was palpable. Now, each unsub needs to be grander/more ridiculous than the last. (Hunters who hunt people!, etc.) Plus...I know a show is in trouble when boobs become a major star. What the heck kind of dress code does the BAU have? Paget Brewster's neckline took a bungie jump this week, and JJ's attire is always that of a 13 year old out for a Friday night. Dress professionally! Scully did on "The X-Files" and it didn't hurt her sex appeal. The women on "CM" look like cheerleaders, and sound like them too.

    The good: Thomas Gibson (the only other good actor on the show) had a very nice moment with Jayne Atkinson at the beginning, and it's clear he's struggling with his home strife. Too bad Jayne Atkinson hasn't made more appearances. Her Erin Strauss is the kind of female character this show needs...a woman who is more than breasts and pouty lips. Also, Michael O'Keefe was creepy enough as the psychiatrist-killer.

    The bad: No more Jason Gideon. We've got a weak cast of prime-time rejects awash in a sea of dreck. Too bad, this show started out strong...but now I have my Wednesday nights back.
  • A taste of the Action to the one's that don't know the show

    Loved this episode, one of my favorites and a mark to people that haven't had the chance to check this series out! A true example in How to understand the "How and Why" of a serial killers mind.
    We find a "morbid" Hotch struggling between the safe of a family and the thrill and rightness to catch the society monsters out there...
    I can understand the difficulty of Reid to figure it out why the letter was sent to him, and only him. To such a master mind to understand something so simple and personal to a "lab rat" can be hard...
  • This was kind of a blah episode for me.

    This episode definitely was not up to snuff after the first two episodes of this season.

    Through out the whole episode I kind of felt myself going "what?" Everything seemed to happen in a very short amount of time. For this episode I did not like knowing the identity of the psycho and cruel killer. It took away from the drama of the episode in my opinion. It has worked many times before, but this time I felt like it just flopped.

    I was disappointed that the guy just pretty much committed suicide by jumping off the building. I thought it was kind of a lame ending. At least they found the girl aliive, I happy about that. This episode almost seemed melodramatic and a little too predictable.
  • Interesting but very weak casting.

    Knowing several people with anxiety disorder I thought the show was real to life and very frightening for those who deal with these problems on a daily basis, never the less, I cannot see the show as being as interesting as some other episodes without Gideon as the lead man. He pretty much made the show and a Stone Phillips look alike just doesn't cut it. What must be his replacement is a good choice (seen a few weeks ago) He is older and more experienced and it really comes across in his acting. We need more good older actors in this show that work together to make things happen. It would be nice if the female cast dressed a bit more professional and less Britney Spears. I'll give the show a few more weeks to see what happens but they need to get some better actors and writers too for that matter. Last season was great I hope this one picks up soon.
  • Review

    If someone told me before the case what it was going to be about - I thought it would have been one of my favorite episodes to date. I'm not going to come out here and say that it was a bad episode, but I thought the writers could have done a little more with it. I liked the fact that we got some flashbacks to the killers past, that made the episode a whole lot more interesting because while you feel for the killer at the same time you can't. He is still killing all of these people. I'm not sure if it was too much time with the killer that got to me, I don't know. I just think the pacing of the episode seemed a little off. Jason missing now has been pushed to the side, but a week or so has past since the events of 3x01 so its understandable. Basically everyone's saying that while they miss him, they are still solving cases without him there so they are okay. I think they handled it just as well as they could have. Overall, I know we will be getting a replacement here soon for Jason. Very interested to see what he brings to the team.
  • Scary..

    What if your worst nightmare is coming to live - you are going to die because of your biggest fair.. Sounds horrible and it is.. So team, now without a Gideon have to work on it.. and Hotchner takes it somehow even more harder than usually - and then it is learned that his wife left him. Quite logical, I think, it all sounded like going on that way.

    The case was adventurous, scary and had some great thoughts - those people all trusted that man and sometimes we blindly do if we think there is no threat but maybe we should think twice..

    But mostly I think I remember this episode because of the thoughts.. the thoughts they had with Gideon leaving.. like Garcia cleaning that office and saying he left everything than those pictures.. and Reid feeling like left behind again but what Emily said to him..
  • If we can't trust our doctors, who can we trust? Obviously not the unsub in this episode, that's for sure!

    People new to the state of Oregon are going missing but nobody is really sure how or why as the only things that seems to connect them is their age range and the fact that they have recently relocated from out of state.

    They have something else to connect them too - they are all seeing a psychiatrist who is helping them deal with their various fears and phobias, such as agorophobia and hydrophobia, among others. Thing is, this guy obviously doesn't remember much about the 'first, do no harm' ethos, because instead of helping them, he uses their biggest fears to murder them.

    This episode was ok - just. The team weren't very dynamic in this episode and it really showed but we hope for better things in the future, including some classier profiling.
  • Brilliant episode! The storyline is one of my favorites!

    This was another scintillating episode of 'Criminal Minds', and this one is all about phobias, in more ways that one.

    I really enjoyed the sceen with Reid and Morgan stuck in an elevator! Quite funny, and it added the humorous aspect that was needed!

    The actual case was just amazing. Prying on people's worst fears to give them their wrst possible deaths - truly horrific!

    I think this was truly one of the best ones that they have ever done, and that is becaue it is very different from anything they have done in the past two seasons! Keep it up, Criminal Minds, and I highly recommend this truly phenomenal episode!
  • Not missing Gideon.....

    At least for the past episodes i did not missed Gideon, i think that the rest of the team can perfectly go on without him, and now that Hotchner doesnt have his wife "bothering" him anymore, he can focus more on the team and his work.

    I thought that the story was good to great, the idea of a "mental health doctor" being that screwd up is really good, coz i know a lot of people that go to that line of work exactly because had some traumas in the past.

    Not much comments to make about the other characters in this episode.
  • Sure this episode wasn't like past episodes, but overall it was a good episode. With Gideon gone I think they're trying to find their way again and move on and solve more cases. It's one of my fave episodes, I know there's better episodes on there way.

    I don't see why everyone seems to not like this episode, overall it was good, although I do agree the killer could have had more of a personality. But, overall this episode proved they can have the show without Gideon, and I was reading other comments on other webpages and a lot of people don't seem to miss Gideon like they thought they would. Sure he was a excellent memeber in the cast and kept the show going. But, he's not the only element. Show will bounce back once things settle down a bit. I'm looking forward for another great season of "Criminal Minds".
  • A typical episode for me nothing special but suppose I can expect things to calm down after last season and the season premieres great episodes. In this one we have a killer who kills with fear and the team has to deal with life without

    A typical episode for me nothing special but suppose I can expect things to calm down after last season and the season premieres great episodes. In this one we have a killer who kills with fear and the team has to deal with life without Gideon. The killer had the right M.O but lacked the harshness and menace I would've expected from such a monster. As for the team yes they proved they can function without Gideon but other than that the episode was just them going through the motions. It was nice that the director was acting civil after looking like a fool and seeing how Gideons leaving affects Reid was good though. I didn't hate the episode just wasn't wowed like previous one's.
  • Big disappointment!

    I love Criminal Minds, its my absolute favorite show, but Scared to Death was a disappointment. The character interaction was awesome... Reid and Morgan on the elevator, Reid and Prentiss chat about Gideon, Hotch and Morgan on the plane at the end of the show, but the story line was boring, the killer was boring, I couldn't hate him. I don't know if it was the actor or the writing. As for the victims
    only the young man afraid of water was convincing to me. I have seen every episode and this is the first time I was disapointed. The character interaction was the reason I gave it 7.3.
  • Gideon the heart no more!

    The team is dealing with professional and personal struggles as the section chief reminds Hotch that Gideon will no longer be with the team. As they come to grips with it as they must put that all aside and work on a case. Where people are being killed over their fears. As a shrink is behind the killings. There may be a romance brewing with JJ and another agent that seems to have no life whatsoever. Scary to see Reid and Morgan in an elevator that stops them. Meanwhile, we see that Hotch's wife has left him. Makes you feel for him in the end. He has warmed up on me after not liking him in the beginning.
  • Gideon Who?

    I am actually with Morgan on this episode. Gideon who? I thought the team did very well "on their own." They worked together and solved the case. I like how Prentiss approached and discussed Gideon's absence with Reid. I think Reid will be the one most affected by Gideon's absence and his replacement. I'm glad to see it's not getting ignored. Michael O'Keefe was so believable as the serial murderer, right up there with James VanDerbeek, excellently cast and the storyline very believable. I really liked that Morgan was the one to approach Hodge about what was keeping him up and then Hodge opening up about Haley. They may have different approaches and perspectives but they are still colleages and have compassion for each other.
  • Everyone has a fear of something. This UNSUB is a sadist plain and simple. He who controls others is powerful…You must do the thing you think you cannot do..

    Jason is gone and the BAU team goes to Portland without him to track another serial killer who blames his Mother for everything, the elevator scene is great with Dr Reid and Derek, another phobia is displayed and sets the tone as what is in store for us as viewers. With most Criminal Minds episodes we are introduced to the killer early and watch them try to solve it. Some episodes work well others do not. The interesting part of this show and what sets it apart from all other detective or crime solving shows is the profiling aspect. Also the arrest or attempted arrest and rescues of the killer and victim is always different and unique.

    In this episode they are dealing with a person who enjoys the torture aspect of murder and they get a break when 1 of his victims is missed right away as opposed to his others, he didn't bury this victim as he done before. I find this show very enjoyable without all the flashy music montage scenes and unrealistic lab/police and interrogation room sets like CSI shows.
    I find the writing very well done especially when the BAU team briefs the local cops with who they are looking for and how it develops into who they search for.
    It's a pattern that works well and is original even thou profiling has been around for years , I wonder what real FBI profilers think of the show ?