Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 3

Scared to Death

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 2007 on CBS

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  • With no Mandy, "Criminal Minds" looks to Paget Brewster's chest to carry the show.

    I was willing to give "Criminal Minds" a chance after the (in my opinion) nicely handled departure of Jason Gideon. Unfortunately, my fears were confirmed: without the strong center that Mandy Patinkin and his character provided, the profilers are lost and the show is veering more and more into "shock of the week" territory.

    In a continuing effort to top themselves, the writers continue to dream up "unsubs" with less and less grounding in reality, and who are saddled with backstories in an effort to garner our sympathy. Case in point, the psychiatrist with a bad childhood and nagging wife kills people in the style of their greatest fears. It's a plot more appropriate for a comic book villain than a serial killer. Gone are the days of the early first season when the crimes and their culprits were so grounded in reality, the tension was palpable. Now, each unsub needs to be grander/more ridiculous than the last. (Hunters who hunt people!, etc.) Plus...I know a show is in trouble when boobs become a major star. What the heck kind of dress code does the BAU have? Paget Brewster's neckline took a bungie jump this week, and JJ's attire is always that of a 13 year old out for a Friday night. Dress professionally! Scully did on "The X-Files" and it didn't hurt her sex appeal. The women on "CM" look like cheerleaders, and sound like them too.

    The good: Thomas Gibson (the only other good actor on the show) had a very nice moment with Jayne Atkinson at the beginning, and it's clear he's struggling with his home strife. Too bad Jayne Atkinson hasn't made more appearances. Her Erin Strauss is the kind of female character this show needs...a woman who is more than breasts and pouty lips. Also, Michael O'Keefe was creepy enough as the psychiatrist-killer.

    The bad: No more Jason Gideon. We've got a weak cast of prime-time rejects awash in a sea of dreck. Too bad, this show started out strong...but now I have my Wednesday nights back.