Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 21

Secrets and Lies

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 03, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

At the Baltimore Harbor, a taxi drives along a dark shipping dock. When it stops, a woman and two children get out. The woman, Aaliyah Nadir, drags along a suitcase, and assures her children in a heavy Middle Eastern accent that everything will be all right. She says that she is meeting someone who will help them. Suddenly, headlights appear behind her and a car shoots towards them, screeching to a halt beside them. A very tall man emerges, and hurries the three into his car, insisting that the woman trust him one more time. He drives off into the night.

A short time later, the man, John Summers, returns to his apartment. As he opens the door, someone hiding inside punches him and knocks him to the floor. When he awakens, he's tied to a chair. Even through painful torture he insists, "You'll never find her." He looks up into a face that he recognizes and smiles, "I knew it had to be you." The unseen man efficiently breaks Summers' neck. Summers is still tied to the chair when others enter, cutting his bonds and checking his pulse. They take pictures of his body, and then place a shotgun in his hands, the barrel in his mouth. They press the trigger using Summers' hand, and then place a note on his desk that reads: "I am a patriot. Long live freedom. God bless America."

At the BAU headquarters in Quantico, Virginia, Jason Gideon walks purposefully into his office holding a copy of a newspaper. He makes a call, leaving a voice mail message that he saw the notice about the death of "our mutual friend" in the newspaper, and that he's waiting for a call. Some time later he looks up to see a man sitting the conference room, staring at the notes that the team had made about Mark Gregory, the killer from Florida that the team had just been investigating. He recognizes the man as Bruno Hawks, a CIA agent. Hawks asks Gideon if he caught Gregory, and Gideon remarks, "Only after he drowned eight women." As another CIA agent stands in the doorway, Gideon tells Hawks that, as of three days ago, John Summers wasn't suicidal, and Gideon had cleared him for duty. John Summers' suicide reported in the newspaper was just "cleaning house" according to Hawks.

Hawks has a problem – only the people in his unit knew that John Summers was CIA. Someone on his team had Summers killed, and Hawks' bosses want to know who and why. He wants Gideon's help, but doesn't want him to involve his BAU team. Gideon tells him there is no other way.

The BAU elevator doors open to reveal Reid, JJ and Garcia with a CIA escort. They enter the conference room and take seats at the table where Elle and Morgan are already sitting. Hotchner faces the video screen and begins the briefing as Gideon looks on. Hotchner and Gideon explain that the CIA unit has been locked down since the death of Summers, which will give the BAU the opportunity to profile each agent to find the mole. The CIA streams pictures of Summers to the conference room, and Hotchner tells the team about Summers, the lead agent in the Middle East. Morgan notices the wound patterns on Summers' body come from two distinct angles, meaning there were at least two different torturers.

The case Summers had been working on involved Aaliyah Nadir, the abused wife of Hassan Nadir. Summers was able to "flip" Aaliyah and get her to start working for the CIA. Hassan Nadir was a diplomat for the Saudi government, but was also a fundraiser for terrorist organizations. Aaliyah gave Summers information about these terrorist groups. Hassan found out he had a leak, but didn't know it was his wife. Summers didn't even tell the CIA who his informant was until 8 weeks ago, when he brought her to the US and hid her. They even staged a car accident leaving the unrecognizable bodies of a woman and two children for her husband to find. Only Summers knew where Aaliyah and the children were hiding. Last week, Hassan arrived in Maryland under diplomatic cover – and only someone in Hawks' unit could have leaked the information about Aaliyah to Hassan. Gideon tells the team the reason they are involved is that he's been doing psychological evaluations on every field member of that unit for years.

Inside a large freight container, Aaliyah is comforting her two children. She assures them that "he" is going to come back for them, and tells them they must be very brave.

At CIA headquarters, Gideon advises the team to keep their weapons on them, but to relinquish all cell phones. The unsub will know he is cornered as soon as the team enters the unit. As they enter through a metal detector, each agent's weapons are clearly visible on a monitor. Hawks waves off Hotchner's introduction, telling him he knows all about the BAU team. Personnel files are ready for them in the conference room, and Hawks advises them to direct any questions to his lead agents: Gina Sanchez, the Associate Director of Field Operations, Kruger Spence, the Assistant Director of Operations and his second in command, Olivia Hopkins. The CIA agents eye the BAU suspiciously.

JJ and Garcia are being ushered into Garcia's office by CIA agents. Garcia insists that the two of them also be allowed to go to Langley, to the CIA offices, and asks the agent if she looks like a threat to national security to him. He replies that Garcia's name is on a list, so she's banned from the CIA. She is finally distracted from this news when all of her computer monitors blank out and the images are replaced by the CIA seal. The agent types in a password and information begins coming up on Garcia's screen, including all of the names of agents in Summers' unit.

The BAU members take seats around the CIA conference table and Gideon leads them through the standard profile of an agent: type A personality, highly adaptable, unshakeable, manipulative, and the unsub has also accepted the reality that he or she will be summarily executed if caught. As they begin to look through the personnel files in front of them, they theorize about why an agent would turn against everything he had believed in. Hotchner advises them to look for a major life stressor in these files. Gideon admonishes the team to only believe him – the CIA agents are trained to be great liars.

Garcia and JJ break in on the video screen, telling Gideon that there are lists of files in the system with his name on them. They are surveillance videos of his sessions with the various agents, including John Summers. The latest video was made three days before Summers' death, and shows Gideon speaking with Summers in a car. Summers is suspicious of why someone scheduled his psychological evaluation at this particular time, and mentions that it could only have been one of four people. Reid has narrowed down the possible suspects in the unit to 16 people.

Hawks and Hotchner address the members of Hawks' unit. Hawks insists they cooperate with the BAU team, since Aaliyah Nadir risked everything to assist the CIA and now she's in trouble. Agent Sanchez approaches Gideon and tells him that his evaluation of her took her out of the field. He tells her that, according to his findings, there would come a time when she would no longer be able to follow orders. She disagrees.

Hotchner and Gideon ask Hawks about possible stressors in his agents' lives. He tells them the agents have been trained to deal with extreme events. Hotchner asks about possible operations that aren't on file: wire taps on the Saudi embassy, projects in Riyadh. Hawks dismisses his questions and says, "I have an informant to save."

Morgan has found something on the video of Gideon and Summers. There are figures in Summers' car – it is Aaliyah and her children. Gideon rewinds the image, playing back Summers' insistence that it could only have been one of four people who called for his psych evaluation. That isn't true – it could have been anyone in the division. Summers was giving him a clue to the mole's identity. Garcia finds that there were only four other agents in Saudi monitoring CIA interests: Hawks, Sanchez, Hopkins and Kruger. Summers knew that the mole had to be one of his four bosses. Gideon asks Reid, Hotchner, Elle and Morgan to match up with the suspects one-on-one.

They begin discussing Kruger Spence. He was recruited at the age of 18 after graduating from MIT. He has a 197 IQ, worked extensively in weapons system development and as a field agent in China before moving to this unit. Reid has his file. Elle describes Olivia Hopkins as a divorced mother of two who worked mostly in Europe before visiting Riyadh with Kruger. Morgan has been assigned to Gina Sanchez who graduated from West Point, has two black belts and served with Military Intelligence in Iraq. Bruno Hawks, Deputy Director of Operations, has been assigned to Hotchner. He has done extensive field work and did his military tour of duty with Gideon.

In the freight container, the small lantern Aaliyah has been using is flickering, threatening to go out. Aaliyah knows she must get help soon.

Reid follows Kruger to a meeting with his subordinates, who are discussing how to go about finding Aaliyah. When Reid suggests they begin by profiling Summers, Kruger demeans him, sarcastically telling him to take all the time he needs as Aaliyah is only about to be murdered. Reid hesitates, and Kruger turns his back on him, but Reid counters with the suggestion that Summers would have placed Aaliyah somewhere outside the community in a place that only he could control. Kruger agrees with Reid's thinking and tells his team to search for possible locations like this. Kruger thanks Reid for his suggestion, and Reid is left wondering if he's just given Aaliyah's location to the mole.

While Morgan talks with Sanchez, she asks a colleague to focus a satellite image on a particular set of coordinates. Morgan recognizes it as his neighborhood, and even his house. Sanchez zooms in, and the two watch the thermal image of Morgan's dog, Clooney, getting up on the couch. Morgan, not intimidated, remarks that he likes it that she knows where he lives. He questions her about her ability to manipulate Summers' body, and fake his suicide. She assures him that she is very comfortable in her role at the CIA.

Elle tries to speak to Olivia Hopkins about her divorce and loss of custody of her children, and asks her about the after-affects of a hostage situation in which she found herself in Europe. She tells Hopkins it would take a major event to cause a CIA agent to turn her back on her duty. Elle confronts her and asks her if everything that happened in Europe turned up in the file – had she been raped? Kruger Spence steps in and tells Elle to back off. By now, everyone is watching the confrontation between Elle and Hopkins. Elle asks her point blank where she was the night Summers was murdered. Kruger admits they were together at her apartment. As Hopkins walks off, Kruger tries to follow her but she goes into the computer room and accesses a file, muttering "Riyadh." Someone comes up behind her as she begins making notes, and suddenly all of the internal monitors go blank. Two hands reach out and snap her neck.

Elle leads Gideon to the body, noting that none of the CIA agents knows Hopkins is dead. Kruger, Sanchez and Hawks are summoned to the conference room with the BAU team. Hotchner tells the agents about Hopkins' death, and Kruger seems to be the most affected. Sanchez and Hawks stare at him. Hawks insists they be allowed to continue the search for Aaliyah. Gideon follows Hawks into his office and asks: "What do you think it would take for somebody to betray their country?" Hawks realizes Gideon is profiling him. He admits he doesn't know who the mole is, but he is angry that good people have died.

Sanchez is equally closed-mouthed, trying to put Morgan and Hotchner off. Morgan takes a call from Garcia on Sanchez' computer and Garcia tells him that the virus that wiped out the internal security system was uploaded three weeks ago by Kruger Spence. Kruger insists he's being framed, and Morgan asks him why all of his files have been erased. Garcia calls again and tells the team that John Summers had ordered his own psych evaluation. There must be something they're missing on that video.

Aaliyah is leaving to try to find more water for her children. She tells the children not to come looking for her – they are only safe there. She expects Mr. Summers to be back any time. Her son cries and clutches his stuffed tiger as she slips out.

On the video, Summers likens his life to a game of Battleship. He survives by compartmentalizing his life – then if one aspect takes a hit, he can shut it off and keep the ship afloat. He goes on to say that even with a direct hit, he has a box where he puts the really important things. Summers is warning Gideon about a mole. Garcia mentions that Summers made a lot of references to boats and boxes. Since Summers' cover in Saudi was as a shipping consultant, he would have access to shipping containers – big boxes that are associated with boats. JJ and Garcia tell Hotchner that there is only one shipping yard close to Summers' home in Baltimore. As Hotchner tells Garcia that he loves her for finding this out, someone hacks into the computer feed. Hotchner and Gideon look around and all of the suspects are sitting at their computers or on the phone – any one of them could have been monitoring when they announced the probably location of Aaliyah and her children.

Aaliyah runs back to the shipping container only to find her husband, Hassan, holding her children.

Hawks, Kruger and Sanchez discuss how to search a yard full of hundreds of shipping containers. Gideon tells Morgan that Sanchez isn't the mole, and he should take her with him. When Hawks protests that this is his case, Hotchner reminds him they are on American soil so the FBI has jurisdiction. Gideon hands a note to Hotchner and asks Hawks to trust him. Hotchner takes Kruger's gun and he and Elle escort Kruger to the conference room. Sanchez advises Reid to use the thermal imaging system to search the containers for Aaliyah and her children.

Hawks demands Gideon's reasoning for suspecting Kruger. Gideon and Reid explain his profile – a man who would betray his wife and family could do anything. Watching the tech slowly zoom in on the satellite photo, Reid moves her out of the way and takes over, quickly getting the image of the shipping yard, and a container with four heat signatures. They realize that Hassan has beaten them to Aaliyah.

Hassan and Aaliyah shout at each other – each accusing the other of betrayal. Aaliyah asks that he spare her children when they hear helicopters overhead. It will be three minutes until Morgan and Sanchez get there. Hassan demands that Aaliyah tell him what she told the CIA.

In the conference room, Hotchner shows Kruger the note Gideon passed to him and tells him it is their "only offer." Kruger looks confused and asks them if it is some kind of a trick, and repeats that he is not the mole.

Sanchez seems to be leading Morgan around in circles, but Reid radios Aaliyah's exact location to him. Hawks and Gideon watch, Hawks insisting that he be allowed to handle the case himself. Morgan and Sanchez find the shipping container and Gideon tells Morgan to make the arrest. Hassan holds Aaliyah in front of him, using her as a shield. As Morgan orders Hassan to put the gun down, Hassan claims diplomatic immunity. Morgan tells him the shipping container isn't considered US territory as it hasn't passed customs yet. Suddenly Sanchez puts her gun to Morgan's head and orders him to drop his weapon. Gideon can't raise Morgan on the radio, and the satellite picture begins to flash on and off. Sanchez leads Morgan and the Nadirs out of the shipping container at gunpoint as Gideon tries to talk her out of her plan. Sanchez tells him she doesn't take orders from him, and asks Hawks what to do. Hawks reminds Gideon that this operation was strictly in-house, and tells Sanchez to "finish it." Sanchez asks him to cut the video feed, and Reid looks around to find a CIA agent cutting off his satellite image. Four gunshots are heard.

Hawks thanks Gideon for his help, and Gideon confronts Hawks – revealing that he has known Hawks is the mole since his conversation with him in his office. Elle gives Hawks the note they had shown to Kruger Spence – it reads "We know it is not you – Bruno is the mole." Hawks tells him that, with Hassan now dead at the hands of Sanchez, Gideon has no proof.

However, Hassan is not dead – Sanchez had also figured out the Hawks was the mole and played along with him. At the shipping yard, she hands Morgan his gun and tells him she knew it when Hawks ordered her to shoot Hassan. Hassan would have a wealth of important information about terrorist activity, and no federal agent would have wanted him dead – except one. Gideon was right that Sanchez would disobey an order someday.

Reid tells Hawks that Hassan isn't dead, and his testimony is all the proof they'll need to finger Hawks. Hawks doesn't believe the government will put him in prison with all he knows. He had received $20 million from Hassan, and he killed Olivia Hopkins because she had been looking into his financial records. That money will finance his retirement on a beach somewhere. Gideon demands his gun and tells Hawks he won't be retiring to a beach. Hawks can't resist needling Gideon, telling him "I think the consequences of what you're doing to me, my friend, are going to be a lot harder to live with than you think."

As JJ ushers the CIA agents out of Garcia's office, Garcia is hurriedly trying to dig out some piece of information before the connection to the CIA computers is cut off. She is searching for Prince William's phone number, and it begins to come up on the screen to JJ's amazement. Garcia madly searches for a pen, but the connection is cut off, and her screens return to normal.

Leaving the CIA offices, Reid wonders why Hawks asked Gideon to help on this case. Gideon and Hotchner explain that it was really Summers who invited the BAU in – when he ordered his own psych evaluation. Hawks had to find out what Gideon knew. Morgan takes his leave of Sanchez: "I know where you live," she responds.

Back in his office a few days later, Gideon stares at the headline in his newspaper. Above a picture of Bruno Hawks are the words: "CIA Agent Killed in Car Accident."