Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 21

Secrets and Lies

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 03, 2006 on CBS

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  • great episode

    Great episode. FBI helpin CIA, the plt is good the profileing too. And Garcia Hilarios like she used to be: smart funny coments, always something funny to say
  • stop

    This is an excellent episode, Funny and Garcia is so funny!! 'We can finally find out what happened to Princess Diana' was classic.

    The only thing is I have lived in Saudi Arabia for many years and I get fed up of the fact that they think because your a terrorist, your Saudi.

    Think of something new and stop it!!
  • Excellent episode! Has a very nice plot twist at the end, and Garcia is hilarious!

    This was an excellent episode, it had a terrific edge to it that kept you wanting to watch more. The team goes to the CIA to find a mole that turned on his/her team, and was involved in the death of one person on the team. It had a very nice twist towards the end where it looks like one person is the mole, then it turns out to be someone else.

    We find out that Morgan has a dog when Gina brings up an infrared satellite image of his house, and she points out the dog making himself comfortable on the couch.

    Garcia was hilarious when she was telling JJ that they could find out whether Princess Diana's death was really accidental. Then again at the end when she is looking up Prince William's phone number, and JJ won't give her a pen to write it down. As she is looking for a pen, they lose the connection with the CIA, and she gets very upset until JJ calls her a crazy person.

    Can't wait for next week's episode!
  • Obvious and unimaginative

    Two points for some clever hacker humour with Garcia, but King Kong was less obvious looming on the horizon than this episode's ending. Ugh.


    I hated this type of ending when it was used in the movie mishmash of Mission Impossible. I can't believe they showed this one during sweeps. It was so badly plotted I predicted the whole story in the first few minutes, then thought "No, they can't be that obvious, please let there be a clever plot twist in the offing." There was not.

    As my husband observed of this time waster "I've seen better plots on Matlock."
  • The BAU helps the CIA find out who is leaking information and getting their operatives killed.

    Not my fave episode. It just doesn't live up to the standards set by Derailed, Riding the Lightning, and Unfinished Business. Too much blood at the beginning, and too scary with the little kids.

    I didn't think this episode would get very good reviews in the first place. It was too weird for me. Still, I'll watch the reruns over the summer. If I know Criminal Minds is on, I will watch. I'm an addict, and I can't help it.

    This episode did highlight the humorous qualities of Garcia though. I like that because she's my favorite all time character!
  • CIA vs the FBI

    If you thin the turfwars with the feds vs locals is bad
    That is just a cakewalk compared to these two high powered "big dogs!"
    Poor Agent Garcia isn't able to tag along for she is on the CIA wanted list for some strange reason
    As the CIA makes the usually arrogant FBI look like a bunch of angels as they cover up a murder!
  • I especially liked this episode.

    I was just watching the reruns when I came to this episode. It is a good episobe with an awesome plot. The ending was the best part. When they give the FBI lady the card that says, "we know you are not the mole." I loved that part because it left you hanging on who was the mole.
    I thought it was funny at the end when he said he would send the mole a postcard from the beach. Though he hates the beach. Again it wass funny when the one girl wanted to find out the mysteries from other countries including Prince Diana's death.
  • Review

    I really didn't like the ending scene where Gideon looks down at the newspaper and sees the head of the CIA in what is an obvious cover up death that cannot be true.Letting someone go for being a mole is insane and I dont really like the ending at all. It was also hard to see what exactly he did that was wrong - obviously he was the mole and he had a part in killing the guy in the beginning and the girl in the middle but the writing wasn't written well enough for us to understand it back at home. Sometimes the writing needs to be dummied down in order for us to understand what just happened and in this episode it was really hard to see whatt he main guy did that was so wrong. I guess what Im trying to say is that the writers needed to go a little further into what he did as a whole. Overall, I liked the mole theme and I also liked how they made the field of suspects shrink from 16 to 4 in the first couple of minutes, it made for more entertaining story. I also liked the CIA background, I liked the office that they spent most of there time in. Overall though, writing just wasn't as good as it should have been.
  • Mole in CIA

    This time team has to find a mole in Counter Terror Unit before they find a person the team should have been protecting and now is in danger - by the unit and her husband.

    So, while racing with time, they come up with list of suspects with high names in - soon one is killed and three remain and the closer the get to the truth, the more dangerous it games and the plan of the killed agent is revealed - he was not only doing his best to protect that woman and her family but managed to be sure the mole will be revealed.
  • A good second last episode for season one when an undercover CIA agent is found murdered and the help of the BAU is enlisted to help find out who tortured and killed him.

    CIA undercover agent, John Summers, is found dead. He has clearly been tortured but the CIA deliberately make his death look like a suicide. When the BAU becomne involved through a CIA contact of Gideon's, it is soon learned that only a handful of people knew that Summers was an undercover agent and, therefore, an informant on the inside must have leaked this fact. Summers was working on issues concerning the Middle East and the team learn that his final case involved the wife of a Saudi diplomat whose husband raised funds for terrorist activity. The diplomat regularly beat his wife and because of this, she turned CIA informant. The woman and her two children are in hiding but her husband is looking for her and the BAU know that is she is found, she will be killed.

    When the number of peoplewho could possibly have access to all the relevant information is narrowed down from sixteen to four, one of them being the leader of the unit and Gideon's contact. Time is of the essence when a member of the unit is murdered and Garcia must help track down the person or people they are looking for before it is too late for the informant and her children.
  • Another top-notch episode!

    This episode was bsaed around the idea that there was a mole in the CIA, and Gideon and his team were assigned to find out who the mole is and stop them from unleashing a terrorist on his wife and children.

    The episode was certainly very tense and unpredictable, which made it thoroughly enjoyable! The best part was trying to identify who the mole was, and I could not see any of it coming! Really great job!

    The episode was a very difference one to what we have had in the past, so I enjoyed that unique aspect of things, and I also found the episode to be very funny, particularly when Penelope Garcia used the CIA Database to access Prince William's phone number!

    Keep it going, Criminal Minds! Great episode, I'd highly recommend it, and Criminal Minds is going from strength to strengths!
  • Excellent episode.

    I could not stop watching. The reason behind the murders was great. The location was great. Garcia was fabulous as always. And the end where she looks up Prince Williams phone number was hysterical. Gideon was so smooth they should have named him Shaft. This show just keeps getting better and better.
  • They tried a little too hard on this one.

    Ok this wasn't the best episode ever, but it wasn't the worst either. The characters were slightly against character, and it was somewhat predictable. Although I admit I thought it was Gina Sanchez for awhile. Oh on a side note, I did like Lisa Vidal in the episode. The other CIA agents weren't all that interesting. Garcia was funny as always. I liked, and can understand why she was "on a list".

    The whole Gideon CIA thing was somewhat beleavable if you take into account how good a profiler he really is. We actually know very little about his past and if anything this episode shows that.
  • Repetitive formulas only work when the cast and guest stars are good actors. No offence to Patinkin, he is good. The Garcia character was way over the top in this episode. The campy thing did not work for the tone of the show. Bad director.

    I enjoyed this show when it first came out. It has taken Criminal Minds a short time to reach a low. Patinkin is solid week in and week out. Shemar Moore (Soapy) is the worst actor on television. He does not believe anything he is saying and so neither do I. The people who were supposed to be CIA in this episode seemed very flappable to me. CIA agents should seem stronger. BAD DIRECTOR. I BLAME HIM. Also the Garcia character and campy humor was poor. I never have bought the flirtation between her and Moore. Too much EXPOSITION.