Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 9

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 07, 2011 on CBS

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  • different and great episode creepy, and emotive

    love Erin and Garcia going out with the cast. enjoy watching it. Sorry Lady Lancaster. open you mind for some characters
  • A very 'busy' episode.

    Wow, so much happening in such a few short minutes! First we have the team called to investigate a supposed mass suicide at a military academy, followed by a whole lot of ducking and diving by the brass who run the place. Erin Strauss, who hates field work, travels with the team on assignment as the FBI Director has a special interest in the case as he is a former student. One suicide leads to what seems to be not more suicides, but cleverly disguised murders. A student is on the run, the Colonel is keeping many secrets (including a cell phone ...) and the father of the original suicide victim whom, it appears, was bullied to his death, is found dead himsdelf.

    As if all this wasn't enough to concentrate on due to the fact that the plot kept changing back and forth and adding extra people all over the place, it turns out that Strauss is an alcoholic who keeps a large stash in her office. Morgan apparently noticed it on her breath and it looks like all hell is going to break loose. My question is, why introduce this subplot? Is this the 'sickness' eluded to last season or is it something completely new? As for the fact that she kept enough alcohol in her OFFICE drawer, which was unlocked, to run a small bar, I don't think I'll comment. As if a woman as smart as her would leave her 'secret' where it could be so easily found and then put up only a small token resistance when Hotch decided to have a little look. That is not the Erin Strauss that I have been watching for several seasons! She would have fought like a tiger! Good to see her be able to lose her temper in the Colonel's office, though, even if it was alcohol-induced. More range for the actress.

    Barely any profiling, but I think we are all getting used to that now. Actually, the team seemed quite lost in several places, in spite of their amazing knowledge of military procedure. And will Strauss's drinking just disappear like Reid's headaches did previously, never to be spoken of again without any explanation as to WHY she was drinking? Is this the end of the character (whom I actually like) or will she turn up again, fully recovered and ready for work? Only time will tell. Writers, please, less characters, confusion and sub-plots in your episodes would be most welcome.
  • An episode so boring it wasted an hour of my life...


    Self-Fulfilling prophecy may well be the worst episode of the series; it certainly, to me, is the worst season of this season. The script seems like one rejected by the producers of C.S.I. It amazed me that all of the agents seemed to be experts on military schools; what amazed me more was that virtually no profiling was done to a significant degree by the agents. The episode, as a whole, reminds me of something Rod Serling said about his own writing. "You write somethingyou think is quite adequate at the time only torealize later you have given birth to a turd."

  • where has my old criminal minds gone (SPOILERS)

    ok so let me start off to say this i am a HUGE criminal minds fan (i am obsessed) andf also to say that this is my first review so anyways

    i was so pummped up for tonights ep bc it was the first ep to air in a few weeks (new one) and the whole thing started off wierd with hotch in strauss office ik she would be part of the ep but i love the actor but hate the charactor! anyways throughout the ep it was way to buusy and to many things were going on i never fully understood the plot and the characters! and i was waiting the whole time for the fight between hotch and morgan and i almost missed it! there were a few words exsganged and morgan than walks away (i didnt exspect fights or anything) but i was hopping to see mre raising of the voices or someone eles to over hear so that was diapointing! also i was waiting for "the character" to be jepordy! im thinking reid or jj or something is going to get hurt or held hostage NO WRONG! staruss has a drinking proublem CMON THATS ReALLY ALL YOU COULD THINK OF!

    so anyways i was very disapointed in the ep and i think this season of criminal minds has been medioccer at best i want to see profiling and situations that actully matter! and i am still waiting for other issues to get resolved ( reids headakes and such) so criminal minds better step up there game! bc curently i am not a happy fan:)

  • WOAH. What an episode.


    I absolutely loved this episode.The plot kept me at the very edge. Even though the team members were absolutelyfantastic, I think this was one of those episodes where the storyline was more interesting than the team members. Though how awesome was the scene with all of them eating lunch and profiling each of the victims (How long has it been since we've seen them order some takeout and discuss the case).I like how we've got insight into the fact that finally Strauss's cold calm exterior is cracking and the somewhat tension regarding this between Hotch and Morgan, it makes the whole thing more believable. I didn't expect a literal fight or screaming, come on they are profilers who know how to restrain themselves and handle things professionally and moreover understand each others position. Rossi being italian was quite a plus in this episode. The scene between Penelope and Reid, as usual adorable. Garcia: That was a Joke. Reid: Oh...hmm that's a good joke.

    The whole idea of a military academy thats hardcore oldschool and is faced with a mass suicide is quite interesting. I knew there had to be secrets that weren't being revealed by the Colonel but I think the more important part was, what exactly was Josh's role in this. Was he the murderer or a victim. In this I was at the same pace as the team, till the very end I didn't figure out till what extent he was involved. The direction was excellent with regard to the scene of Josh on the run, especially when they show him singing and motivating himself to keep running. The twists were good, especially that Bailey's father was somehow involved in this whole plan.

    Overall I think it was an excellent episode. CM is the best show on television. Can't wait for more.

  • AWESOME EPISODE!! (possible spoilers)


    one of my favourite episodes of the season so far! interesting storyline that kept me hooked throughout. the scenes between hotch and morgan reminded me of the season 3 finale 'lo-fi' when hotch was telling morgan in other words to 'back off' when it turned out he was right. i also loved the scene where the team were eating lunch and joking around whilst properly profiling their unsub. the ending was interesting and im not sure if we will be seeing this character again. overall a brilliant episode and thisseason has impressed meand its great to see criminal minds recover from a below-par season 6 to a cracking opening quarter of the new season

    bring on the rest off the season!!!

  • Wow! Best one of the season, for sure! (Possible spoilers ahead!)


    This was definitely a very intriguing and spectacular episode of Criminal Minds, and definitely one that I highly enjoyed! The whole storyline was written superbly, and there were many unexpected twists and turns along the way, which kept this very dudpenseful and highly enjoyable!

    I knew there was something wrong with Col. Massey from the moment we saw him, and I was right, in the end! Th whole storyline was so unpredictable, however, as there were tiny details that made it all flow together.

    I loved Rossi's comment about the poison ivy: "I'm Italian, it knows better!" That was just hilarious! I loved that moment!

    The thing with Strauss doesn't intrigue me however. I have never liked her as a character, and I would really prefer to explore some sort of storyline with the main cast.

    However, with a brilliant case, this is not an episode to miss!