Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 5

Seven Seconds

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2007 on CBS

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  • Brilliant

    To me, this episode was amazing! Personally I don't believe for a single second that it was over played and unrealistic, if anything something like this WOULD happen in America, maybe not the UK or anywhere else. At first i thought that the cousin was the one abusing the little girl but as soon as the necklace was found I did suspect the uncle. The actors were great too, it was such a thrilling episode, maybe not the most thrilling on the show so far but it is certainly up there!
  • oh. wow.

    Every parent's nightmare comes to life in this a family is torn apart.

    What I loved about this episode was that the brothers were played by and Salvatore Xuereb. So many siblings shown on TV don't even look like one another so it was a treat!

    Loved it.
  • Unrealistic

    Shutting down an entire mall, keeping who knows how many people inside. Calling in two entire FBI teams including the BAU.... That would never happen in real life. More likely the regular city police would of sent everyone home including the parents, and done a half-assed job at finding the girl from the police station. She would never be found until after she was dead, most likely by someone who works in the mall and who just stumbled across her body.

    Other than that, the episode was alright, but pretty predictable. I found the acting to be dry and forced on the part of the non-team members.
  • I must be the only person on the planet who was bored senseless by this episode. When a young girl disappears from a shopping mall while with her parents, aunt, uncle and cousin, the BAU are called in to find her as it seems like a pattern.

    When a little girl disappears from a large shopping mall, the BAU think they may be dealing with a potential serial killer as just a short time previously, a child was abducted and murdered in a similar fashion and they know they only have a brief time to find her before she troo dies.

    For me, every part of this episode was as predictable as though I had already seen it (which I hadn't.) I knew that Aunt Susan of the daggy clothes was responsible, and as soon as the gold necklace was found and it was noticed that it had been ripped from the child's neck, I knew that either her uncle (husband of daggy Aunt Susan) or her father had been abusing her. It is a tragic and all-too-common reality that such things take place and that innocent children are at risk from strangers. When they are not safe even with their own families, we have to wonder what kind of a world we live in.

    The premise and concept of the episode were spot, it was just the script and the acting which was, to me, nowhere near up to the usual standard of the show.
  • The plot in this episode, the acting and the overall rating.

    This episode was AMAZING and not just because of the great acting. First off, this episode's plot, I have to say was just dark and genious!The writers did a great job on this one!Now, for the actor/ress'. first off, Paget Brewster, well done! The interogation of the aunt, that was just speechless, cliffhanging art!A definate highlight in her criminal minds career! Matthew Gray Gubler, that was suberb! It' s great that he explained why he was doing the thing he was to the 13 year old boy and the execution of it was amazing also.Shemar, that was some dope acting. He really fits in with playing Morgan and he really goes deep with it too. Thomas, a great leader and actor as always. What more can I say about Thomas? It' s thoas gibson!A.J., always great, but i didn't see her act as much though. Kristen, lovely and believeable as Garcia as always and just a beauty to watch. As for the " bad guys" and others, well done!It really made me feel for the characters, all of them, espically the uncle, god did I wanna hit him! Lastly, for the directing the camera shoots, lighting and other thing was actually really good.the directing, was presmptualy good, considering. The young actors involved, they did a great jod also and this episde was juat all around FANTASIC, great job Criminal Minds!
  • good episode...

    The team is called in to find a missing little girl that disappeared in a shopping mall. The investigation leads to her parents and their relatives. The uncle apparently malested the girl while the aunt kidnapped her. They had a son which was definately neglected. It was a sad story, but it wasn't that interesting and it was predictable. I've seen similar stories in NCIS and Without a Trace and this one was no better, well, actually, it was worse. Overall, it was good though. I loved the end when Hotch went to go see his son. I love his character.
  • A little girl goes missing in a shopping mall, sounds like a case for the BAU

    If you are a frequent viewer to this show, then you have a good idea of the format so it's quite obvious early on that the unsub is someone in the girls family. Although I didn't manage to figure out which one.
    I enjoyed the bit with Prentis when she worked it out and also her interigation, she was really fired up, she is having some good character development this series along with Hotchner and J.J who also had a good part in this episode. It focused again on Hotchner's personal life, the break up of his marrige and how he misses his son. It was a bit to far fetched having him resusitate the girl when their were medics around, he had to be a hero in this because it led on to the final scene. Overall though it was a classic, love the team and that we are getting more insight into them as people.
  • A great episode with extra tension.

    Once again Criminal Minds proves why it ranks on my top favorite shows on T.V. After last week's phenomenal episode, Children of the Dark, I was not too sure if this eppy could match it. Well I was wrong. This episode was nearly just as good as last week's eppy. The tension was great and put into all of the right places. I was glad that they didn't turn it into an episode with a pyscho serial killer who killed the girls. I thought JJ played a good role as the barrier between the family, you got to see another side of her.

    When Prentiss was interrogating the aunt it was amazing. Prentiss really drilled into her and it was so exciting to watch. I loved her last line of, "Where is she"?

    This was a superb episode that definitely ranks on my top episodes.
  • A little girl is missing and the BAU is called in to find her.

    This episode begins with Katie Jacobs's parents looking for their girl, who went missing NOT even 30 minutes and the FBI and BAU are called to the scene. Fast move! I wonder if they really do it so fast in real life. This episode is good, storyline is different from any other episodes as this episode only film in the shopping mall. More "mind-reading" in this episode, as it shows how Emily Prentiss and Spencer Reid analyse what the witness said. Personally, I love this episode. I like to see the FBI search for Katie Jacobs. "Feels more like a FBI show" to me.
  • Trapped in a Mall

    It was good. It wasn't like...Criminal Minds at it's stone cold best, but it was a thrill ride from start to finish. I like how they had to assume that there was a connection between this kidnapping and the kidnapping that happened the week earlier, but I like how they slowly figured out that that wasn't the case. I was satisfied with the ending, though the little girl being abducted by the Mom of the other family was a little strange I thought. She wanted to kill the little girl by leaving her in a locker and hope that that would put an end to her husbands need to rape the daughter? I get it, and I'll let it go for this episode in particular. I think the main reason why that's hard to accept is because we didn't really get to see the Uncle do anything that was 'bad' because he was trapped in a mall anyway. I like how much time Reid got in this episode, he along with Garcia and JJ are used far less often then the grouping of Morgan, Hotchtner, and Prentiss who has exploded onto the team in these past couple of episodes. A lot of time having her to replace the loss of Jason. It looks like we get the 'new' guy in the next episode, we will see how they make that transition.
  • A moving story...

    One family's nightmares come true - their daugther gets lost in mall and everyone think it is connected to case what happened last week - girl was adopted and killed. This time there is a 'but' - a mall is closed and the girl is still inside.

    So we have very intense and very emotional episode where they search for the little girl - but it does not seem logical - something different is going on and what it is - wow.. I think noone would ever suspect it in the first place.. A man's own brother abusing his daughter.. and brother's wife kidnapping that little girl and knowing she will kill her.. What a nightmare..

    Very powerful, emotional..
  • this is my all-time favourite criminal minds episode...

    this episode is just absolutely fantastic! from the first few minutes of the episode i was hooked. it had so many twists and turns that i was on the edge of my seat. there have been so many great criminal minds episodes BUT this one is my all-time favourite and always will be!! the biggest twist was when we found out that the brother was mallesting his niece!! and the aunty was keeping it a secret!! the characters who really shone out in this episode was hotch and prentiss!! hotch interviewing the dad was really interesting. the brother kept denying that he is a pedophile and the lengths that hotch had to go to get him to confess was awesome! and prentiss... omg i love that woman!! when she was with the aunty, SHE ROCKED!! i felt sorry for the boy but his parents deserved what they got.

    Overall a fantastic episode that will always keep you wanting more...
  • The BAU is called in when seven-year-old Katie Jacobs goes missing from a shopping mall. Even after several viewings, this episode continues to keep me on the edge of my seat.

    Security is alerted immediately after Katie disappears and the mall is on lock down. This episode stands out from others because the BAU knows the unsub is still in the mall, but they have to determine who it is, and what he or she has done with Katie. Another unique aspect of the episode is that team does not fly into this location; instead they are working on a local crime. I especially enjoyed watching Reid profiling Katie's cousin, Jeremy and Prentiss interrogating Katie's aunt. This episode has all the suspense, unexpected twists, and character development that I expect from excellent Criminal Minds episodes.
  • What a dysfunctional family!

    This was a brilliant Criminal Minds episode, and probably the best one of the seson thus far. Loads of shoppers were trapped in the Mall, as the BAU looked for the kidnapper of a little girl with asthma.

    The storyline was intense and you could feel the pressure to locate the girl before her asthma steps in. It was a highly suspenseful episode, with a lot of great interviewing scenes, with the cousin, the aunt and the uncle.

    All up, the supense made this an episode to remember. So far in this season, this would have to be my favorite episode. It was brilliantly planned, and I enjoyed every minute! Keep it up, Criminal Minds!
  • This was the most intense episode of the season it had it all. The clastrauphobic confines of the mall which was

    This was the most intense episode of the season it had it all. The clastrauphobic confines of the mall which was locked down while looking for the missing child. Then as the suspects mounted the police searched for the child. Room by room and the question of what had been done to the child an to hide the child so well. The Prentess character did great I fully expected her to fall apart as usual but she held it together and gave us the greatest interrogation of the show. Good solid episode very enjoyable and for the casual viewer enough for them to come back.
  • It only takes 7 seconds.

    It is a sad fact but a child can go missing within seven seconds and I think that Criminal Minds did a great job with put light on the topic in this episode. I thought that the main storyline was really sad and sick at the same time. I was really happy that they were able to find the little girl evan though she was not as safe as they hope to find her. I liked that they got Alexander Gould to play a character in this episode it was great to see him outside of his Weeds character I think he did great in this episode.
  • Nail-biting episode great from start to finish!

    A nail-biting episode that will keep you guessing from start to finish. As a little girl disappears from a shopping mall as she may be a target of someone. As the BAU comes, they find a boy named Jeremy Jacobs who could be the key to helping find the girl. Loved the Reid & Jeremy interaction as Reid tells Jeremy what he does for a living. While they do indeed find the girl but barely she is alive. Another agent tells Hotch that he says another person is out there as Hotch tends to agree. While Hotch is dealing with his own personal life on the beginning of a divorce and only wants to his son. New character played by Joe Mantenga will arrive. Rubbing people the wrong way I see at the beginning.
  • A nail biting, amazing episode with some excellent character development!

    Criminal Minds continues to surprise me with this fine installment. This episode was a change of pace, not being a serial killer case but rather the team searching for a missing little girl who may or may not be connected to the rape/murder of another young girl in the area. The plot was excellent and nothing the team has ever dealt with before, but because the plot had a dark twist it forced the character out of everyone. JJ, Morgan & Reid acted exactly how you'd expect them to based on their character. The standout in this one was Prentiss. I, for one, am extremely excited to see some definition coming out of Prentiss's character. Prentiss finally gets her chance to shine when she is questioning the aunt, becoming ruthless and determined to find the girl's whereabouts.

    The episode had a great twist with the girl being held captive by her aunt because she thought that getting rid of her would 'heal' her husband of becoming a pedophile. The episode was a nail biter, because unlike other episodes where we get to see glances of the victims alive or dead with their abductors/murderers, we see nothing of the little girl. The audience doesn't know if she's dead or alive until the very last minute.

    If this level of writing is continued, it will be the best season yet.
  • This episode had it all, suspense, action, fear, pain, drama!! This is the reason why I watch this show!! CRIMINAL MINDS is the best on t.v.!!

    The episode last night was a fine example of why this show is continuously in the top 10!! this show is finally getting the respect it needs!! And, last night ep. was so good it kept you guessing and kept you on the edge of your seat!! This so far is the best new episode of the new season!! I will remember the episode forever. It had all the elements from the previous seasons and it's still going strong and obviously getting stronger. I can't wait for next week ep to see the new character of the show. This show keeps getting better and better!!
  • An unusually fast paced episode that will grab you in the first scene, and keep you enthralled.

    This episode was great from the opening scene until the case was wrapped up an hour later. The fast pace of this episode added a sense of urgency to the case, as did the team frequently checking the clock and their watches. Hotchner was more intense than I have ever seen him, determined to find this girl before time ran out. Garcia, clearly frustrated over the limited amount of help she could offer, due to the lack of security footage available. Morgan, understanding the depth of this little girls despair, after finding the brutalized doll in her room, and recognizing the possibility of her abuse. JJ., trying to keep the mother from falling completely apart. Reid, attempting to put himself at the 13 year old cousins level to get him to open up and tell all he knew. Prentiss, interrogating the girls aunt was absolutely ruthless, staring her down and digging at her until she got answers.

    With the clock ticking, and suspision shifting from one family member to the next, as each is interrogated, the writers gave us the kind of twists that make this show such a stand out. A really well put together episode by all concerned.