Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 11

Sex, Birth, Death

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 29, 2006 on CBS

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  • Reid helps a teenager with his urges to kill.

    This was probably the best episode so far this season and a good Reid episode when a serial killer killing prostitutes and a man who links in with the case coming to Reid for help about his urge to kill prostitutes Through the episode I didn't know whether the kid was the killer or it was just someone else You could see that the kid was struggling and that he could very well end up killing someone but he tries to fight it and tells Reid he might have to kill himself When Gideon realizes that the kid isn't the killer they manage to catch the killer and he is a vigilante of prostitutes At the end I thought that the kid was going to kill the prostitute with a knife but he cut himself and was saved by Reid When Reid thinks about it he knows that the kid wouldn't of wanted him to be saved.
  • Disturbingly masterful.

    I watched parts of Criminal Minds when I was about 12 or 13, and stopped watching it for a few years. Then this year I got the box set of the first few seasons, and this was one of the first episodes I looked for because it left such a huge impression on me. It was just that good. It was truly disturbing and psychologically intriguing. Being a huge Reid fan, it was a really enjoyable episode for me, as we got to see a lot of Reid's development. What was interesting for me was that it was really based on Jack the Ripper, and 7 episodes later, we get another one in Jones. But that's irrelevant, amazing episode, really the true essence of Criminal Minds. Must watch for anyone starting on the series.
  • Saving people includes saving people from themselves, doesn't it?

    This episode had a lot of things going for it, from a believable plot to excellent guest stars and, of course, further character development of the BAU team. I found this plot to be completely plausible. An intelligent young man approaches an nonthreatening adult with a problem, even though he's afraid of the response. Nathan's dilemma was presented well, and his internal struggle against an overwhelming desire told the viewers something about how these killers operate. And why wouldn't the BAU get involved in evaluating the teen's emotional and mental state - who better to determine whether his fears of becoming a killer are justified? The murders of prostitutes were also completely believable since, as Dr. Reid states, they are some of the favorite victims of serial killers.

    Anton Yelchin as Nathan was creepifyingly brilliant, balancing sympathetic and scary in the same line of dialogue, or even by just looking at the camera. Great physical type for this role as well, one could almost see the parallel with our own Dr. Reid, minus the curly hair, of course. I thought the women who played the prostitutes also delivered great performances - who else cheered when one maced the real killer? Dr. Reid is afraid of his own mind - the line between genius and mental illness is a very thin and wavering one, and he's got a big strike against him already with a schizophrenic mother. As in "Derailed", Reid is trying to save Nathan while, at the same time, trying to hold onto hope for himself. Great moments between Reid and Garcia - she is becoming more like a quirky favorite Aunt to our boy - that connection is touching. Prentiss and Hotch also get to duke it out, and Gideon shows he is both gentle and sincere to Nathan and his mother - something for everyone in this episode. And did JJ call him "Spence" again? I've missed that from Season 1.

    One of my favorites from Season 2. Kindly keep them coming, CM!
  • Prostitutes are being murdered in Washington D.C. and the team think that they may already have a viable suspect when a young man approaches Reid in public.

    Young Nathan is a teenage boy with a problem. He has an overwhelming desire to kill prostitutes and feel their blood running through his fingers. He approaches Reid and tells him that he recently attended a lecture and asks Reid to help him but runs away before Reid can do anything constructive except draw a vague sketch of the young man who is clearly troubled.

    When the team hear that prostitutes are being murdered, usually in daylight, in Washinton D.C., Reid immediately recalls his conversation with the young man and, with the help of Garcia's computer genius, is able to find out who he is and which school he attends. After talking to the more senior members of the team, they decide that it's worth paying a visit to young Nathan whom they believe could benefit greatly from some in-patient psychiatric care. His mother is violently opposed to this but Nathan himself knows that he needs help. He does, however, insist that he has not killed any prostitutes, he just fantasises about doing so and writes grisly fiction on the subject as well.

    Meanwhile, a high-powered Congresswoman wishes to make a speech on the steps of the Capitol announcing that crime in D.C. has greatly decreased and leans on Hotch to not alert the news media to the fact that there is a serial killer on the loose in Washington. This part, I had no trouble believing wht so ever. Naturally, a poilitician can't have reality interfering with their delusions of grandeur and her treatment of the 'ladies of the night' whom she was obliged to meet in the BAU conference room was, to say the least, ignorant but again,not unexpected.

    Meanwhile, young Nathan's fantasies are getting more and more violent and he wants to stop but can he? And is he the killer at all or just wants to be?
  • Graet episode, with many interesting dimensions! At the present time, this is rated on as the third best episode of Criminal Minds ever. I think there are many episodes that are much better than this one, even though this was still good.

    This was yet another good Criminal Minds episode. This one was about a series a of murders of prostitutes in Washington D.C. The FBI believes that a high-schooler is responsible, but although they rule him out as a suspect, an aanalysis shows that this kid is lkely to kill in the future. Very eerie!

    I though the suspense in the episode was brilliant, as there was an air of mystery with the high school kid, even though we knew he wasn't the bad guy. The case in itself was not magnificent. There have been better ones, but hdad it not been for the involvement of the boy in the episode, this one would hardly be memorable.

    My favorite part of this episode was the ending. It was really well done! The lengths some future-killers will go to stop themselves from killing is astounding!

    All up, this was a very good episode of Criminal Minds. In comparison to other episodes from this season, I think it was better than its predecessor, but episodes like 'The Boogeyman' and 'North Mammon' are still better than thi s one.

    Keep it up, Criminal Minds! The quality of these episodes are very high, and I am really lookin forward to seeing more! I'd highly recommend this episode!
  • All I have to say is YUCK.

    Too many stories going on during this episode. Reed trying to get the mentally disturbed kid help, what's his name not believing the new girl, the dead hookers. Too much for one episode. And come on did you have to end with the kid trying to slit his own wrists?
  • Review

    Really creepy episode, if Im being honest. I didnt care for the way that the real man who was killing the prostitutes was found, but I thought that the young boy who really wanted to kill them was a very interesting story to follow. This is the first time that the Criminal Minds team has ever done something like this and I take my hat off to them for doing what they did. They made an episode focus around a future killer. A man that walked in and out of the BAu turned to murder at the last possible moment of the episode, only to back down and try to kill himself. A very interesting storyline to follow because the boy actor who played him did so very well. His story actually took away from the main story a bit, but his story was so good that you cant really say that that was a bad thing. Criminal Minds Season Two is beginning to hit a massive stride of back to back to back to back episodes, which can only move it up to number one as far as my favorite crime dramas good. Very well put together episode.
  • What's going on in the mind

    This episode caught me from the first moment - Reid meets a young boy in a metro who asks weird questions about case he does not know but what is happening and makes himself a suspect.

    So, that really makes this episode around Reid and his relationship with the boy. He seems to think the boy has similarities with him - he also wonders what will happen with him.

    I most say that boy was really fascinating thing in this episode - the way he got involved, wanted to be helped.. but Gideon said he will kill sooner or later..

    And I most say this episode stand out for the score.. The music really put so much strenght on the tragic end of this episode.

    Really perfect in all aspects..
  • good episode...

    The team is called in to investigate a serial killer that is killing prostitutes. They look towards a teenager that says he wants to kill prostitutes, but it turns out that he wasn't the killer. It turns out to be some guy that felt that he needed to kill prostitutes because no one else was dealing with them. It was an interesting idea, but I've seen a lot of episodes having to do with prostitutes. I didn't like the whole Reid/teenager thing. It was a little annoying. The teenager really creeped me out and he tried to commit suicide at the end. The political aspect of it was a little annoying also. Overall, good episode, but nothing special.
  • This is definatly my favorite episode so far.

    I thought this episode was really emotional and in a strange way enlightening. I felt really sorry for that troubled teen. He was so afraid of himself and his own mind. He really wanted not to hurt anybody and when he cut his own wrists I started crying. I found how Reid saved him to be a very great young man. He really shows he cares with this boy. I was so peeved that his mother wouldn't find him help earlier. This probably wouldn't have happened. At least they caught the real killer and his spree has stopped. I hope that boy turns out okay in the future.
  • Whao ! Definitly my favorite episode of all !

    This episode is, for me, one of the best of this show !

    Thie episode really treats the basic of the psychopath psychology. The character is very well written (I read a lot of Crimonology books, so I can tell a little) and his relationship with Reid is great. Don't you felt breathless at the end, when the kid go to see the prostitute ? What a suspens ! ! ! !

    Only bad point, we don't quite see the consequences of the talk between Hotch and the congresswoman. She threated him, he react, but we won't see more. Any way, one of the best episode (from my point of view, the good ones always put Reid in front...don't know why...) !
  • A confused kid approaches Reid asking strange but well-informed questions about a number of prostitute killings. The team wonders whether the kid has anything to do with these killings as the boy himself wonders if he is, or could become, a serial killer.

    Somehow the tension they were trying to build making us wonder what, of if, the kid had anything to do with the killings (or was going to commit one himself), didn’t come across. Everything the team did or said just went too smoothly; they didn’t face any mind-racking problems, no obstacles, asked all the right questions to the right persons; they didn’t even speak out of turn. Not very realistic from a background point of view, since people don’t communicate this smoothly all the time, especially not in a profession like theirs. Even when standing at the killer’s door they took turns in asking the wife questions. The storyline itself wasn’t bad, but the interpretation lacked depth as far as I am concerned.
  • This episode convinced me that there really is decent and intelligent programming on network tv.

    I saw this episode finally last night as a repeat. wow......The insight given into the young boy's mind horrified me. It is frightening to think that someone so young could have such disturbing fantasies; but still I found this episode to be completely realistic and plausible. And scary as hell. The way that Dr. Reid identified with and felt compassion for this character was heartbreaking. I sobbed at the end when the boy cut his wrists; who wouldn't cry? I wish there was more television like this. To make people Think. If any show gets such a strong emotional reaction out of it's viewers, then it deserves a lot a credit. The writers are incredible.
    p.s. Kudos for using the song, "Where is My Mind" by the Pixies at the intro. classic and perfect.
  • A murderer is targeting prostitutes in Washington DC and a kid is the supposed unsub. Lot's of character development and an foreshadow to something that might happen in the future...

    I absolutely adore Reid first of all. He's my favorite character on here. Just thought I'd say that before I reviewed.

    Eppisode begins with Reid at the train station. Nothing unusual has happened it's just the start of a new day. Then a high school boy comes up to him and starts asking about crimes and prostitutes. Reid's a bit stunned when the kid asks him about a case involving hookers and them getting killed then having their hair cut off. Reid doesn't think anything of it then he calls someone out in DC and he realizes that he just might've let a killer walk right by him.

    In all, this episode was amazing. Really well thought out and greatly acted. It was great to see Garcia and Reid at the end when the kid was close to dying.

    Oh and my favorite line out of the whole episode was: 'I know what it's like to be afraid of my own mind.' Spencer has a lot a head of him in story lines regarding quotes like that. It's only a matter of time before something comes up that has him battleing paranoid schitzophrenia and has the team trying to find him. That would be a good way to end a season don't you think?
  • Reid meets a troubled young man who attended his lecture which sets the story in search of a serial killer of prostitutes.

    How wonderful to see Kirsten Vangsness tremble and Matthew gray Gubler with strained voice and flaring nostrils ... at last they have been able to show their acting skills in a well written dramatic plot. The story was captivating and allowed the viewer to be drawn into the mind of the future and present attacker. It also allowed us to view Reid as a compassionate character who still has some inner struggles of his own working as one of the youngest at the BAU. The final scene with Gideon and Reid allows the audience to see what quandaries the team has when having to choose to save the lives of suspects.
  • be afraid of one's own mind!!!

    This episode was beyond great!
    It is exactly why i watch this series!

    Not only did it reflect what happens in real showed a really deep understanding of some one who is afraid of his own mind!

    I mean how painful it must be, to be afraid of one's own mind; to fear one's thoughts.

    But in the end, one must realise that... not only great minds think alike!
  • If the ..profile.. fits, wear it?

    And yet another great episode.

    The most obvious suspect fit the profile, but in the end did not " wear" it but chose (attempted) death over risking other people's lives. Putting the "burden" of "blame" for the future at Reid and not with himself.
    Thought provoking episode, the whole nature, nurture dilemma. Would/Will he really develop according to the profile, or can he change?

    Very interesting case, a boy knowing he eventually will not be able to control his homicidal thoughts ( he doesn't fantasize about having sex with prostitutes, he fantasizes about killing them with a knife), and he stops Reid at the subway station hoping he can help him. Reid understands him, not only because he is a profiler, but also because he knows what it's like to be scared of you own mind.
    (Maybe he is referring to his own intelligence, but most likely he is referring to schizophrenia. His mother has it and it's genetic.)

    Garcia comforts him, and he later also tells Morgan, who understands, and then lightens the mood by joking about Hotchner being uptight.
    Which is because Hotch is "fighting" politics, and in the end decides to not give in and in stead he confronts the congress woman by holding a press conference.
    He also slightly distrusts Prentiss, whose mother is a politician, but if Prentiss reveals she doesn't exactly have a great relationship with her mother, because of the politics, he seems to accept that and he lets her do her job.
    They catch the killer (who is the leader of an advocacy group). His wife knew something was wrong, but wanted/chose to deny it.

    Reid promised Nathan he would tell him the outcome of the psych evaluation, but in the end it looks like he didn't.
    Probably because that would be like giving Nathan an excuse to stop fighting the urge to kill?

    But what a dilemma for Nathan, who in the end concludes that the only way to save people in the future was to take his own life.
    He did leave Reid's business card on the table, and Reid is just in time to save him.
    But Reid too wonders how many lives he put at risk by doing that.
    Gideon talks to him: Nathan was sick and needed saving, if he does start killing we catch him.
  • And the star is.... Reid

    It seems the the writers are really going around to each character and giving us a little insight to them. Last episode it was Hotch and the family picture thing, the episode before that it was AJ with the whole soccer thing, this week is Reid and next week it is Morgan. Personally, I can't wait for Garcia! Overall though this ep of CM was great. Loved the creepy little kid who was screaming for help, how many kids are out there doing the same thing. Maybe this will be a wake up call for them. Loved how Hotch was able to prove to miss Politics that this was too serious to hide. And finally, loved how Reid was able to relate as a child feeling out of place by his thoughts.
  • Hotch & Reid characters we get an indepth look of!

    Hotch & Reid based show if you ask me and
    At least we get to see a side of Hotch that is more sympathetic as I didn't like him at first but has since grown on me. Reid is the most soft-hearted of the bunch and Garcia does care for him.
    As a teen maybe suspected of murdering prostitutes. Great show again.
  • Fantastic episode that revealed inner details of characters Reid and Hotch.

    This is why I watch ciminal minds! This episode was insightful and pulled the audience into the emotional aspects of the show. I felt really drawn into Nathan's character and his inner struggle and Reid's instincts to help him. It revealed alot about Reid's character as well as Garcia's caring nature towards Reid.

    In another note regarding Hotch, it was interesting to see that although he is one to play by the book 99.9% of the time, this episode was able to show that his team is more important than following the rules and that he wasn't going to let anyone bring it down (including a powerful politician). It was a nice side of Hotch to see since you rarely see how he feels about the bureau and his job besides profiling and the audience gets rare glimses into his home life with Hayley. All in all a GREAT episode!
  • Believable. In fact probable - that the BAU would be working on serial killers that target prostitutes. Reid adds a lot to the program because of his fears that he will acquire schizophrenia like his mother. And Prentiss finally stood up to Hotchner!!!

    Back to good writing and believable plots from the type of murderer they were profiling to the political congresswoman who had the power to pull them off the case if they had a press release of any kind. Finally Prentiss answered Hotchner without groveling or licking his bootlaces. In fact, she got a little hot and walked out of his office! Way to to Prentiss! She actually held her head up all the way through the whole program and acted like a professional FBI agent instead of a giddy girl with "high hopes" Hotchner would someday like and/or accept her.