Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 13

Snake Eyes

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 08, 2012 on CBS

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  • A '1' Only for Shemar's Abs and Reid's Poker

    I cannot believe I wasted my time watching this farce. Ridiculous from the start and the lamest excuse to have Morgan shirtless I have ever seen. "This season is for the fans!" Which fans? The ones who want these awkward, stilted, utterly stupid 'team interactions' instead of good cases and good profiling? Count me out.

    Maybe it's for the ones who think the BAU would be involved in a one-off murder that might have mob connections. (Remember the division Hotch almost transferred to? Organized Crime? Yeah, the BAU isn't the only division of the FBI. And who, exactly called them in??) Whoever posted recently that CM isn't using real cases as its basis anymore was clearly understating the case. Not only aren't the CM writers using real cases, they aren't using basic tenets of profiling, Earth psychology, logic, or plot and character development that's taught at the elementary school level.

    This unsub is so delusional he's hearing voices and seeing hallucinations. Blends right in, doesn't he? This may be Jersey, but a guy who's this far gone should be so easy to catch - as if he was wearing red tights and a cape. Ha.

    An undercover sting. Using Rossi's money and Reid's mad skills with poker. Yes, that's completely logical. Why bother getting a warrant or pressuring the poker tournament sponsors to give them access. Nooooo. That's boring, right? Gotta ramp up the excitement! Our BAU professionals have all lost IQ points as soon as they stepped over the border into Jersey, apparently. And then they let the guy get away!! So, egotistical (who needs back up? We don't need no stinkin back up!) as well as inept. Niiiice.

    Thank heavens the unsub shot himself. At this rate, the BAU would have missed him and shot each other. Not such a bad result, now that I think about it. I just know that SOMEBODY should be shot over this mess. Let's start with the writers.