Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 18

Somebody's Watching

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on CBS

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  • Is this romance for Reid? If it is, it's a dangerous kind of attachment as the young starlet who is the object of his affection is the target of a very persistent stalker.

    Agents Gideon and Reid are in Los Angeles to conduct a seminar on the art of profiling for the LAPD. On their way to the airport, their escort learns of a murder in the area and asks them to stay and investigate. They agree and are particularly interested in the fact that this latest killing is part of a series and not just an isolated incident.

    Meanwhile, a young would-be starlet named Lila Archer becomes the latest target when she receives notes which insinuate that the murders were committed for her benefit. The unsub, like John Hinkley, who attempted to assassinate President Reagan to impress actress Jodie Foster, is clearly delusional and the BAU are convinced that the killer will stop at nothing to make Lila his prize.

    Reid, meanwhile, on guard with Lila at her home, ends up being reluctantly pulled into a swimming pool with her and shares what may be his first kiss. At the same time, photographs are being taken of the whole thing in true stalker fashion and Lila is surprised to receive a telephone call from a friend which Garcia traces to inside Lila's own home. The unsub is close and getting closer by the second.

    A great plot twist in this one, I think you'll enjoy it immensely, and aside from everything else, it's great to see Reid being so sweet and awqward with a girl.
  • Review

    I think without a doubt this episode has to rank up there with several of the perfect episodes of the season. The story arch was incredably written and I think the acting in this episode by Reid finnaly brought him into the spotlight once and for all. Reid always seems to be the background character, but in this episode he was the main attraction. I liked the casting of Lila in this episode, I thought her on screen connection with Reid was really well done. I never thought I would like an episode so much with such an incorrect profile, but the scenes near the end of the episode when the girl is talking to Lila on the phone was likely the best scene in the entire series so far. I dont know if I like it more then Plain Sight and Compulsion, but this is an episode that is certainly in the top three and I think the next episode is going to be very hard to follow up such an amazing episode. I hope Reid and Lila have small conversations in upcoming episode, though I doubt that they never know though. Perfect Episode
  • Reid falls in lurve with an actress who is being stalked by an unknown killer

    I really enjoyed this episode, mainly because Matthew Gray Gubler as Reid gets to shine. He manages to play the ultimate genius geek, ill at ease in social situations, even ill at ease in his own body it seems. It's an acting tour de force. Seeing him falling for the hot actress and she for him is a brilliant mix of wanting it to work out and knowing that it won't in some way.

    The story itself is pretty basic - and I've obviously watched too many of these shows, because the killer was fairly obvious to me. But it's done in a good way, with plenty of wrong turns and red herrings. And Reid gets to be a hero - about time. It's good to see him not only spouting amazing factoids, but actually being a person and letting some of his guard down.

    A great episode.
  • Very interesting Reid-centric episode!

    This was another convincing and solid pepisode of 'Criminal Minds'. I really enjoyed having an episode centred around Dr Spencer Reid, especialy one that involved his lovelife. He certainl developed an interesting relationship with a Hollywood star!

    The case was alsoo very interesting. It was full of action, with a stalker on the loose. However, I was immensely surprised that the stalker turned out to be a female, although this unpredictability was a great aspect of this episode!

    Keep it up, Criminal Minds! I continue to highly recommend this show, and this episode is the prime example of why I do! Superb episode, and it really is one that you must watch!
  • Definatly OOC, but better than I originally anticipated.

    The OOC part was that they left Spence to watch over the girl. Did he even pass him gun test? The girl: Do you think maybe she just fell for him because he was there and he stopped her friend from killing her? Maybe.
    It was also a little OOC for them to be in LA to begin with. And that there really weren't that maybe ppl in the confrence room where they were speaking.
    Gidion was the only one who was compleatly in charcter. When that one girl was comeing onto him he kept his cool compleatly. Just like him.
    One reacuring thing was that Gidion kept pulling Spence away from the girl. It was in character and hilarious.
  • Dr. Reid in love!!!!

    In this show the main character's past and love lives are often reveiled. This is the first time we learn about Dr. Reid's life. This was so great in my opion this story line should be reapeated because it was so good. Reid actually was so alive in this episode. Usually he has little to personalaty but in this episode we see he has a fun side and it should be explored some more.

    He was the main character in this episode more than anyone else. His girlfriend(at least in the episode) should visit him. They were such a cute couple and then ending up on the cover of a magazine was just adorable. This was diffently the episode to watch.
  • Wow!Reid really flirting!!

    I just love Reid, so when his character has a special importance in an episode I'm just... happy!!
    The episode is great, well written, gorgeous plotted and better (if possible) performed.
    We see, once more, how the BAU work, the way they make profiles just amazes me. How can they be so sure about the suspect behaviour?
    All the episode is built around Reid falling in love with a beautiful actress, Lila. A very dangerous stalker is watching her and he has to protect her, putting himself in danger.
    My favorite scene all over the episode is very obvious... the pool. It is a very thrilling scene, but it is also funny
    Dr. Reid is the best!!
  • Dr Reid is just great...

    Dr reid is my favorite character : high IQ and not sociable... I love this episode and i love Reid : He gets into hot water when he gets involved with a girl who's stalker has turned into a killer yes, great character : cute, intelligent, and now in love, wow, just amazing episode
    My favorite scene... the pool of course
  • Dr. Reid in love!!! One of my favorite episodes!!

    This episode is just awesome!
    It takes place in LA, where Spencer Reid and Gideon run a training about profiling for the local police. At an art exhibit Reid gets to know a beautiful young actress, who is stalked. Reid finds himself in great danger, when he falls in love with her...

    It's a really great episode! There are a lot of funny, but also tragic and exciting moments in it! Especially the scene in the pool is very ... interesting :-)
    I absolutely loved this episode, because it shows a very different side of Dr. Reid whom we have known so far just as the genius whose brilliant ideas and great knowledge are always quite helpful, but whose social skills are really bad.
    In this episode he does fall in love and we get to know his emotional side.

    To sum it up: this episode is really perfect and absolutely worth watching it at least three times :-)
  • Dr. Reid tries to have an adult conversation with a girl while the rest of the team interrupts as much as possible.

    A very amusing episode that deals with a very serious issue. I liked the development of the profile, and the various suspects that are flitted before the viewers during the episode. The idea that life is like a photographic collage, all obscure and difficult, with pieces torn out and put back in upside down is appealing, but doesn't really make it as the underlying theme of this one. Let's face it - this one is about Reid and a girl. While I firmly believe that geeks and nerds rule the world, I still get uncomfortable watching someone else's discomfort, and there was lots of that in this episode. Reid is everyone's little brother, and I like rooting for the underdog (and every other male around Superstud Morgan is an underdog) as much as the next person, but just a tad unrealistic for an FBI agent, isn't it? What I absolutely cannot figure out is, if they're committed to going down this road, why are all the other characters trying their hardest to get in young Reid's way? Gideon is a crappy wingman at the art gallery, and even Morgan rushes young Romeo away from touching good-bye scene. Geez, give a guy a break.
  • Reid episode..

    Mmm.. I have contre versa feelings for this episode - I liked that this episode was concentrating on Reid as I really like his char but the story - I do not know - maybe it was because it was so much different - more than on a case, this was concentrated on char development, about one person.

    But the case was not too bad too, only I missed the whole profiling thing - as they had not too much emphasis on it. And they were suspecting male, got female.. they got that it was someone close.. and when they traced the call inside the house.. that was shocking.
  • Poor writing, editing, plotting, but otherwise fine. . .

    This was a dreadful episode. In fact, many terms came to mind while watching the show last night: unoriginal storyline, forced dialogue, weak direction, laughable motivations, and inconsistent character personas. Need proof?

    Spoiler Alert! Don't read further if you don't want to know facts about the show! :-)

    The fact that the unsub turned out to be a close friend with a crush has been hashed and rehashed so many times on procedurals. I realize there are a finite number of topics to write about, but this one is not terribly believable to begin with and the fact we actually don't get any hint of who it might be until the final act shows the writer(s) was running on empty re: creative juices.

    As for the dialogue itself, could Reid's peers been any more condescending? Even in the last scene when you figure Reid and Jordan will share a few male bonding moments, Jordan comes across obnoxious and superior. Gideon could not have been any more smug and dour-faced if he tried. It was if the other major characters were trying to let Reid figure everything out on his own. I'm sure the writer(s) were trying to showcase the actor's talents in a "feature" episode, but give him something to do other than act like a little kid.

    Their misguided approach was only slightly less ham-handed than the director's. Hey, I know! Let's set up Reid with the victim-to-be early in the episode. Out of 8 million people in L.A., how convenient was it that Reid should meet the woman who is at the center of the killings. Other decisions were equally stilted. When Det. Kim is shot, he slumps against the car and mutters, "I'm okay, just got my shoulder." Later, we find out his collarbone is shattered. Know how badly that hurts? But, he's a tough guy, I guess.

    Then, when the paparazzo is arrested outside on the grounds of the house, he is paraded right by Reid and the starlet (though based on the camera angle they showed, he would have had to be walked around the pool to get to that spot), gets to stop and plead his case, thus enabling the audience to realize it wasn't him. Poor, poor direction. As if it doesn't get worse, why in the world do they make a point of putting police protection around the house if a) a photographer can get by them and b) the killer gets by them, as well.

    Finally, we are led to believe early on that it's a man doing the shootings. When did Gideon and his team ever make such a fatal mistake for so long? Out of character for them. It also seems to me that in their infinite wisdom they would have quickly figured out it was someone close to the starlet and immediately looked at the production crew. But, no, let's ignore them completely until the very end.

    I'll rest my criticism on this final comment. I know Reid is supposed to be the youngster, the learner. But, c'mon, don't make his naivete so stereotypical: "Gosh, aw, shucks, a girl! She likes me, too. Wowee!" In this particular instance, the show stooped to the lowest common denominator and retread of a story about the wizened, ways-of-the-world girl and the innocent, likable, and maturing young man. This show can be sharp-edged, but this time it was as dull as a butter knife. They can do better.
  • Reid is a hero and gets the girl (for the episode anyway). Great installment of a great show. (Episode spoilers)

    This was a superb episode. Reid is my favorite character, and it was great seeing him get the lead in this episode. First he's slightly embarrassed in front of Gideon at an art gallery by a high school classmate who was more than likely just being tactless and of course just not thinking. Then when they find out there is a stalker after an actress Reid meets, Reid is told to look after her and the real excitement of the episode really begins.
    The best part was Lila pulling Reid into the pool with her and the hot kissing between them. You really just can't help but feel bad for Reid because you can tell that he wants her, but can't because of having to worry about professional conduct and crossing the line because he is supposed to be protecting and not dating her.
  • First episode I ever saw and after that I was hooked.

    I might like to say that I have quite caught up with Criminal Minds after seeing this episode. I might also like to express my disappointment with those people who believe Reid is incapable of landing himself a cute girl. Let's run down a list of his positive traits shall we?:

    a) He's adorable, plain and simple.
    b) He's shy. Who doesn't love a quiet cute guy who keeps tucking his hair behind his ears and avoiding people's eye's? It's cute!
    c) He's smart. Like cure for cancer smart.
    d) He's funny. He generally intend to be, but that doesn't make him any less so.
    e) he's sincere and that is so uncommon these days.

    So duh she fell for him. Sheesh.

    P.S. Though I would love it if he'd marry me I love seeing Reid in this relationship so envy's at a low.
  • I love this episode

    i love this episode because i am a really big fan of the show of criminal minds but i really watch it because i like reid/matthew. He orionly got me into the series but know i am in love with the show. I really think that this episode is really revealing because you learn a lot about reid and his {veray small and liminted} personal life. you find out that he graduation hight school at the age of 12. i love how his emotion's ge int the way of his work. He rarely show's any other episode show that he keep's to his work and book. I really hope that they will bring back lila in the next seires. i think that they should countiue the relation ship they had in that episode. I also love the fact that the the killer was a stalker at first and wasn't a man but a female. I think they should have moe episodes were the killer enden uop to be a female, because we are just as strong and in cases cyconic as any male.
  • Needs to open up more like this!

    Again this is why I watch the show but also
    I think it needs a little more heart to it
    Since it can be a dark show at times but other
    Than that, it is one of the reasons that I watch
    The show and love that Reid as he is a great and
    Smart person but also kind of sad if you know
    What I mean!
  • I loved this episode.

    I loved this episode most likely the best they've done I really like the Reid/lila story line which unfortunately they probably will not countinue I really liked the scences with reid and gideon which are always great but the scenes with reid and lila were the real reason to watch this episode I really liked the fact that this episode showed two sides of reid the professional that worries about professional Responsibility and reid's social life which is almost nonexist untill this episode to the criminal minds writers PLEASE countinue the reid/lila story line it's become one of the best parts of this show and add in more sub plots like with hotch or gideon
  • how many secret admirers does reid have now?

    ok, so i admit, i have become partial to the wiz kid with the killer smile, but i wasn't sure this episode was gonna impress me. however, i was impressed...i loved seeing reid out of his element, which considering his knowledge and brain power i wasn't sure was possible. ok, so it was unrealistic him meeting her at a gallery, the guy from high school, etc...but from there i was pretty ok with it. also, i loved that the profile was wrong about the gender of the unsub. again, i love to see women as the bad guys (because deep down i know we all have it in us) but also because profiling is as much an art as a science, and relying on it 100% can get you in trouble. reid/matthew gray gubler got a lot of girls into this show i imagine, and i don't think any of them are gonna stop watching now. good for the film student who was picked to walk the runway and landed himself the chance of a lifetime! oh, and how cute was the mano~a~mano conversation back at the office...can't wait to see more.
  • My favorite episode of the season!!!

    First of all, let me say that, like many people, Reid is by FAR my favorite character. So, I was greatly anticipating this episode. I was not let down. Yes, it may have been a tad OOC, but it was definately still a good ep. I loved how Reid interacted with Lila, and I loved how they kissed in the pool. I absolutely loved the end when they say goodbye, and when Morgan and him have their little heart-to-heart. The only thing that I wish the writers would do would make a permanent character that Reid can go out with or have a crush on or whatever. I guess I'll have to wait until next episode to see what happens!
  • Great episode

    I enjoyed this episode. The girl playing the actress was beautiful. The stalker was believable. But not enough Garcia! I love Garcia, she is great in every episode. The lesbian coming on to Gideon was a little over the top. The high school classsmate of Reid's started off good but changed direction at the end, I didn't care for that.
  • Great as always.

    Okay I know Reid totally couldn't get a girl like that,but what the hell.Let the kid have some fun.She said she would call him the next time she was in Washington,aren't they in Virginia??I enjoyed watching Reid figure out that the collage was about Leila.Yay for me I think I've gotten me dad hooked on the show too,he doesn't like much,so this is a big improvement.