Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 12

Soul Mates

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 14, 2009 on CBS

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  • We open with an arrest and end with a rescue

    In this episode of Criminal Minds the following happens. We quickly learn about a killer, who is killing college girls and who is alternating between white and black girls. We then see a man being arrested, his name is William. The team start questioning him, trying to get information out of him about a missing girl (3 others have already been killed). When the family are questioned they claim that he is innocent. Soon the body of the missing girl is found. The team believe that both William and the other killer communicate through a Blog. The viewers soon learn who the other killer is, and that he lives in the same street as William. Williams's daughter has a suspicion as to who the other killer is, and so she follows him. The team soon realise how the killers communicated about the times etc and learns that the other killer lives next door to William. He is the same man who William's daughter is following. When the mother realises that her daughter is missing, she goes and confronts her husband. She slaps him and she gets taken out. But William still won't say where he and his partners take the girls. He chooses his partner over his own daughter. But soon William makes a deal, and they find the daughter and the killer. The daughter then learns the truth about her father, that he is a murderer.
  • crimminal minds is awsome i just got into it but i like it so much better than other shows like this.

    I think that this is pritty good, and if anyone says its "pridictible" or whatever...its wat less predictible than CSI miami or whatever, cus CSI is so easy to figure out, sometimes i just watch it to laugh at it, so whatever tards r sayin it sucks...u should go die in a hole cus criminal minds pwns :) but go ahead and hate it, it just means that u r a know-it-all loser :)and all the little girls in this r kinda....weird....-.-' OMG this thig is ( kinda) long...anyway....if it were me (that got kidnapped) i would just beat them up....but..nev er mind :) im done -.-'
  • Strangely enough, it touches me

    2 men find each other and are bonded by their love of raping women. On 1 level, I am disgusted. On another level, I find the last scene between the criminals touching because they had to say goodbye to each other. The episode title is certainly fitting. They really were soul mates.
    This episode had a different format from the other episodes. We start with the arrest of the suspect and then more is revealed as we watch the episodes. There was a lot of focus on the suspect (we even see his flashbacks) and the unsub is his partner (since we start out the episode already knowing he did it and the police just do not have the evidence to convict him).
    Possibly the funniest line from the series comes from Rossi about Reid and I was laughing so hard even though this episodes wasn't particularly humorous.
    I was pleasantly surprised by this episode.
  • Partners in crime who also happen to be neighbours. Not unusual by any means, but certainly very creepy and not at all nice to think about.

    In Sarasota, Florida, young women are being murdered and William Harris, a highly unlikely looking suspect is arrested on suspicion of the killings. We soon learn that Harris is most definitely involved, which is certainly earlier on in the episode than we are used to seeing. What is unusual and interesting is that the episodes concentrates on the search for Harris's partner, whom the BAU need to track down before there are more deaths. We know he has a partner because a girl who has recently gone missing is found dead while Harris is in custody. The victims are alternatively white, then black. Does this perhaps suggest that Harris's partner is a white man, given that Harris is black?

    Looking into Harris's background, the team learn that he and his family left Atlanta after he had been accused of similar things. When Harris's own daughter disappears after being suspicious of the family's next door neighbour, the BAU must find her while she is still alive and stop the second partner before he can kill her and get away.

    Not the very best episode of the season, but, then again,not the worst. I liked the concept but it was very predictable almost from the outset that Harris's daughter would become a victim of his partner in crimes obsession. Good work by the guest actors though and the regular cast don't do a bad job either.
  • What can I say?! ''Amazing'!' would be a good start!

    This was another amazing episode of an amazing show. This episode gets ful marks for uniqueness, a s it started out very differently from many and most other episodes, with the perpetrator being arrested, right from the get-go.

    This added another dynamic to the episode, particularly with the various interriogations, conducted by Morgan.

    The case was not 100%, and it wasn't fully unique, but it certainly was creepy. There was a great resolution at the end, which was another great part to this episode!

    Overall, I'd highly recommend it. Although it certainly isn't the best episode you'll see, it is a slightly different one, which is always good, as it gives you a different perspective into the jobs and the lives of the great characters!
  • Your web site is as atrocious as your idiotic episode Soul Mates Give us a break! We are not editing it again. We've stuck with it this long (about 30 minutes) only because the show was so offensively ignorant that we really want to let you know

    As soon as this episode was over my roommate and I looked at each other and said WTF! Within 3 minutes, we said this show was written by some woman and his fantasy idea what two closeted gay guys are like. The clues: (1) Those silly back and forth blogs re the way B--ches talk -- no guy, Gay Straight, in or out of the closet, fem or butch talks the way those silly blogs were written

    (2) They kill girls? Give me a break! If they're Gay they problem is too many woman. They want MEN -- only a self centered woman could possibly be so narcissistic as to think that they would waste 1/10 of second thinking about a woman.

    We checked the Criminal Minds website and found out that it was worse that we thought: two woman wrote this dribble.

    In what part of Hollywood is this show made that you couldn't have found one Gay guy to tell you it was balderdash junk!

    We also have degrees in psychology, law and criminal justice -- and have produced TV shows. Normally we don't criticize other people's work, but this script was so abysmally ignorant of its subject matter that defies imagination.
  • I've been a die hard fan of Criminal Minds since it first started, and I have to admit this was one of the worst episodes ever. This episode jumped around way to much. Also another great disappointment was everything was overly predictable.

    I've been a die hard fan of Criminal Minds since it first started, and I have to admit this was one of the worst episodes ever. While the plot line was good, they delivery was sorely lacking. This episode jumped around way to much. Also another great disappointment was everything was overly predictable. I didn't even have to watch most of the episode to know what was going on. Use to you had to watch the whole episode because you needed all the clues but now you only have to watch pieces here and there. Criminal Minds has seemed to be doing this a lot lately. I miss not being able to profile the Unsubs. They just hand them to us now. Profiling the criminals was what made this show different and exciting. Now it's starting to seem like every other crime show out there. While I am going to stick with this show, the excitement I once got from watching it is gone. I hope the writers will actually get back to the profiling, so the excitement will come back.
  • No Unsub. No Mystery. Very predictable. A waste of fine, talented guest stars.

    There were a lot of things wrong with this episode and as I list them, I find myself wanting to bring my score down. Biggest problems:
    1) They gave us the killers - felt like we jumped in mid-episode. There was no real profiling - the actual "procedure" in this procedural.
    2) The two men who live on the same street (close enough to hear the radio playing) blog to each other about their crimes. Couldn't they just sit in the backyard or some park somewhere with some beers to reminisce? At least one is a lawyer - wouldn't he know the internet isn't safe?
    3) The secret partner knows the other is in jail... why would he be checking the stupid blog anyway?
    4) The arrested suspect was a lawyer and would know how much media attention this case would get. If for some reason they did have a blog, after the FBI told him they were using it to bait his secret partner - he could just retain counsel and tell the counsel to give a statement saying he wasn't talking, or cooperating, etc. And if the FBI didn't tell the lawyer the blog couldn't be discussed, he could even bring that up - "the FBI think they have something on my client because of a blog of all things..."
    5a) After all of those young girls were killed, and a suspect was arrested, the media would've been camped out in front of that house. At least, there should be more than a few nosy neighbors out there. How does the daughter just wonder out, walk down the street without anyone stopping to give her the business about her father?
    5b) Girls have been showing up dead. The next one (according to the pattern - stated early in the episode) should be a black girl. I'm a black girl. I think my neighbor is a killer. I'm going to go follow him by
    6) The black suspect challenging the black cop is way over done and they added nothing new. In fact, I'm pretty sure Criminal Minds has already used this staple before.
  • The BAU discoves that a captured rapist/murderer has an accomplice and try to get him to find his partner.

    I loved this episode. The unsub seemed like the perfect father,esp.when he was teaching his daughter to drive. I felt so bad for her when her father was arrested. I thought she was a smart girl up until she decided to follow unsub#2 by herself. She was just asking to be grabbed.her father was real piece of work. How he could do that without thinking of his daughter was just evil. I liked the interrogations but he was so smug I wanted to see Rossi or Morgan throw him against the wall(but then that would have screwed the case). I truly think that it was Reid and Garcia's brainwork that broke the case. Reid's linguistics told the BAU that there were two Unsubs and Garcia's computer magic found the 2nd unsub,while unsub #1 was playing games with Rossi and Morgan. I felt so bad for the girl when she thought her father saved her and then realized that everyone was right about him. I can't imagine that feeling of betrayal. i did love the lighter mooments, both at Reid's expense(the basket line from Rossi and the sweet cheeks line from Garcia.) Unlike other people,I thought Reid looked beautiful in this episode. I have no problem with his hair. It was better than the short hair and glasses in season 2.
  • Too plain and not much to figure out.

    From the first second on the episode, we know who the unsub is. Maybe the first try to make us think they got the wrong man but somehow.. it does not work and maybe even before that they try to make us thing something will happen with them, but it is passed in few seconds. Maybe the purpose of this episode was to show how person manages to live in a lie and is ready to give up everything, even his daughter to protect himself.. and the envolvment of the suspect - how he develops turning the episode... maybe it was what we should have been concentrating.. or the interrogation process... but still - it was way too slow without any surprises, twists or mysteries.
  • two rapist find each other.

    This episode was a real breakthrough for the constantly improving Shemar Moore. A very actorly piece. It was a refreshing break from Morgan constantly playing the muscle/hero that rushes in gun up and saves the day. It was nice to see him using his noodle for something more than a hair farm. I liked the fact that the bad guys were multifaceted too. A serial rapist that has a family...ick. I'm guessing this is a combination of things that likely exist? There is something so creepy about two guys that treat raping like being a part of a bowling league or something, bonding at bbq's over their passion for their victims. It makes me take a longer look at the "regular folks" in my neighborhood. I had to take 3 tylenol p.m. to go to bed.
  • Episode just jumped, around too much!

    The episode just, jumped around too much. As I thought, that it was ok. Even though, the acting saved it. Think that, this episode just jumped, around way, too much. This is something, we have seen in the past. Not blaming the actors, as they did their jobs. Just think, the quality of the writing, suffered through this. How the killer would sacrifice everything and live, a life of lies. Away from his family. To keep on, killing. Really that is beyond, heartless. And leaving other victims, and their lives. But also their families lives, being in ruins. Thank the acting, for saving this.
  • Another great one!

    Really twisted one...I loved how they written it! The man they have in custody doens't say anything about the murders in all the chapter, just trying to piss off Morgan and Rossi. The songs thing was really cool, poor Reed...:P
    It surprised me that after seeing JJ last chapter she didn't appear here.
    I missed a little bit some personal main character storyline, there's usually one linking them to the vics or the suspects.
    Very little humor in this one... I missed that too. Penelope appeared very little and barely said anything. Reid has a new hairlstyle again? Good one but not the best of the season, a little humorless but really well written!
  • This is one of my favorite shows

    I thought this was a good episode although I was a bit confused when the show started, being so much later into the investigation then usual. I was also confused that they were even in Florida since the set up in the beginning was different. Regardless I enjoyed it. I don't understand ricky lee bostons post about gay men. I didn't find this show to be about homosexuality at all, but rather the relationship between the men was one of their sick desire to abduct rape and kill young women, and that was what their journal together was about the love they share together in doing that.
  • It played out somewhat different than other episodes which I think made it cool and interesting.

    That was one of the best episodes all season. It was a great way to begin the new year. I especially enjoyed the ending where they used William to draw Steven out after Steven kidnapped William's daughter. It was a fine directing job and written story. I think that the directors should do more storylines like this later in the season. I didn't want to miss a minute of it. I liked how the episode starting with them arrested one of the unsubs and the episode focusing around catching the other. To have two dominant personalities was something new as well. The actors also did a really good job. Shemar Moore's character Derek Morgan had a nice back and forth with the suspect as did Joe Mantegna's character David Rossi. Showing more of the family than the investigation was a nice twist too. It showed how their investigations can just completely ruin and wreck families. It also shows how you really don't know your neighbors which is somewhat scary because it could truely happen to anyone at anytime. Yet again Dr. Reid was back at the board decoding and deciphering. I thought it was funny when the officer asked Rossi where they found him and he answered that Reid was dropped at the door of the FBI. The show is starting to have more humor than when Mandy Patikson was on the show. Really in my opinion this episode was another great installment of the best season yet.
  • Different Approach – Same Great Result.

    I loved that we started this episode already knowing that a suspect, William Harris, is already in custody. But the object of this episode was to find out the why and to find the latest victim. It starts with the interrogation and collecting evidence. The team determines, after the latest victim is found murdered, that their suspect has a partner. I really appreciated how Prentiss and Hodges tiptoed around the interviewing of Harris' family. I thought it was interesting how they made the partner almost identical in mannerisms and life. By midway through the episode, Harris becomes very arrogant and very scary. The banter between William and Derek was intense. I thought the use of music lyrics was creative especially after figuring out the partner, Baleman lived right next door. The fact that Andrea, Harris' daughter was taken was pretty predictable. The confrontation between Sharon Harris and her husband was emotional. The look on Andrea's face upon the realization that her father was a murderer was powerful. This episode just showed exactly why we watch this show. Fanominal!