Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 12

Soul Mates

Aired Wednesday Jan 14, 2009 on CBS

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  • We open with an arrest and end with a rescue

    In this episode of Criminal Minds the following happens. We quickly learn about a killer, who is killing college girls and who is alternating between white and black girls. We then see a man being arrested, his name is William. The team start questioning him, trying to get information out of him about a missing girl (3 others have already been killed). When the family are questioned they claim that he is innocent. Soon the body of the missing girl is found. The team believe that both William and the other killer communicate through a Blog. The viewers soon learn who the other killer is, and that he lives in the same street as William. Williams's daughter has a suspicion as to who the other killer is, and so she follows him. The team soon realise how the killers communicated about the times etc and learns that the other killer lives next door to William. He is the same man who William's daughter is following. When the mother realises that her daughter is missing, she goes and confronts her husband. She slaps him and she gets taken out. But William still won't say where he and his partners take the girls. He chooses his partner over his own daughter. But soon William makes a deal, and they find the daughter and the killer. The daughter then learns the truth about her father, that he is a murderer.
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