Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 12

Soul Mates

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 14, 2009 on CBS

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  • Partners in crime who also happen to be neighbours. Not unusual by any means, but certainly very creepy and not at all nice to think about.

    In Sarasota, Florida, young women are being murdered and William Harris, a highly unlikely looking suspect is arrested on suspicion of the killings. We soon learn that Harris is most definitely involved, which is certainly earlier on in the episode than we are used to seeing. What is unusual and interesting is that the episodes concentrates on the search for Harris's partner, whom the BAU need to track down before there are more deaths. We know he has a partner because a girl who has recently gone missing is found dead while Harris is in custody. The victims are alternatively white, then black. Does this perhaps suggest that Harris's partner is a white man, given that Harris is black?

    Looking into Harris's background, the team learn that he and his family left Atlanta after he had been accused of similar things. When Harris's own daughter disappears after being suspicious of the family's next door neighbour, the BAU must find her while she is still alive and stop the second partner before he can kill her and get away.

    Not the very best episode of the season, but, then again,not the worst. I liked the concept but it was very predictable almost from the outset that Harris's daughter would become a victim of his partner in crimes obsession. Good work by the guest actors though and the regular cast don't do a bad job either.