Criminal Minds

Season 9 Episode 9

Strange Fruit

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 2013 on CBS

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  • White guilt on steroids

    In the history of the series, blacks have been the weekly perp maybe just half a dozen times. So when they finally have one, they have to make sure we know that, as they sang in the musical Chicago, "had it coming". The episode was less about the murders and mostly about and endless litany of horribles suffered by blacks at the hands of evil whites. The writers are consumed by white guilt. The biggest insult was Rossi telling us that the Central Park rapists were convicted by false confessions. In fact they confessed freely in great detail and bragged about it for hours while in custody. Although they didn't find DNA evidence, there was plenty of other physical evidence tying them to the crime. Yes, someone else's DNA was found on her but that only means another person was involved who wasn't caught.

    How about an episode about all the random whites beaten to death by blacks on city streets in the "knockout game"? I won't hold my breath.