Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 24

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Aired Wednesday May 18, 2011 on CBS

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  • Brief tree cat in swimming at bookbinder out radio (that's how I felt with this episode, understanding all the words said but not making any sense of the whole of them)


    This episode was a complete mess and very difficult to understand. A shame, because the first minutes were interesting: finding a murderer just by accident.

    But when started the thing about the human traficking, it stopped making sense. Not for the human traficking itself, it could have been a good story, but it got messy, confusing...

    I really got lost when the traficking agent started briefing. I couldn`t understand how the bad guys operation worked and also couldn't understand how the FBI covert operation worked. I mean, the words alone made sense but the sentences didn't.

    As far as I got it, the FBI had undercover agents inside the bad guys operation but then it turned to be going around potential places that maybe could be used by the abductors.

    And when we were shown inside the bad guys' hideout I got lost too. I mean, the guys that were in the cell, where guards, thugs, clients, what? Were there clients at all?

    And the knife and gun bidding? Aren't the clients supposed to bid for the right to kill the agent? So why then the bad girl plays russian roulette with her?

    And when she tells Rossi about the bindings? Why such a cunning mastermind as she was would commit such a clumsy error? I don't know, but if I was her I would had stuck to the truth of the operation assuming that if one of my men was found with two bodies in his car and, in consecuence of that, my safe place was invaded by the FBI, SWAT, the Marines and the Salvation Army maybe, just maybe, they will know about my abduction methods.

    And to make worse the confusion, JJ is back. Please tell me how would us tell her and Newbie Agent appart? They are identical!Please, next season, dye the hair of one of them black so we can know who is who.


  • The BAU is off to investigate a series of human trafficking related murders, while Hotch implements there may be changes in the team as an old member returns.

    This episode wasn't a bad one considering some of the things we've seen so far this season, however I do have to say that for a season finale, lackluster may be the appropriate term to describe it.

    The case was interesting, but nothing special, and the unsubs certainly weren't the creepy psychopaths we've seen before on this show. All in all, the case portrayed could have been used in any other mid-season episode, and unfortunately didn't even come close to some of the previous season finale cases we've seen before.

    The one thing that I really liked in this one was the chemistry and exchange of dialogue between the characters. Morgan and Rossi were joking around, Garcia was with Kevin, and Reid was playing around with Morgan as well. That's the Criminal Minds that I like to see! I've been irritated that these interesting characters haven't had the opportunity to do this for the majority of this season. It's also good to see that J.J's going to be returning to the BAU for the next season, as I know that she was dearly missed by all fans of the show. I really do hope that Hotch's foreshadowing of any more members leaving the team won't actually result in any more departures, as I know for a fact that we've seen way too many beloved characters leave the show already.

    All in all, a decent episode, however not quite the usual cliff-hanger that I would expect for a Criminal Minds season finale. Nevertheless, I shall still anxiously wait for the next season to roll around, and I look forward to seeing what Criminal Minds has in store for us next.
  • Another example of a show I used to like but has gone beyond believable.

    There's a lot of bad stuff to say about the episode. One being the characters are very thin and easily convinced for the comfort of the story. Second that story is not very thick either.
    The good parts were the game of one-sided Russian roulette that had some impact and the beat down of a tough officer who couldn't defend himself against a huge attacker. Everything else was really not worth the watch. I remember this show being strong and sharp but there wasn't any of that in this finale. You didn't even care about the victims or the case. Weak.
  • Case was well below par, that is for sure, but the ending was immaculate! (Spoilers.)

    Let's start out this review by saying that this was truly a horrible case that wsa totally rushed and completely uninteresting. The concept behind the case was quite good and they really could've had some sort of cliffhanger within this case, that would've kept us on the edge of our seats until netx season.

    While the case was definitely below par, there was a nice twist when we found out Lucy was just pure evil! That was definitely the best part of the case, but like I saw, too rushed and intensely disappointing.

    However, the ending of the episode (and the season) was just brilliant, and for once, in a good way! JJ reveals her intentions to return, which is just phenomenal, and it is just birilliant to see her back.

    Should be thoroughly interesting next season, but I wouldn't really recommend this case ast all...
  • Hotch drops a bombshell about potensial spilitting up of the team due to budgedcuts. The team doesn't get a chance to talk more because they get dragged into a human trafficing case with agent Andi Swan.

    I really liked this episode. Great to see Garcia with Kevin. Also great to see her and Morgan talk about stuff again. Some fun moments with Rossi and Morgan making fun of eachother and Reid making fun of Morgan. Good stuff!
    At the same time this joking doesn't take away the serious case. I really wish Hotch comes back next season. We don't know yet due to the fact that Thomas Gibson doesn't have a contract. JJ will be back. That is good but they need a strong female profiler like Prentiss was. Seaver can become an interesting character because of her father. They can write good storylins on that. But we need a stronger agent. I liked the fact it didn't have a big cliffhanger. The best cliffhanger Criminal Minds ever had was season 3-4. The blowing up of the car and we didn't know who was in it. The bad thing about it was going 4 months not knowing!
    Anyway, good episode! Great acting as always and looking forward to seing you in September! Hopefully all of you!
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