Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 19

Tabula Rasa

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 14, 2008 on CBS

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  • A serial killer wakes up from a coma with no idea who he is.

    When a serial killer wakes up from a coma with no memory the team discuss whether he should go to prison because he is a new man like he has never killed anyone I liked the part in court where Hotch was questioned about profiling just being guess work and that it's not facts However Hotch impresses the jury by showing how accurate his profiling is and how it helped catch the killer I suspected that at one point the killer would get his memory back but when he did the BAU was able to put him away this time for good.
  • A very interesting episode with an equally interesting twist as the team deals with a serial killer who wakes from a coma after four years with no memory of anything - including his crimes.

    In 2004, the BAU arrested Brian Matloff, a suspected serial killer who had allegedly murdered several women. Unfortunately, during the arrest process, Matloff fell from a great height and suffered not only severe injuries but also ended up in a coma, which meant the case had to be put on the back burner.

    Four years later, Matloff wakes up, which SHOULD be good news for the team. Unfortunately, he has no memory whatsoever, he doesn't even know his own name and certainly has no recollection of killing anyone.

    Investigating Matloff's time in hospital, the BAU discover that he had only one visitor during that time, a middle-aged woman who sat with him regularly but the hospital staff did not know what her connection to the comatose man was. As investigations in Matloff's past continue, he is subjected to several images placed before him on a screen which chronicle the crimes he has supposedly committed. It is the hope of Hotch and the team that the images will somehow connect in his brain and he will regain his memory notonly of himself but of the killings they believe he is responsible for.

    Meanwhile, the 'mystery woman' who visited him in the hospital turns out to be his biological mother who gave him up for adoption as a baby. She is very reluctant to speak but finally reveals that Brian had initiated contact with her some years ago and wanted to be a part of her life. Although she did meet with him once, she made it very clear that his being in her life was not possible. He seemed to accept that, but regularly sent her gifts of jewellery, which she kept. The jewellery, it turns out, belonged to the murdered women, so the BAU know for certain that they have their unsub and when it is revealed that his memory is returning, they feel it is only a matter of time before he is found guilty of the crimes. Unfortunately, he escapes from custody and the chase is on again.
  • Epic Profile.

    Aaron Hotchners profile of the defender was amazing. It was easily my favorite scene of the entire season without a shadow of a doubt. The defender called out everything that is seen as inaccurate about profiling and Hotchner basically was defending the show. These are the people that we have watched for years profile people and this was the first real time the person calling their job non-law enforcement lasted over a couple of seconds during the introduction stage of saying it. Easily the best scene of the episode. The rest of the episode was good too, with flashbacks to 4 years ago when Reid and Garcia were first coming into the BAU and we get to see the first time where Morgan calls Garcia baby girl. The flashbacks served a strictly profiling purpose, which I liked a lot. Rossi's position on the team has gone down significantly since joining it 13 episodes ago in 03x06. Either the writers view him as less of a Jason Gideon or simply are trying to give other characters (JJ / Garcia) a little more screen time. Overall though - very good episode that bumped Hotchner into my favorite profiler range.
  • rejection takes an ugly turn...for somebody else

    rejection is always difficult to handle...and pouring your hatred upon other people, especially innocent strangers is just wrong.
    in this episode 2 scenes stand out for me : the questioning of Hotch and the way he puts the attorney in his place (gives a whole new meaning to the term "put a sock in it"),proving that the work of BAU is reliable, and the second vision Matloff has, with his victims moving and looking straight at him - a very eerie scene, yet loaded with psychological meaning.
    In the end, Reid is right - one event can't bring peace of mind, it's something you need to work through!
  • A serial killer awakes from a coma with no memory. The team have to take him down by reopen the case.

    Great episode. A serial killer ho killed some women in 2004 awakes from a coma without his memory. The team reopens the case to prrof that he is the killer. Hotch and Reid really were great in this one. Reid has to deal with the father of one of the victims. He kinda was the only one who was left for the father. So Reid told him out off killing the murderer and in the end he gave him the watch back, the killer took from his daughter. It really was emotionnal but Reid did a great job. Also Hotch did. In the court he proofed that a profiler really can giva any information about another person with just some tiny evidences. I also liked how the killer was that nice and likable guy at the beginning when he didn't remember a thing. I understand the doubts Prentiss and JJ had about he's a new and harmless guy without his memory and his past. I also loved the flashbacks!!! Like the scene in the beginning where Derek jumps from roof to roof. Oh and how Derek called Garcia baby girl for the first time - so sweet. And of course the photo of Emily. All in all the episode really rocked.
  • Excellent Script!!!

    I loved how this was written. But I also loved watching the flashbacks that were included of the team four years ago. Interesting that JJ was an original team member. The idea of a man surviving the type of fall Brian Matloff did was incrediable. However, I find that him simply waking up with just a case of amnesia, a little had to believe. However that being said, going forward, I liked watching Matloff struggle through who he was and what he did, which made the plot more interesting. The fact of his birth mother rejecting again being a trigger was nail biting. It was almost like you saw the switch get trip. The confrontation between Matloff and Hodges, getting him to do the right thing was great. I also like the intereraction of Reid and Corbett. It reminded us that the victims and their families aren't forgotten.
  • A great episode with flashbacks from four years ago. I plot that so far hasn't been done before on Criminal Minds.

    I thought that this was a fantastic installment of CM - we have never had an episode that shows flashbacks of what the team used to be like - its nice to see that bit of history about the team. Basically a serial killer wakes up four years later after having killed three women. He fell from about 10 stories and slipped into a coma. When he wakes up he suffers from amnesia and cannot remember anything - not even his name. In this episode, we see the court case in progress, which does make a nice change. We also see Reid interacting with one of the victims' father and he feels an affinity towards him. The killer Brian, eventually remembers everything that he after a brain finger printing test and cannot believe that he killed those women. I don't know why, but I felt really sympathetic towrds the killer, because as Prentis and Reid argued the man cannot remember anything - not the fact that he killed or had it in himself to kill anyone. They said that he was like a new person who had no idea what it felt liek to kill and should he be prosecuted for crimes that he couldn't even remember committing? I thought was a really good question. Over all I thought it was a fantastic episode, since it has a slightly different format to normal episodes of CM.
  • Really good show!

    Unlike the previous other shows, we see like a flashback show. That of a serial killer four years ago, and that he was being chased by the FBI and that he falls, shatters his body, and is in a coma. Flip back to 2008 and that we see that the DA want to try to in her words, "try him and fry him." But Hotchner and Rossi want her to approach with caution as victims' families have tried to move on. The serial killer, now in jail, has some type of amnesia and seemingly can't remember the victims that he took. The DA and Hotch have good chemistry together.
  • This was another excellent episode!

    I really loved this episode. I thought the flashbacks were amazingly well done. I actually felt sorry for the unsub - I think he truly regretted what he had done. Almost like, his brain had been rebooted from the fall.

    I have to say, however, three things bugged me.

    1. Reid four years ago was far too well-developed personality-wise. I don't think Reid would have been as good with people back then as he was depicted in the flashbacks.

    2. The blatant absence of any mention of Gideon. I know that Mandy has left the show, and I'm cool with his being gone. But, Gideon was a very real part of the team four years ago, and I find the lack of mention of his character to be a major flaw here.

    3. And this is because I'm a techie... the defense attorney would not have had that particular Blackberry in the courtroom. It appeared to be a Blackberry Curve, and the Curve has a camera built in - which means it would not permitted in a court of law. They obviously goofed, technology-wise with respect to this. Otherwise, I loved this episode!!!!
  • Very good, but not my favorite.

    So, overall this was a very good episode, i really loved the parts where we got to know more about Reid joining the team and Penelope being called "baby girl" for the first time. All that was really interesting and cool.
    But for me the rest of the story was just ok, i didnt really liked the case and the whole "lost memory" thing, that was kinda weak for me.
    The episode was kinda boring and it seemed like it never ended hehehhe sorry but that is how i felt when i was watching, was good, but it could have been much much better, i hope the final one makes up for this boring one.
  • Matter of mind..

    A criminal who escapes arrest and then falls a many floors ends up in coma but survives and wakes years later without memories - and the case.. main witness dead, evidence not the best.. sounds bad. So BAU is trying their best to prove that man is guilty and some old flashbacks are added - and that was great.

    I most say this episode was exciting, cleverly plot but it was not all - this episode really had that kind of deeper thought when they made sure he does not remember - can they convict a man who does not have no memories left.. is he different people? I really liked those thoughts.
  • Wow! Very interesting and quite unique!

    I really enjoyed the start to this episode. THe beginning was very interesting, and it set up for a very enjoyable episode.

    I thought the storyline was impeccable, as a whole, and the episode was quite unique in implementing something that they haven't done before. That was cerrtainly very interesting, and fun to watch.

    There were a little too many court scenes, in my opinion, which is the only thing I didn't like about this opne, but as a whole, as very good episode, that I would certainly recommend very highly. It had a great storyline, and I hope there is more like this to come!

    Keep it up, Criminal Minds!