Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 2

The Angel Maker

Aired Wednesday Oct 01, 2008 on CBS

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  • In my opinion, this was much better than the season opener. It was good to see the writers pick up their game and put together such a good episode.

    There is a copycat killer on the loose in Ohio. This person is imitating the crimes of an executed serial killer known as 'The Angel Maker' who raped and murdered women as well as leaving oddly shaped puncture wounds in their stomachs.

    On the anniversary of the execution of the killer, the crimes start again. The BAU are called in and realise that they are dealing with a copycat who is just as deadly as the original. The big twist (and the major problem) for the team is that semen samples recovered from the victims match exactly those of the dead killer. How is this possible? Could it be that the rumours that the execution of the killer was botched are actually true and that he has survived and is killing again or is there some other more sinister explanation for what has occurred?

    Terrific episode with enough twists to satisfy we viewers who enjoy this show so much.
  • Great episode...kept me hooked till the end

    A pretty great episode all around. I enjoyed the storyline. It was very interesting, eerie and had a bunch of turns that kept me entertained (i would list some of them, but i dont want to give anything away). The only problem i found is that the team received a big clue when Morgan and Prentiss looked at the stars. it was too random and lucky for the team to to catch the killer based on two members looking at the stars. Other than that, i was thoroughly entertained and i would recommend this episode to any Criminal Minds fan.
    This episode earns a 9 out of 10.
  • Another Great Installment, it was a nice twist, kept you guessing, it showed u how far some people will go!!

    In this ep, the real serial killer is dead, but not buried as everyone thinks. His lover, which this guy seemed to have plenty of, was the one finishing off his killing, based on the constellations in the sky!! It was a bit unoriginal, but their spin on it was great, it wasn't the samething over and over. And, the sad thing is somewhere in America something like this happened, it was still edge of your seat, nail biting action. This episode proved it can handle just about anything. It also showed how someone's love can go too deep and the dominate person can take over the submissive one.
  • Very Good. (SPOILERS!!)

    The main storyline was good, although i knew it was a copycat and not the original killer it was still done very well and it was quite subtle.
    I was glad to see that they kept up with Hotch's progress with his ears. It was quite revealing and a really good storyline. Seeing his face when he was talking to the doctor was soo cute as you could see how he was desperate to get back to work. It will be good to see what happens next with it. I hope they continue with this storyline.

    That's All!

    p.s Spencer's hair was Awesome!
  • Can the dead really come back to life?

    No, but an obsessed woman can finish what a psycho started. I really enjoyed this script and the side script about Aaron still recovering from his injuries. I did notice the absence of JJ, which is understandable, but she's pregant not contagious. The pretense that this small town is gripped with fear, justifably, was great. The missing body from the coffin was a interesting twist as well as the interview conducted with the doctor present at the execution. Overall, the reason behind the killings was creative as well as the trigger for this woman to complete what was starter by the object of her obsession.
  • Creepy

    Aaron begs to be allowed back to work, even though his ears are not back to normal. Loud noises are a danger to him. Hotch risks losing his hearing permanently.

    These troubles are blended into the story as the team flies to a small town in Ohio. Women have been murdered in the same manner as an executed serial killer.

    The BAU pieces together a profile that I never would have suspected. The unsub is usually someone that was shown earlier in the episode, but I do not remember this person. I found the whole thing to be unnerving till the end. Another job well done.
  • A Classic Spisode! A Gotcha kind of Show!

    This was one classic episode and that you shouldn't have missed it. As it was just that. As it showed the serial killer being dead. And it was where you think that that person was buried at. The person that really killed the serial killer, was the person that you were after. The team had to put on their thinking caps in order to not just see where the first killer was buried. But also another would-be other killer. They did it very well and that is one of those gotcha episodes. Where you think you know it all but you don't really.
  • dead killer's m.o resurfaces in rural town.

    This is one of the first times that J.J's clue leads the team to the killer. She is really developing as a character and I hope to see more of that from her. i just hope that her baby doesn't stop her development. The rest of the cast has always tended to overshadow J.J. due to their positions, as well as hers, on the team. the show has been trying to give her more face time: i.e. when they revealed her relationship with the father of her child, however, I would like to see more of her assisting the B.A.U. I know that Hotchner offered her the job, and she declined. I would like to see her slowly integrate herself as a full member of the B.A.U. I Love you J.J.!
  • A great return to form.

    This episode was a great return to form after the disappointing hash they made of Mayhem and the lackluster series three.
    It was good to finally have a few good twists and turns to keep us on our toes and guessing again. There even seemed to be a bit of a return to roots for some of the characters, Spencer for instance exercising his brain power and being somewhat cut off emotionally from everybody else as opposed to his recently being portrayed as a troubled scared and sensitive drug addit. I hope this marks a return to the sort of episodes that made me watch this show in the first place.
  • Another good one!

    We open this episode with a woman alone in her house. While she is in the kitchen we see someone walking past her. We see her going to bed and a couple of hours later we see someone coming out of her wardrobe and killing her. The team learn that the MO matches that of a killer who was put to death a year before to the day. DNA found inside of the victim matches the dead killer. They dig up the killer's body after a letter is received from him and the handwriting matches the killers. When they open the casket, it is empty. The team learn that the killer is a woman. We then see another woman being killed. The team have a name of the woman they believe is the copycat killer. The stressor was the death of the baby which she had with the killer.
    The team find Ryan's (killers) body in the little boy's bedroom in a box. They learn the name of the next victim and the team head straight there. Morgan is sent to find an open window to enter the property whilst the team try to talk to Chloe (the killer). Morgan manages to get the potential victim and escape from the house. Chloe sees that she has gone and she starts to wreck the house. Chloe walks out of the house and everyone has their guns on her s she walks out with one of her own. She dies due to death by cop. As she does so the noise of the shot affects Hotch's ears. As they lift up her top they see that she made herself the final victim after she made the marks on her stomach herself, in order to complete his mission. We see all of the team leaving the town & Hotch decides to drive back.
  • Unfinished buisness

    A copycat of executed murdered appears and everyone is seeing ghost - the body is gone, he took long to die, new victims are totally like original ones - what is going on?

    So, in this case, there are many questions and really good continuous storyline of solving this case - from the early ghosthunt to the limiting the names on final suspect list. And the way this episode turns - the unsub is woman, she continues his work and when they take her last victim, she uses her to finish his job.

    And I most say the whole char concentration on Hotchner was not bad either - that doesn't look good what is going on with him.
  • Awesome and incredible episode! Quite sppooky with the start-signs as well!

    This was a very eerie and spooky episode, but also one that I thoroughly enjoyed. I was hooked from the beginning and I enjoyed every mnute of the episode.

    I thought the storyline was very interesting, and I was surprised to learn of the copyctat's gender being female. That was a big shocker for me.

    I also thought the episode was full of som great moments with the team, such as Prentiess tapping Reid and saying, "He's so lifelike!" It was certainly a funny moments, that I will remember forever!

    Overall, I would highly recommend this one. Full of great scenes, an incredible case, and also quite spooky. The full package!
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