Criminal Minds

Season 8 Episode 6

The Apprenticeship

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 2012 on CBS

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  • 8x06 - Killer Intership

    This was a very enjoyable episode. Not only was I interested in what was going on with the killers, but I was also invested in the survival of the last victim. I really like it when we get more than one killer because of the dynamics between them are always so freaking fascinating. So yay on that! Also I thought the actor who planned the kid witness who was hammered did a great job for only being in one scene, I was really sold on his anger then his acceptance to cooperate when Reid connected with him.

    And the ending, geeze I nearly got emotional whiplash from how quickly I went from cheering over the home run to freaking out over who was photographing the team. Good episode!
  • Back to the basics

    To me this episode while not matching the brilliance of season one or two was still a good one as far as the profiling was concerned... I really don't mind episodes where the unsub's identity is known as long the team does not find the solution magically... But with this there was real profiling which has not been seen in a while...

    Also the inter character bonding is always something I enjoy especially between Morgan and Ried (my fav two characters)... Of course nothing can compare to Morgan and Emily or Reid and Emily (yes I will mention her in every single review cos I miss her so much) but Morgan and Ried bonding is always nice to see... Still miss Garcia/ Morgan banter... Not too much of it till now(Got to make atleast one complaint...:) )...

    Blake was good in this episode and we have been seeing sarcastic Rossi again... Of course smiling Hotch is always a bonus in any episode.. The ending was brilliant but I gotta say Ried hitting that run was way to scripted for me... Of course the celebrations more than made up for that... :D... Overall a pretty good episode...
  • I liked the return to profiling

    Earlier this season, I'd complained that the writing was getting lazier, mainly referring to the profiling. Gone were the specific references to past cases (both in the show and in real life), and there was also a lot of uncharacteristic stupidity on the part of the BAU members in their private lives, and magically learning the answers out of nowhere in their jobs.

    I take it all back. :) This episode was a good one. I loved the little competition they had when they named off past cases on the plane. I loved the logical flow of figuring out the case. And I think characters who are not Reid or Garcia might even be starting to develop unique profiling voices!

    (This is a long problem of mine - in any episode from any earlier season, take any line that's about the case, whether it's on the plane or when profiling the case or when delivering the profile. Any line, that's delivered by anybody other than Reid or Garcia or (or Hotch, if it's a "boss"-type line). Now imagine any other profiler delivering that same line, word for word. Note how easy it is to imagine. That should not be the case).

    But anyway... yeah! This was a good episode! I have hopes for the future of the show once again.
  • The teacher teachers the student

    This was a brilliant episode with a young unsub that has a mentor who teaches him throughout the episode to kill the unsub escalates and becomes a better killer as it goes further into the episode.At first I didn't expect him to kill the woman at the beginning and I didn't expect him to have a teacher.With the first kill been sloppy and unorganised the team soon realised a difference when the unsub's teacher killed and that he knew what he was doing.The younger unsub Toby got to cocky and didn't listen taking someone he knew and then partnership broke up when Toby hit his partner with a hammer but was killed himself not standing a chance.The team eventually saved the girl with Morgan ending up having to kill the older unsub.The episode also ended with the start of things to come when Reid is playing softball with Morgan against secret service and Reid wins them the game someone takes photos of each team member individually meaning that someone is planning something and maybe has something to do with the murder that is similar to the silencers that Hotch was called about at the end.Overall the season is just getting better by the episode and now there is something extra to look forward to.
  • Interesting dynamic!

    This episode's dynamics between the two unsubs was something quite unique to this episode. We have had groups with dominant/submissive members before, but never a student/teacher type of dynamic, and it was really nice to see.

    There were some great scenes throughout the episode, but maybe one of the best parts of the episode was actually the end, where an interesting development from Dallas is revealed, wit h seemingly a copycat of the Silencer making an appearance!

    Then there is this creepy guy taking photographs of the team oagain! What's he up to? It's building the suspesne nicely!

    And I really loved the baseball scenes, especially Reid jumping/diving and hitting the home base! That was an epic conclusion!

    Can't wait to see more, because this was an absolutely outstanding episode!
  • Keeps getting better

    This episode was cool. And very unique unsubs. The profiling is back again. It was a great episode. And I don't mind to know the unsub that fast in some episodes. However I hope it won't be that way every time. But I don't think that is gonna happen.

    Alex Blake is cool to. And the Reid/ Morgan bounding is nice and I liked the way Reid made that homerun.

    As I said in the episode God Complex, I think the stalker of the team is connected to the girl Reid is calling with. Also somehow I think the Silencer kill is done by him, to get the attention of the team, but I'm not sure. I really like where the overall story arc of this season is going.
  • Very enjoyable!

    They're really going back to the Criminal Minds of old and it's wonderful to see. I heard the writers actually read the fan blogs and it shows.

    This episode was very much a tug-on-the-heartstrings one. The "kicked puppy" motif and the way they made you really empathise with Jose, the kid who was attacked with a hammer, despite hearing Morgan say what a dropkick he was was fantastic. The Morgan and Reid subplot was also unbelievably cute, and we like it that way :) I usually hate episodes where they reveal the unsub before the team finds them, because it looks like the team are idiots chasing someone we already know, but this one was written well and I didn't feel that way at all. The profiling, which also tends to fall off the wagon when the unsub is revealed too early, was also good in this episode.

    All in all very enjoyable. Starting to really like Alex Blake - they have introduced her to the series with the sensitivity with which they did Prentiss and it's paying off. Loving Season 8.
  • Great ending!

    Another good episode!We already seen female serial killers and now we got a teenager who is taught how to become one.Criminal Minds rarely touched the subject of teenagers killing and I really enjoyed how it was done and how the showed the progression from killing dogs, to the first killing when the guy was scared to the end were he was really evolved.

    And a great ending. Hotch getting the call about someone killing in the same manner as the Silencer, Reed winning the game and of course that creepy guy who is taking pictures. I have a feeling that the guy who is taking pictures is somehow connected to the girl who is secretly talking to Reid as she stated that she is afraid ''He'' will find out about Reed and try and hurt him. Great suspense story line i am so happy that writers are going back to writing good story lines like they did in first seasons.