Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 14

The Big Game

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

As Dennis and Lacy Kyle watch Jim Nantz and Phil Simms discuss the end of the Super Bowl XLI on their television, Dennis holds a football and says football is over for this year. Then Lacy stands up and smiles as she says this means she will be getting her husband back on Sundays. Dennis says he already misses it. Their friends, Ken and Gayle Gentry, had joined them to watch the game, and Gayle playfully admonishes Dennis for saying what he did. Ken joins her and smiles, and tells Dennis it's no use trying to save himself. "Just beg for her forgiveness and move on." Outside the house, a man in a hooded jacket is seen lurking in the darkness and watching the four people inside. Two voices can be heard. One is saying "I don't want to do this" and the second one says "You need to do it now, the guests are leaving. Walk around back." As Dennis and Lacy bid goodbye to their friends, the man sneaks into the house through the back door. They go back into the house where half-empty plates and glasses, crumpled napkins clutter the table. Lacy sighs as she puts down her wine glass on the table and starts cleaning up, but Dennis stops her. He asks her if the cleaning can wait till morning, but she says they should do a little now. Dennis gives in and takes out the garbage. When he sees the back door is open, he asks Lacy if she left it open. When she doesn't reply, he shrugs and walks outside. As Lacy takes a few plates to the kitchen, a dark shadow moves past the table. The next scene shows her in the kitchen, and someone is grabbing her. It turns out to be her frisky husband who convinces her to leave the cleaning to the maid and go upstairs. The man is now hiding inside their house. When the downstairs lights are switched off, the man goes to the telephone and calls 9-1-1. He tells the operator he's at 1527 Chestnut Drive. The operator asks why he's calling, and he says they have too much stuff and Raphael is going to kill the sinners that live there. The operator then tries to confirm he had told her someone was about to kill someone. As the camera moves to outside the house and zooms out, a woman screams. The Auld Dubliner - Super Bowl Party In a rare moment of conviviality off the job, everyone but Gideon has gathered at a local pub to celebrate the Super Bowl. Morgan dances as Garcia looks on from her table where she is sitting with Hotch and Haley. Prentiss walks by with drinks and warns Morgan the one in the back could take his wallet. He laughs and says in that case he will be a broke happy man. Haley asks Prentiss how they are treating her at the BAU, and she replies everyone is really nice, Hotchner and Haley go to the dance floor and Garcia excuses herself and goes to the ladies room, walking past JJ who is playing darts – and winning. Then JJ's cell phone rings and she goes outside to take the call. She passes Reid, who is participating in a Star Trek trivia contest with his friends, and she ruffles his hair. Outside the bar, JJ tells the caller to have the police fax over everything they have so far. The Smithsonian Institution - Washington, D.C. Gideon is whistling as the curator enters the room saying he has something special to show Gideon for his annual Super Bowl visit. He opens a case and shows Gideon a hand-colored Mockingbird Audubon etching. To break the tranquility of the mood, his cell phone rings and it's JJ. As he drives in his pickup, the unsub looks down at the blood on the latex gloves he's wearing and mutters, "What did we do?" He slams down on the steering wheel and stops in a cornfield. He gets out of the truck grabbing his head as he mutters that wasn't redemption. That wasn't God's will. As he pulls off his gloves, he is crying, pacing, then he kneels down. "Raphael, what did we do?" At the BAU, Prentiss, Reid, Garcia and Hotch have assembled and Gideon joins them. JJ enters the room, picks up the remote, and presses the Play button. They see an image of Dennis and Lacy Kyle who had been murdered in an Atlanta suburb in their home one hour ago. The police had arrived unusually fast. JJ says one of the unsubs had called the police from the murder scene and said the other one was going to kill the victims. Morgan is surprised, "You're kidding." JJ nods and says he called from inside the house. The dispatcher said the first male sounded terrified and begged them to get there because the other one, whom they both identified as Raphael, was about to kill the sinners who lived there. She adds the 9-1-1 center would send a copy of the tape to Garcia. When Reid asks about the response time, JJ tells him was four minutes and 26 seconds. She clicks a button on the remote and the screen switches to more gruesome bloody pictures of the murdered couple. Garcia gasps and turns her head away quickly. As the others continue to watch, JJ explains that Mr. Kyle was a dot-com millionaire. When the police had arrived on the scene, they found a page from Revelations Chapter 6 Verse 8 laying on the bed with part of the passage highlighted. Reid comments these are mission-based killers and they will not stop killing. In the unsub's house, there is a carved wood plaque on the wall with "Jesus loves me" inscribed and there are newspaper clippings on another wall. The second voice is reciting from the Bible and the first voice objects, saying "you don't serve God that way." The second voice becomes angry and threatening. "You don't question me boy!" In another room, there are computers, papers, and computer cases on desks. The second voice continues telling the first voice to clean himself up and stop whining, saying "he says he has done the Lord's work tonight." The unsub removes his shirt in front of the mirror, looking at the spatters of blood on his face. He remembers back to a time when he is playing marbles in the farmyard, and his angry father walks up to him. His father grabs him and drags him into the barn to face a blazing fire. His father dons thick gloves, and holds a branding iron shaped with a cruciform in the fire until it's glowing hot. He mutters, "The book tells us that we are not to serve the Lord until we are sealed, boy. Sealed with God's mark, sealed on our forehead." The boy whimpers but does not cry as the red-hot iron approaches his face. After recalling his branding, the unsub brushes his hair back and stares at the healed cross that had been branded on his forehead. He then takes a shower. He weeps and shivers as the blood from his body is washed away and into the drain. On the plane, everyone is busy working on the case. Via video feed, Garcia tells them she just received the 9-1-1 tape and plays it for the team. Prentiss says unsub #1 sounds frightened, which suggests he is doing this against his will. Gideon shakes his head, saying he doubts it. Morgan adds he could have called out to save them instead of calling 9-1-1. JJ mentions the second unsub had said Raphael was going to kill them, and she wonders if that means there is a third unsub. But Reid explains it's not uncommon for an unsub to refer to himself in the third person. Garcia says she will run the name Raphael through both the Georgia database as well as their own. Hotchner adds this team of killers will not stop until the mission is complete, and they need to hit the ground running as he gives instructions to the agents. He tells JJ to get pictures of the victims and Prentiss to go to where the bodies are to examine the wounds. They need to know how he managed to kill two victims in 4-1/2 minutes. Hotchner says he will set up at the field office in Atlanta to review files believing there might be other murders. Gideon tells Reid and Morgan to go with him to the crime scene. At the crime scene where Dennis and Lacy were murdered, Reid and Gideon are joined by two police officers, and Gideon examines the page from the Bible. Because local police don't have a lot of experience with cases such this, Reid explains to Det. Farraday what the word unsub means. Det. Farraday asks another question about the case and stares blankly as Reid goes into a long monologue. When Gideon asks him how many times Mr. Kyle had been stabbed, he answers that "stabbed" wasn't exactly the word for it. At the coroner's office, the medical examiner explains to Prentiss how efficient the murders had been. He tells her the wounds for both victims were very similar: their throats had been cut and they had a gash up one arm from wrist to elbow as well as a gash down on back from crotch to upper thigh. She asks him how much knowledge of anatomy an unsub would need to know how to do this, and he explains it is basic knowledge and says these victims were killed just as one would slaughter an animal. He believes maybe it's a hunter or a farmer, so it could be basically anyone in rural Georgia. At the Atlanta police station, JJ tells Hotch the Gentrys had been the last to leave the Super Bowl party at the Kyle house. They had informed her the Kyles didn't have enemies and were more generous than they needed to be. Hotchner wonders why they were picked, the house was really nice, but you couldn't see that from the street. Agent Franks joins the discussion and informs them he had not found any cases matching their unsub's MO. JJ asks him if it would okay if she goes through some files, pretending she flew all the way there and now has nothing to do. She smiles at Hotch over her shoulder as she is led to the file room. Back at the crime scene, Det. Farraday explains to Gideon that the police force is spread pretty thin in that area, and they couldn't get there in time. Gideon comments that 4-1/2 minutes is pretty fast, and Reid adds it's about the same response time as New York City. Morgan joins them, and walks around room pretending to be the unsub. He figures the unsub must have attacked the husband first, a blitz attack eliminated the greatest threat first. There was a woman screaming on the 9-1-1 call and, as Reid points out, a person can't scream with her throat cut. The wife must have tried to escape into the bathroom. Morgan walks to the bathroom door and points at the smeared, bloody palm prints. He believes, she must have tried to close the door behind her, but was too late. Det. Farraday says they had checked the smudge for prints and didn't find any, so the unsub probably wore latex gloves. Morgan tells him that doesn't make any sense at all. Reid explains an unsub with a mental disorder who thinks he is getting a message from God would qualify as 'disorganized' and normally does not clean up after himself. Morgan suggests maybe the frightened one made sure he did. Garcia calls Morgan and tells him she is watching a video on a computer and asks him if he's at the crime scene. She then asks if there is a burgundy settee on the wall behind them. He confirms there is, "If a settee is a little couch." Garcia explains she just got a viral video from a friend that shows Mr. Kyle being murdered. Garcia does not want to look at it and says and says it was shot directly from across the room from the 'little couch.' Morgan walks across the room and bends forward, looking into the tiny pinhole video camera in the screen of a laptop. Segue to a laptop showing the footage of the tiny camera with Morgan peering into it. The unsub has been watching Morgan from multiple monitors on his desk as he eats cereal. Back in Atlanta, the team watches the video. It's very dark and the unsub is speaking, but there are two different voices. Morgan says there must be a guy sitting next to him telling him what to say. Then there's a third voice. The footage now switches to the Kyles getting ready for bed. Hotchner wonders if the unsubs had brought the laptop computer with them, and Reid says as far as he can tell it's the Kyles' computer because their bank account statements are on it. Meanwhile, the video now shows the unsub walking up to Dennis. Reid is still working on the laptop. He peers at and gets up quickly. Reid quietly asks Agent Franks if there is a wireless internet connection in the police station. When he confirms, and Reid tells them the camera is on. The unsub, who is watching the agents, hears voice #2 ask him if he saw that. He asks voice #1 what's going on. Voice #2 replies he knew the armies of Satan would rise against them. The unsub begins to type as the team discusses tracing the signal. The screen changes and shows red script on a black background: The armies of Satan shall not prevail. The computer then switches itself off. They conclude that the computer is being controlled remotely. Garcia explains how that works: tech support is supposed to disconnect, but if a Trojan horse has been installed, they could stay connected if that's what he wanted to do. Garcia checks the Kyles' phone records to see if they had called for tech support. Hotch tells her they'll get the laptop to her as fast as they can. Feeling ill, Garcia turns away from her computer screen and tells them the video is crazy viral and is the most downloaded video on the entire internet worldwide. And, judging by the response it has received, people seem to think it's pretty cool. Garcia hangs up and JJ says that people probably don't realize that it is real. They probably think it's a promo for a horror movie. Morgan comments the unsub is right about one thing: the world is pretty screwed up. Back to the unsub's house, he browses to a website called and sees the murder video had been downloaded 2.318.221 times. He reads all the comments, but is dismayed. He complains, "This is a warning, not a show. What is wrong with you people?" Then his phone rings and he answers. Apparently, he works for tech support. He listens to a man on the other end of the call who can't get the sound of his computer to work and explains that is about all he knows about the computer. The unsub takes some pills and asks the caller a few questions, including if he has a camera installed. He tells him he can help him, but he will need remote access to his computer. He is is watching one of his other monitors, on which a woman has opened the front door for a visitor and they begin to kiss. The unsub protests loudly, which confuses his helpdesk client with two voices: "That whore, that Jezebel!" The unsub takes off his headset, tells the caller they had made a mistake, that they don't have to... that God is about love and forgiveness. Voice #2 asks him what the hell he knows about God. The team is at the station. Hotchner asks what they have so far. Standing in front of a whiteboard, Prentiss presents pictures of the victims. She tells them the killings so far have been clinical and efficient, and resembled the slaughter of an animal. Hotchner says that they haven't been able to find any similar cases in the databases yet. Reid says at least one member of the team may believe he is killing in the name of God. It's a psychopathy that should display extreme levels of disorganization, yet there are forensic countermeasures, and somebody is in control of very complicated computer work. He says it is strange that the one who seems to be the most in control, the one that made the phone call, can't seem to stop the other one from killing. Morgan says unsub #1 had made the phone call about the killing, but that didn't leave time enough for the police to get there, possibly trying to cover himself in case they get captured. Gideon asks if this is all they have so far. When he doesn't hear any comments from the team, he says it is not enough. The unsub enters the house of the woman with the handyman. He walks softly to the phone and dials 9-1-1. But it's voice #3 that speaks, "Behold. I will cast her into a bed and then I'm going to commit adultery with her … 32 Smith Road … Raphael must teach more sinners the way of the Lord." He unplugs the laptop and takes it upstairs with him. Back at the station, JJ says Franks was right, that none of the other open cases fit. But JJ had looked at unsolved home invasions and learned a prowler call had been placed from outside the Kyles' house earlier. The witness' name was Tobias Hankel and he lives one hour from Atlanta. Hotchner tells JJ and Reid to go to his house and see if they can learn more. Agent Franks approaches Hotchner and tells him that State had just responded to another murder. Hotchner, Prentiss, Morgan, and Gideon meet with Det. Farraday at the newest crime scene. He fills them in, saying the unsub had called again, but this time it was different. This time it was Raphael who spoke. The recording was on its way, but he had written down what he had said. This time it took the police 11 minutes to respond to the call. The unsub could have known it would take a while because the media had been giving the lack of police force in the area some attention. But there was something else that was weird. The male victim upstairs didn't live there. He was a local handyman. The husband was on his way back and, according to him, there was no need for a handyman to be in the house. And the wife appeared to be missing, but her car, keys and purse were still in the house. Farraday shows Gideon the transcription he had made of the call from the unsub. At the word "adultery," realization hits. Hotchner summarizes: "So adultery is the sin, but they kill him, not her. They abduct her." Gideon says it is from Revelations and it is about Jezebel. Det. Farraday asks if they think she is still alive, and Hotchner replies they always do unless there is proof that is not the case. Hotchner sees the laptop table and says the unsub must have known she was having an affair. Morgan and Prentiss go upstairs to inspect the crime scene. As they kneel down at the body, Morgan says softly to Prentiss, "Don't look now, but we're on candid camera." She indicates that she knows. Behind them is a laptop. At that moment, the unsub is not watching them; he is in the barn where he is holding Mrs. Douglas. Three male voices are arguing whether they should do it or not, while Mrs. Douglas begs for her life. The two men appear to be father and son. Morgan and Prentiss walk back downstairs, saying Garcia is trying to trace the feed. Mrs. Douglas is still begging and saying she repents, as the father and sons are still arguing. The son tries to save her life by quoting a Bible verse, but the father is too dominant. Outside Hotchner and Prentiss discuss the case, somewhat confused because there was only one unsub this time. Raphael. Because he is the psychotic one, he wouldn't have been able to operate this efficiently. There had to be someone with him making sure no evidence was left behind. Morgan says it looks as though the phone call is necessary because it's part of his signature. Gideon is upstairs with Det. Farraday and reads the page from Revelations. He doesn't add anything new to the case, and Gideon comments this is not like any unsub they had ever seen before. There is always a clearly dominant person and a clearly subservient one. They are not switching back and forth, and they just don't take on each other's roles. Then Gideon's thoughts return to the Mockingbird etching. He asks Det. Farraday if he's ever heard of the Archangel Raphael. In the barn, the son and father are still arguing as the underwear-clad woman struggles against the duct tape over her mouth and the ropes restraining her arms. A voice reads from the Bible. The rest of the team is still discussing the case, and Hotchner asks if they've ever seen this before in case history. Morgan replies with "no" and adds never before had they seen such a psychotic, yet organized, crime. Gideon joins them and asks if Garcia had been able to find anything yet. Gideon says the unsub wants them to know the name "Raphael." Prentiss suggests Raphael is an alias, but believes he doesn't exist. They may have one unsub suffering from the delusion that he is an archangel and thinks maybe the first phone call was not two people, but one. Prentiss asks about the third voice, but Gideon says he doesn't know about that yet. Hotchner adds if Mrs. Douglas is Jezebel, then she has an extremely unpleasant death in her future. Back to Mrs. Douglas, the unsub is still reading from the Bible and mentions a woman being eaten by dogs. The camera shows three barking and growling dogs in cages in the back of the barn. Mrs. Douglas realizes what is about to happen to her, but the duct tape muffles her screams. The unsub puts down his Bible and walks towards the cages while a portable camera is focused on Mrs. Douglas. Outside the barn, there are muffled screams and dogs barking ferociously. The team returns to the Atlanta station, Morgan says Garcia is doing voice analysis of the first call to see if there is one or two people talking. Det. Farraday says the second call should arrive within an hour. Agent Franks stops Hotchner and tells him his tech in Quantico is on the phone. Hotch and Gideon rush to the nearest desk to speak with Garcia. She complains about their not answering their cell phones, and they tell her they had had no signal. She informs them that the second video is doing even "better" than the first one. She tells them she is downloading the video and will forward it to them as soon as she can. The unsub leaves the shower and stands in front of the mirror touching his forehead, the cross scar. He recalls his father dragging him into the bathroom, where the tub was filled with water and his dad telling him it was baptism time, pushing him in and holding him underwater. He coughed and cried as he gasped for air, then was dragged out again. His dad told him working for the Lord is not dirty. Garcia and the team watch the video of Mrs. Douglas being attacked by the dogs. Garcia cannot watch. Morgan tells Prentiss to shut it off, but Det. Farraday stops her. Morgan asks him if he hasn't seen enough, but he explains that he recognizes the dogs because they had attacked someone a few months ago. He would have had them impounded, but the victim knew the owner and wouldn't press charges. The unsub is back in his room watching the monitors and hears knocking at his door. With one keystroke, he puts all screensavers on the monitors. Atlanta, Det. Farraday looks up the name of the dogs' owner - it's Tobias Hankel. Tobias Hankel hesitantly opens the door for JJ and Reid. When JJ identifies herself and asks if they can come in, Tobias says he never lets anyone into the house because his father doesn't like it. Reid pretends he has to go to the bathroom, and asks why a man in his thirties still obeys his dad. In a strange reply, Tobias asks him at what age one starts disrespecting the wishes of one's parents. JJ asks him about the disturbance had he witnessed when he saw someone going over the wall and called the police. But Tobias denies it and he shuts the door in their faces. As they walk away, JJ comments the conversation they had just had was weird and questioned why someone would call the police and later on deny it. Reid thinks for a moment, and then has the answer. "…to gauge the response time." Reid runs around back and peers through the window. He sees the unsub pacing the room, then taking all the monitors off screensaver. Then he finds himself locking eyes with the unsub. He calls JJ, quickly fills her in, and they follow him to the barn. As they kneel in front of the door, Reid tells JJ to call Hotchner, but she tells him they have no service. Reid tells JJ to go and he will cover to back, adding Hotchner knows where they went, so they just have to wait until the rest of the team comes to back them up. Before JJ can ask him if it's wise to split up, Reid is gone. He spots the unsub running through the cornfield, and shouts back to JJ who doesn't hear him. As Reid follows the unsub into the cornfield, JJ enters the barn. Reid hears two voices, but he can't see anyone. The father tells his son he is doing the Lord's work and he has nothing to be afraid of. The son doesn't want to do it, but is punished for disobeying his father. Meanwhile, JJ finds looks down and sees she has stepped into a pool of blood, and then sees the dogs snarling at her. One dog jumps towards her, and she screams and fires three shots. As Reid runs towards her, he is hit over the head and falls to the ground. The unsub takes his gun, telling him he couldn't stop them by himself, that they try to warn everyone. Reid tries to calm him down. The unsub's voice changes into voice #2, "I said shoot him!" Reid looks at him, holding his hands defensively in front as the unsub switches back and forth between voice #1 and voice #2.... to be continued [Recap written by highwaykind and phf3947]
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