Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 14

The Big Game

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2007 on CBS

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  • I love this show more than words. But I was very disappointed.

    Tonight was a special night for me. I finally had got my parents to sit down with me, for the first time in all my years watching television, and watch the same show as me.

    I was highly disappointed in the night I had picked. I was even wondering why I watch it.

    The only good thing about this episode was the twist and the end. But I have to admit I predicted them from early in the episode. After the first murder it was quite obvious this was one person with multiple personalities and the bit with reid was forcoming. Once I heard the name of the person with evidence then the gap of us waiting to watch that scene. I knew for a fact it had significance.

    I liked the episode but I was highly disappointed with the quality. One thing that annoys me with this is that we see the killer. I like the episodes better where you don't see the killer until caught. It ruins the excitement for me a bit.

    Kudos for the ending. I was on the edge of my seat with excitement and most of all fear. I was scared, which happens rarely with normal television programmes like this. I enjoyed the end. Although it's painful to wait another week for the outcome of next weeks show :-(

    All in All. I was disappointed. But it didn't affect my overall opinion!
  • A bold post Superbowl episode, very gutsy call from CBS and the show.

    This was an interesting episode to follow the Superbowl with. I'm sure it was the drive up ratings for the show and that seemed to work cause it's being reported the show scored a 19.8/32 rating, which I think could be it's highest ever. An interesting show to use to introduce a bigger audience to. Did it work? I'm not too sure. Psycho Dawson was cute to watch, and the multiple personality was a tad too obvious. It was an exciting and dark episode, just not their best. But the episode did have a killer ending that I think will make audiences want to watch the conclusion on Wednesday. I'm curious to see how the ratings are for the next show will turn out...
  • Brilliant episode!

    I was initially a little concerned that CBS may decide to make the two part special a bit more main stream and add things that really don't belong in a Criminal Minds. I'm glad I was way off the mark with that one!

    It was nice to see the team outside of the office and having fun! They do such a tough job and sacrifice their personal lifes so much that to see them relax and be able to enjoy each others company in a relaxed setting was good. I think the best part of that was seeing HOtch relaxed and out of a suit! Who'd have thought he owned jeans?!

    Whilst it was always pretty obvious that they were only dealing with one un-sub, it was well done. And I like how seeing Tobias childhood left me feeling bad for him aswell. He was as much a victim as the people he killed.

    Seeing the terror on 'Jezabelles' face as she realised what was about to happen was pretty disturbing, and Garcias reaction to it said it all! Even the usually unshakeable Prentiss looked shocked.

    My only slight criticsm with this episode, is that Reid is really too smart to leave JJ and run of on his own! I just can't imagine that Reid would be that stupid, it's basic FBI stuff, you don't run off on your own, not around a guy capable of killing as quickly and efficiently as this one.

    But still an absolutely fantastic first part!
  • JJ nearly gets eaten and Reid is kidnapped!!!!

    I just loved this episode just on of the many reasons i watch Criminal Minds i think JJ should have been a little more hurt or more shaky i wish they would have more episode about JJ What does JJ stand for. I wish JJ and Reid would get together and then she finds out she;s preganant to Reid. that would be cool. I Gidoen he's cool he was in The Princess Bride did you know as Antigo Montorio or the Mexican dude who says "Hello my name is Antigo Montorio you killed my father prepare to die".well thats about all for now if you liked this one watch the one directly after this one. this one was an to Be continued.....
  • This was a truly great episode. It really showed what this series is all about. The great acting, awesome plotline, and I don't even know how to describe the twists. This was just the right episode to show after the Super Bowl.

    Criminal Minds did a great job with this episode! And the producers and writers came up with this terrific piece without the expanded budget CBS offered them. The characters were totally on. I loved the way all of them except for Gideon were at that Super Bowl party at the bar. Morgan was certainly the ladies man, dancing it up with all those girls. Hotch wa actually getting to spend some quality time with his wife, and enjoying time with the rest of the team in a social situation. That is definitely not something we get to see all the time. Garcia was hilarious watching Morgan, but honestly what else would she be doing if she wasn't dancing with him herself?lol It was awesome seeing Reid looking so comfortable and enjoying himelf in a s ocial situation. The Star Trek trivia session he was having was just too funny to watch. I was actually not surprised to see JJ playing darts with those two guys. I don't know why, I just wasn't.

    This was not a typical episode that we have seen, but it still fit in very well with the rest of the series at this point. I just hope that the rest of the team gets to JJ and then Reid in time. What the unsub was doing with those dogs was just SICK. Oh well, now I just have to wait for Wednesday, and hope someone can tape it for me since I am working.
  • Fantastic episode.

    Fantastic episode. Must note the clever beginning with the Superbowl tie-in. I am so glad that I don't have to wait an entire week for the continuation of this episode. Well written, paced nicely, van der Beek is great guest. Always nice to see the 'human' side of the regular cast, outside of the BAU duties and personalities. Enough give and take between the story line and getting personally involved with the characters to make you care. The child who plays young Tobias is gripping and very sympathetic and it carries over nicely to the adult character. What a great way to grab an audience right after 'The Big Game.' Well done!
  • Part of this un-sub's MO is to call 911 as they are committing the murder. At first it seems as though there are two men, one reluctantly begging the other to show mercy, and one cruel, holier-than-thou "muderer" (go figure?) bent on punishing sinners.

    Seems there are not two men, but one man who hears his father's voice, pleads for mercy for the victims that he kills because his father's voice orders him to. Obviously terribly abused and brainwashed as a child by his father (which is shown in flashbacks that at first aren't apparent flashbacks), he's damaged. I personally believe something has to go very wrong in any serial killer's upbringing no matter what the family says. So it's believable, frightening and sad that sometimes people can become too warped for rehabilitation. Society can only protect itself from those victims aka perpetrators.
  • Scary and Riveting!

    The BAU celebrates at the bar after the Super Bowl except for Gideon who decides to hit up the Smithsonian. The detective gets called to a csae of a well off couple murdered by what seems to be 2 unsubs who believe there following God's Word. After the unsubs commit another murder and kidnap a woman who they think is like Jezebel in the Bible, they come to the conclusion that it is one unsub with multiple personalities. All the while, the unsub is watching their every move because he believes that the BAU Detectives are followers of Satan. Unfortunately, JJ and Reid don't know the guy there going to see is the unsub and they don't know that the other part of the team thinks there is only one unsub. Reid and JJ ask a guy about something he saw awhile ago but he doesn't recall. Reid and JJ find that weird and Reid peaks into the house and realizes that they just met the unsub but then the unsub sees him and they have to chase him before he gets away. JJ and Reid split up and when JJ runs into some very scary and evil dogs, Reid comes to help her but then the unsub blindsides him with a hit and the unsub struggles with his personalities to kill Reid or not kill Reid. Then the show ends.
  • This is the best episode of Criminal Minds yet! I was literally on the edge of my seat!

    The BAU team is at a bar having a good time after the Super Bowl, all except for Giddeon who is at the Smithsonian. JJ gets a call about a murder. The team goes to the scene to find a couple had been viciously murdered. A 911 call was made just before they were killed warning authorities, when another voice tells 911 that the sinners will pay for their greediness. The murderer(s) left a page from the book of Revelations at the scene with a section highlighted.

    A video of the murder was posted on the web and went viral in record time. Most people thought that it was a hoax, aggitating the unsub. The video was recorded through the victim's own computer.

    Another 911 call leads to another crime scene where the team finds a murdered man. There are signs that a female was with him, but she is no longer there. Another video is uploaded and reveals the unsub reading from the Bible with the woman restrained behind him. She meets a horrific death.

    This episode ends with a super cliffhanger leaving me not knowing the condition of two of the team members. We have to wait to find out what happens next and the tiny preview that was showed doesn't look good for one of my favorite team members.
  • I love character-driven episodes. Interesting plot is excellent too but when it's not anchored in good interaction, it doesn't do much for me. And this episode just felt too... scattered I would say.

    The bar scene at the very beginning was nice but then, they sort of spread the agents out and I missed them interacting as a team. But maybe it was because the production managed to win such a big guest star that they needed to give him much more space than they usually do. I freely admit that I was never a fan of Dawson's Creek so James van der Beek didn't make me squee and flail and run around like a headless chicken. He was good in his role, playing the submissive and dominant parts pretty well - although I think it was pretty obvious what was going on there. Though as a guest star, I like Don Swayze better. He plays the bad guys so incredibly well! And it was so nice to see Bill Smitrovich again. Man, I used to really like that guy some years back!

    But back to the episode itself. I don't know, but I felt like maybe it was unnecessary cruel and bloody. I know that there are cases like that and madmen like that out there, but was it really necessary to show the gory details of blood puddles and bloody smears etc. etc. I think that the people of today can imagine such a stuff really well. There is no need to be so graphic. I don't know, it just felt like a cheap horror movie where they replace good plot with a good amount of blood and gore. That kind of disappointed me. So far, this show was about nerve-wracking interaction and psychology. This just felt... cheap. And as I said, I missed the interaction between the team members. Though I do admit that I'm a Reid!girl (I have a thing for geeks, yeah :P). So the last four minutes - and especially the promo for the next episode - did make me feel better about this ep. I still hope though that the upcoming episode will be better than this one was.
  • The Cliffhanger is Back....

    I thought this episode was very intense and showed different sides to different team members. I believe is one of the most grisly crimes scenes to date. They left a lot to the imagination, which is my case was plenty. The different reactions kept me wondering about everyone reactions and thought process. James Van Der Beek was as far from Dawson's Creek as he could get. I thought he pulled off being evil pretty convincingly, he had me scared. I am excited to see the conclusion with Reid being in his clutches. It will also be interesting to see JJs reaction to the grisly crime scene. The conclusion previews for Wednesday episode showed as much intensity as part one. I'll watch with the lights on . .
  • In this episode a psychologically disturbed religious fanatic seeks to bring his message of repentance to the world by way of theme based murders broadcast on the internet.

    I am not a regular viewer of this programme but upon watching this exceptional episode I am definitely going out of my way to catch up. James Van Der Beak was very well cast as a deeply troubled person and has skilfully cast off any possibility of typecasting that his time on Dawson’s Creek may have thrust upon him.

    There were many moments which brought with them chilling horror as realisation of what is to come creeps up on you.

    Although I am fairly unfamiliar with the relationships within the team the characters were clearly outlined effectively in the 40 minutes viewing time and I found them to be very endearing as a unit. I can’t wait until the conclusion of this fantastic two-parter.
  • It's really worth it!!! The best ever episode! Can't wait for the second part, such a great cliffhanger!!

    The best episode ever from Criminal Minds. Never see that coming.Dawson is so good with his acting! It's seems so real that he has 2 personality.For the first time I saw JJ in action. She actually fire a gun although we can just hear the shots. She rocks in this episode! But I must say,it's pretty creepy because it ends with her scream and Reid being knocked out by Dawson. A lot of suspense in this episode too, especially the time that Dawson noticed that Reid was peeking inside his house. It caught me off guard!! The trailer after the episode really makes my wait for it seems so long. Definitely a must watch episode.Wonder what will happen to Reid, hope that the team can save him.
  • Superb case and sublime cliffhanger!

    The top-notch episodes of Criminal Minds continue to fly out at every opportunity possible, with this episode centred around what appears to be a team of no less than three killers who are attempting to rid the world of 'sinners'.

    Everything is definitely not at it seems, throughout this episode, and the case was very enjoyable in my opinion! It showed reflections of the unsub's past, and the way it was filmed led us to believe somehting that was totally untrue!

    I definitely really enjoyed the episode's ending. One team memberwas plced in a life-threatening sitaution, while another may be in for something a whole lot worse! Absolutely riverting, what a cliffhanger! This one really puts you on the edge of you r seat!

    Considering this is the introduction to one of the best episodes of television history of any programme,. I think this is far beyond a must-see episode! It is produced terrifically, and I can't wait to see how things will pna out in the next episode!

    Golden episode! Keep it up, Criminal Minds!
  • Actually it's probably just special to me since it's the first one I have seen

    Thank goodness this followed the Super Bowl! I have never watched the series before (never really registered on my tv radar) but I watched the episode after the Super Bowl and became hooked. I have ordered the first season so I can see more of these characters and have watched it every week since. I've always enjoyed CSI and Law And Order shows so don't know why I never paid attention to this show before but will definitely continue to watch from now on. What a pleasure to see people who are faves of mine from other shows (Birds of Prey, Darma and Greg and of course the movie The Princess Bride) together in series!
  • A man, under the belief that he is a messenger of God, kills what he calls sinners. He broadcasts these brutal murders on the internet to spread his message.

    This was an excellent episode. It had me guessing the entire time. The plot was very interesting and the whole thing was VERY well written. The actors, as always, did a fantastic job bringing this episode to life and I loved this episode from the minute it started to the minute it ended. VERY VERY well done and a fantastic cliff-hanger with having Reid alone with the unsub at the end. I LOVED IT!!
  • James van Der Beek as a crazy dude and Reid is rather unlucky. A very good and thrilling episode!

    This episode really sent my nerves on a roller-coaster! Up and down, up and down and then a loop. It was fantastic and very nicely written, I specially liked the fact that they first thought the unsub was witness, but realized it to late. Unfortuntely for Reid and JJ... I thought the whole teams performance were great, but James van der Beek made a good job also. I'm more used to him playing the geeky and boring Dawson in Dawson's Creek. What an improvement! I think the most creepy scene was the one in the end with JJ and the dogs. I say it again: Creepy!
  • james van der beek is at his best

    this was one of the best episodes ever james van der beek is so great as the unsub and patrick swayzes brother playes a great character it was so great i was hooked and left wanting more it was definallty a great after super bowl show full of intrege and what a way to end the show and it was little gorry the dogs ripping that women apart how gross was that but this story is tv at its best the writers sure new what they were doing when they wrote dthis episode and a bet the second half gets even bettere then this one it will leave you wanting more
  • So Dawson is a serial killer. Who saw that soming?

    I love this series. This was another fabulous episode. I have to say I did see the whole 1 unsub instead of 2 pretty early on, but Man! I never thought he would get Reid. I never saw the second part coming. Guess i should have read TV guide more closely:)

    It was weirdly creepy to watch Tobias go from one personality to the next. I am worried about JJ too with the hounds from hell. That "Jezebel" killing was so gross!

    I can not wait until the next episode, thank goodness it is on Wednesday night. I saw Tobias switch to the Rapheal personality & that was way creepy too.
  • Edge of my seat!

    This was a great show and I can't wait to
    See on Wednesday what is going on next as the SB party everybody seemed so relaxed and enjoying themselves and wonder what would had happened if Gideon wasn't at the Smithostian. As he would have had a great time. As the gang investigate a serial killer who murdered a wealthy young couple in their house after the party. So much suspense that will come.
  • OMG This was scary, mind-scrabbleing and the end ... well...

    OMG This was scary, mindscrabbleing and the end...well lets just say I can't wait for the next episode. What was scary about it was the fact that the guy was so psychologically abused by his father that his father's voice not only became a voice in his head but another personality in his psyhci. I was original I don't recall ever seeing a show that had such an example of the consequences of parents being over strict. It's scary; with a sort of Charlie Manson twist to it with out the cult. I simply can't wait to see the outcome.
  • AAhhh!! Scary!!

    That is one freaky episode! How could anyone watch those kinds of scenes where people (real people) are getting killed? That is not what I call entertainment. What makes it even worse is that this guy is perverting religion for his crimes! It was his father's spueing that warped that poor little boy's mind. I feel sorry for him. Dogs were chasing JJ and the killer caught Reid! Don't kill off Reid, he's a great character and an adorable one. I can't wait for Tuesday's episode. I need to find out if Reid is okay. I have heard good things about it though.
  • A religious killing team proves to be just one man.

    The first of a two part episode has made me excited about watching the next one when what was believed to be a religious killing team posting videos on a sight and calling the police before the murders are committed In the call to the police there is three different voices but it actually turns out to be one killer and he believes he is three people its JJ and Reed who identify him at his house but he knows that they know he is the killer so he runs leading JJ into the barn where the dogs attack her that killed a victim and Reed is attacked by the killer and part of him doesn't want to shoot Reed which is Tobias and the other does which is his father This is left on a big cliffhanger when JJ and Reed are both in danger.
  • Wonderful episode!

    I loved this episode. I was really scared when I began to think about the possibility of only one murderer. I specially liked all the proximity with reality with the video in internet that turns to be the most downloaded for it's violence. All the idea of a man that kills to do what God says it's not new but in this case they have done it in some way that makes all this episode very original. James van der beek was really scary, sometime so innocent so times so psycho! And the idea to kill a woman by being eaten by dogs...UAU! I'm really waiting for the next part.
    BIG HUGS!!
  • The Behavioral Analysis Unit is composed of an elite team of FBI profilers who analyze the country's most twisted criminal minds and anticipate their next moves before they strike again.

    Criminal minds is my favourite serial which i love. It is very exisiting and interesting. In this serial the actor who i love the most is Reid. He has amazing mind and it is incredible. And other actor is exisiting, wonderful, interesting and etc. This episode i think is one of the most episode which is a very special and it's name is serious "The Big Game". I love this serial and i think a lot of people think so. I want watch this serial every day. Criminal minds is the best serial which i now. So I want watch it!
  • Several home invasions ending in murder have the team believe they are dealing with possibly three unsubs, but are they? ...

    When a wealthy couple is murdered in their own home after spending the evening with friends, the BAU are called in as it appears that two or possibly even three unsubs are involved. The less dominant calls 911 but is berated by another, more commanding voice who is clearly not at all pleased. And is there are third voice in the background?

    As these crimes continue, the team puts together a profile based on the theory of multuple unsubs and clearly identify that there is definitely a dominant and a subserviant personality involved. The third voice has them somewhat baffled.

    It would spoil the excellence of this episode to give away too much detail but when Reid is captured, held hostage, tortured and given intravenous drugs by force, you know that you are in for a thrilling ride!

    A superb performance by James Van Der Beek, possibly the best of his career and if you don't watch this, you'll be missing something impressive. Worth every point of 10 out of 10.
  • The greatest episode i've ever seen from the criminal minds!

    What can i say all about this episode it speaks for itself! ! There was thrill,serial killers,great guest stars everything that makes such kind of a tv show great ! ! ! !
    I must say that it was a surprise seeing James Van Der Beek playing the bad guy but i sure did enjoyed it.
    So...the only thing to do is just wait for next weeks last episode that from the videoclip like trailer looks like a must see! ! ! ! Let's just hope that it won't be a disappointment like in many times has happened ! ! !
  • What an episode

    I like the way this one was different - oh, first it had that two unsub not acting as the should storyline but I do not know - after those flashbacks to past, it was quite clear we only have one, with two voices in his head..

    That really looked like something poorly done if that should have been the main surprise of the episode but as it was not - maybe only a misslead if that or to give viewer a feeling they know what is going on - and then it all upside down in the end.

    The story was brutal - really bloody kills.. and that computer thing with web cams... really scary but an amazing storyline. But all the excitement in episode, the dynamic and motion.. it did not prepared me for the end - wow... With those few last minutes everything was turned upside down - it was not to know who is unsub but they point was we needed to know it.. in order the end to work. JJ walking into the barn with those killer dogs.. and Reid... oh.. excited about next episode
  • Review

    The episode was good, but I didnt think it was one of the best episodes considering how good the other ones have been. I think it would have been better if our guys didn't spend so much time operating on the assumption that there were two unsubs. I think the audiance knew from the beginning that there was only one unsub and I think the double shadows in the house were a little much considering that there is now only one unsub. I like the story, just not the way the writers went about telling it. They should have just showed us the entire time that there was only one unsub instead of trying to make it this big thing at the end of the episode. The ending scene with Reid and the unsub was really well done I thought and I always love two part episodes. I dont know where they are to go from here but Im looking forward to watching the second part to this episode. I think the second part will be better.
  • Tight. Tense. Tempting.

    I had to look at this episode from two different perspectives: the first, as an episode for the long time fans of Criminal Minds, and the other as an episode designed to draw in new viewers. The time slot after the Superbowl is known as the time slot of a lifetime. The theory is that many millions of people have just watched the game, and haven’t had a chance to change the channel, and they are willing to try something new. What an opportunity for the best unadvertised show on television!

    For the dedicated CM fan, this episode gave us some things we really wanted. We got to see our team having fun together, letting their hair down, dancing, messing around. Even though Gideon didn’t “play well with others,” he got to relax doing what recharged his batteries. Then it was “to the Batmobile!” and the team is off to Georgia to try to catch the mission-based killers. The team interaction was great, and the unsub was played to the hilt by former teen-star Van Der Beek – who would have guessed he could be so creepy? And the cliff-hanger ending had what all fans who are honest with themselves are secretly hoping for: our team members are in a heap of trouble.

    For newbies the writers started off gently, leading the audience down the profiling pathway, and introducing them to the particular terminology of the FBI BAU. There was enough explanation, but not too much. The plot was simple but elegant, and although the crimes were some of the yuckiest and most visceral, you can certainly say that new viewers got an accurate depiction of what CM is about. All the characters were shown doing what they do best.

    It must have been hard to try to straddle that line – almost like writing another pilot without boring the diehard fans to death. From the casting to the tempo to the character development, CM pulled it off.
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