Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 14

The Big Game

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2007 on CBS

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  • This is the best episode of Criminal Minds yet! I was literally on the edge of my seat!

    The BAU team is at a bar having a good time after the Super Bowl, all except for Giddeon who is at the Smithsonian. JJ gets a call about a murder. The team goes to the scene to find a couple had been viciously murdered. A 911 call was made just before they were killed warning authorities, when another voice tells 911 that the sinners will pay for their greediness. The murderer(s) left a page from the book of Revelations at the scene with a section highlighted.

    A video of the murder was posted on the web and went viral in record time. Most people thought that it was a hoax, aggitating the unsub. The video was recorded through the victim's own computer.

    Another 911 call leads to another crime scene where the team finds a murdered man. There are signs that a female was with him, but she is no longer there. Another video is uploaded and reveals the unsub reading from the Bible with the woman restrained behind him. She meets a horrific death.

    This episode ends with a super cliffhanger leaving me not knowing the condition of two of the team members. We have to wait to find out what happens next and the tiny preview that was showed doesn't look good for one of my favorite team members.