Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 22

The Big Wheel

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 29, 2009 on CBS

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  • Final scene music?

    Bonjour, je suis fan d'esprits criminels dont je possde toutes les saisons en DVD! Mon pisode prfr est l'pisode 22 de la saison 4 ! Voil je recherche dsesprment la musique de la fin de l'pisode sans succs!!! Une ide? merci beaucoup!
  • Episode that the "monster of the week" totally steal the show from BAU team

    This episode is fine example of thing why this show last this long. Such fine writing...

    We get to start this one from unsub's(Vincent) point of view. Everything look just a typical case, we get a very typical unsub at first glance. He has his OCD, there is a type of victims that he kill's and he's very vicious. Then the whole story take a giant twist, when we get a young blind boy(Stan) that is only living witness of Vincent brutally murdering his mother. We get to see our violent and brutal Vincent actually stopped and feels some kind of connection with the boy. That is when we found out this unsub's past, the reason why he is a sociopath and a direct reason why he do what he does. He can actually see himself in the boy, as they have a similar experience. Stan is like a innocent version of himself(as in many way Vincent has been stuck on that moment when he saw his mother's death). They form a bond which may seem odd to some, but for me it was very human. Vincent go out his way to befriend with Stan.

    Last few minute of the show was really moving. Vincent keeping his promise to Stan(when bleeding to death), his advice to guide Stan about living(never give up), he thank Stan for giving something back to him, a thing he had lost(the ability to feel something) and he actually apologize the him about the killing of her mother(which mean in the end the boy save him the way himself could not).

    In most form of entertainment(tvs,movies,books or games), there isn't going to be many cases you will get some sort emotional bond with a character, especially if the characters are "monster of the week" type, but I have to say I really feel bad for both Vincent and Stan. By twist of fate, Vincent become the same monster that toke away his mother, then he did the something thing to Stan by random chance, he try his best to save him from the same fate. Sad sad...

  • I had a lot of mixed feelings about this one but the story was certainly very moving and Alex O' Loughlin did a great job in his portrayal of the unsub.

    A murderer with severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is murdering women and leaving the police messages asking for help. He is also filming the murders as they take place.

    It's clear that the camera is hidden because none of the victims can see it, nor are they at first aware that they are about to be killed. Meticulous research shows that similar murders have been taking place in the Buffalo area for at least a decade. The question is, who is the unsub and what was the stressor that set his rampage in motion.

    Enter young Stanley, a boy who has been completely blind sinse birth. Stanley was very close by when the killer murdered his mother two years previously, but because the boy was blind and could not see the unsub, he was left untouched. Stanley has recently been adopted and we all hope for a happy future for him. His friend, Vincent, an older man whom he met through a mentoring program has been very good for Stanley but is shocked to learn that the boy wishes he had been killed at the same time as his mother.

    When the BAU learn that Vincent saw his own mother being murdered and is clearly the unsub, they have to race against time to catch him as he takes Stanley to a fun fair for his birthday.

    Great work by both Alex O'Loughlin as Vincent and also by young Jake Cherry who did a great job as Stanley.
  • Another great one!

    The BAU is called after the local authorities receive a video recorded while the last murder they had in town. They bring Garcia with them and the whole team starts working to find qho the killer is, specially after they find out that the killer wrote 'Help me' while recording his video. After recreating the unsub's steps they discover some more treats about him, like he has a huge OCD and that at the end that he whitnessed and recoreded his mom's murder. They talk with the only whitness of his crimes, a blind child, that unknowingly has been friends with his mom's killer.
    Really great chapter, with Alex palyiung an amazing unsub. Another team chapter with all of them taking part.
  • Not your usual unsub.

    I've always believed that the best thing about entertainment, be it through movies, books, or television, is when you can walk away with a thousand thoughts churning through your mind about what you've just seen. Questioning and evaluating your usual view of the world and everyone in it. This episode does that for me. Even more incredible is that it manages to do that through the eyes of the unsub and his youngest victim, rather than through the eyes of the BAU team as I expected. Vincent, the unsub, is a sadistic killer at first glance. He seemingly chooses young blonde women at random and kills them without hesitation. But as the case progresses, we see a different side. Vincent, the sole witness to his mother's murder at the tender age of nine, is reenacting the most violent act of his life repeatedly through his victims. That alone doesn't really leave much room for sympathy in my book. Plenty of people have lived through situations just as tragic without the compelling need to kill. That's where Stan comes in. Stan is the son of Vincent's 10th victim. Stan, like Vincent, was at home when his mother was murdered. But unlike Vincent, Stan wasn't the traditional witness. He was born blind, and thus didn't witness his mother's murder, only discovering the event afterward. But even so, Vincent feels a connection with Stan, seeing his younger, more innocent self in the wiser-than-his-years young man. And through Vincent's love for Stan, and Stan's obvious adoration for Vincent, I am able to feel compassion for Vincent. I can see the little boy that Vincent once was, the child that lost his most precious gift, innocence, at the hands of a monster. And though Vincent has grown into a near replica of that monster, Stan is his only hold, his only connection to the innocence he once had. The final scene, as Stan 'reads' Morgan's face as he asks him if Vincent murdered his mother is very moving. All in all, this episode gets a 9 from me. I realize that some may not see the message in this episode, as it really isn't as crystal clear a message as we are used to seeing in most Criminal Minds episodes. But it does make you think, be it about your own personal views of the world or that of society, and that, in my book, is always a good thing.
  • Episode with moving ending.

    I am not sure what to think about this episode. It had beautiful ending but the way the story was build, I was not sure what they tried to say - I mean we know from first scenes the man who killed but what they tried to make us understand? That he had to kill those because of his disorder? or that even if he was killer there was something humane him as he saved the boy and wanted to teach him to treasure the life as he suffered the same way as the boy? That he saw himself in the eyes of that boy and wanted to redeem some of his sins? They all may be possibilities but I was left confused about why they made this episode - usually there seems to be very good and clear message - it is important for some char, there is a really good meaning.. this time I did not see any of it.. it was just an episode and not the most intense or greatest story we have had.
  • Another Great Script.

    OMG Alex O'Loughlin as Vincent was just another utilization of great acting. He gave Vincent a very dark aurora. The case was creepy to begin with knowing how long the murders have been taking place and the insertion of Vincent's OCD issues was interesting. The revelation that Vincent saw his mother's murder was no surprise but his handling of the Stanley was a creative twist. He was almost protective. The way the writing of Vincent and his connection with Stanley was just phenomenal. I loved the addition to Penelope on-site with her "go" bag… YEAH!

    Okay CBS is not making friends with the editing/cut jobs within the episode. It was very annoying because it happened at key moments.
  • Another gripping episode

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. We open this episode with a man going about his normal morning routine, during which it become obvious that he has a form of OCD. He seems to be our Unsub in this episode, and that becomes true when we see him killing a woman. The BAU team are called in when a video tape of the murder is sent to the team and a possible 2nd victim is shown in the video. At the end of the tape, the Unsub writes, "Help Me".
    Soon we learn that the Unsubs name is Vincent as he gets a visitor. The BAU's news conference is on the TV as she leaves, she says that the Unsub looks like him and because she has recognised him he kills her and disposes of her body. We then see the Unsub getting out of his car and heading into a woman's house, whilst her son is outside playing. Soon we see that the son knows Vincent and his name and that the son is actually blind. Then we see that the little boy, who is blind, is called Stanley and that he is living in foster care and that his mother was one of the Unsubs victims. The team go to see Stanley and we hear from him, what happened that night to his mother. We then see the Unsub walking down a street and a gang member pulls a gun on him and so the Unsub kills him. We then see him back in his apartment watching a video tape, which we see is his mother being killed and him discovering the body. When the team go back to Stanley's house, we learn that he has gone. And then we see Stanley with the Unsub in the Unsubs car. Soon they manage to ID the woman from his tape as his mother and they get an address to where Vincent lives and the team head there. When they enter, they fine his mother's murder being played on a loop. Soon they believe that Vincent has taken Stanley to a fair, and so some of the team head there. They get there and find both of them on a fairs wheel together. As the ride comes down, Morgan gets Stanley and we see that Vincent has died. Soon Stanley and his adoptive mother are reunited. As the episode ends, Stanley asks Morgan if Vincent killed his mom, and Morgan doesn't know how to answer him and so he simply walks away, leaving Stanley in the care of his mother.
  • Suhc an interesting case. I really loved this one, and it was very interesting to watch!

    This was another exampel of Criminal Minds producing a great show! While there have been and will be good episode that ar better than this one, this was a very good show, and I would highly recommend it!

    I think that the 'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder' was very interesting tos see. They have done cases of OCD in the past on many occasions, but I still find it to be an interesting concept, and a very unusual type of disease.

    The use of the blind boy was very moving. It was quite sad but the episode was interesting. The ending had different fellings associated with it: sadness, anger, justice and sorrow - it was both a sad ending and a happy one, which is very difficult for a show to produce. As a result, I have to commend this episode and high ly recommend it t o Criminal Minds fans! Great work, guys!