Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 22

The Big Wheel

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 29, 2009 on CBS

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  • Episode that the "monster of the week" totally steal the show from BAU team

    This episode is fine example of thing why this show last this long. Such fine writing...

    We get to start this one from unsub's(Vincent) point of view. Everything look just a typical case, we get a very typical unsub at first glance. He has his OCD, there is a type of victims that he kill's and he's very vicious. Then the whole story take a giant twist, when we get a young blind boy(Stan) that is only living witness of Vincent brutally murdering his mother. We get to see our violent and brutal Vincent actually stopped and feels some kind of connection with the boy. That is when we found out this unsub's past, the reason why he is a sociopath and a direct reason why he do what he does. He can actually see himself in the boy, as they have a similar experience. Stan is like a innocent version of himself(as in many way Vincent has been stuck on that moment when he saw his mother's death). They form a bond which may seem odd to some, but for me it was very human. Vincent go out his way to befriend with Stan.

    Last few minute of the show was really moving. Vincent keeping his promise to Stan(when bleeding to death), his advice to guide Stan about living(never give up), he thank Stan for giving something back to him, a thing he had lost(the ability to feel something) and he actually apologize the him about the killing of her mother(which mean in the end the boy save him the way himself could not).

    In most form of entertainment(tvs,movies,books or games), there isn't going to be many cases you will get some sort emotional bond with a character, especially if the characters are "monster of the week" type, but I have to say I really feel bad for both Vincent and Stan. By twist of fate, Vincent become the same monster that toke away his mother, then he did the something thing to Stan by random chance, he try his best to save him from the same fate. Sad sad...