Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 10

The Bittersweet Science

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 14, 2011 on CBS

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  • Too PC

    Several white males are found beaten to death on the streets of Philadelphia and the team IMMEDIATELY profiles the killer as a white male ?! According to the Philly PD website, 81% of all homicides in that city are committed by blacks. Black on white crime is especially rampant and almost every day you can find news stories and videos with mobs of blacks attacking white people at random on the street. So, for race pandering alone, I give the episode an awful rating.
  • Boxing ... And very little profiling.

    I confess that I didn't enjoy this one much at all. First of all, I am not a fan of boxing and secondly, I found the case and unsub quite dull. I like television to be riveting and this wasn't, at least not for me, anyway.

    Profiling is the key to solving BAU cases and they REALLY need to do some of it instead of jumping to conclusions which just happen to be the right ones. I know there are many time constraints but they have done it before and they can do it again. There have been some truly spectacular episodes of this show and they need to go back (or the writers do) and look at those to see why they were so successful. What we are getting now is, for the most part, sub-par, particularly when compared to seasons 1-5 which showed great skill, directing, writing and acting.

    Hotch having a possible love interest is neither here nor there for me as the 'meeting' scene seemed far too contrived and the woman, just a little bit too knowledgeable. The comment about the suit was ridiculous. I have spent time in Washington and just exactly who DOESN'T wear an FBI type suit if they work in a particular area of government. On a lighter note, trust Reid to know exactly how long since Hayley has been gone. The mention of that made me think more closely of the whole Foyet arc and yearn for the days of yore. This is still my favourite show and I love the characters. The writing? Not so much.
  • Finally!

    The case the BAU team worked on was a little boring to me, but I like the change in direction - Hotch meets a girl, and it looks like he's finally able to consider moving on. I'm interested in seeing what the writers do with this (if anything at all) and hopefully we'll catch some more glimpses into the personal lives of the characters.

    I do have one gripe though - Hotch was stabbed by Foyet like 9 times (right?) and we know that Foyet suffered chronic effects from his injuries (he had to take medication) and since Hotch was injured the same way as Foyet, you'd expect...some sort of physical issues arise, right? Yet he seems in perfect health. I suppose stabbing someone else might lead to fewer mistakes than stabbing yourself, but I just wonder.
  • Criminal Minds continues to impress!

    Well I am absolutely loving Criminal Minds this season, and it has jumped from my 4th favourite TV show to my 2nd favourite TV show, and this episode (like its predecessors) is proof of just why.

    The case was a unique one, and once again, we are led to feel a little storry for the unsub throughout the story, especially considering the son.

    The case was great and there were heaps of enjoyable moments. Plus Hotch's new 'romance' could be something interesting to witness this season, as it has been two years since tragic Episode #100. I loved Reid' s brilliant facts in the aeroplane and Garcia was asking questions while Hotch was sitting thre nd listenging! A lot of funny scenes there!

    All up, a g rreat episode in many apsects, and I can't wait to see some more in 2012!!!
  • moving

    again, i loved this episode. yes there wasnt a lot of profiling but it was still a good story. the end scene in the hospital was very moving, it showed that behind the murder and violence, the unsub was a very good father! also hotch's new love interest is really sweet. who knows if it will last or not, but it is great to see him happy again!!

    how am i going to last a month without criminal minds?!?
  • A little boring

    Overall this episode is kinda boring. Not much of profiling going on here. There was a little budding romance for Hotch which was nice to see. But not much of the usual rush of chasing down the bad guy like all the other episodes. This one was a little flat for my liking.
  • where is the pofiling? (spoilers)

    ok this week once again i was not impressed. i didnt think the ep was horrible but nothing to look forward to and nothing i was excited about at the end! there was not alot of profiling in this ep and it was kinda boaring. plus the whole hotch thing i didnt know if i liked that or if i hated it i think he needs to move on but the begging left me with a bad tatse in my mouth for the rest of the ep. but i did however like that i get extremly emotinal thats when u can connect i cried when the kid died even know i knew it was coming. overall the ep was not horrible but cm doesnt make me excited any more and i havent loved any of the ep this season! where is the old CM