Criminal Minds

Season 9 Episode 12

The Black Queen

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 2014 on CBS

Episode Fan Reviews (13)

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  • the black queen, one of my favorite episode

    love it, enjoy watching garcia episodes, because isn't her but the entire team.
  • the black queen, one of the best of this season

    Like a fan of garcia i love this episode, mostly because she is great and because the team was there too doing a good job. The story not very acurate? But i really enjoy it Love everything has to do with internet, hackers, and investigation
  • love the episode one of the best of season 9

    Love this episode for me one of the best of season 9, and i love to see Garcia with the rest of the team, it was a team job... with Garcia but i also enjoy Hotch Morgan, etc.
  • interesting episode one of the best of this season. Fan of Garcia

    interesting episode. I love Garcia and the rest of the characters, Of course a fan of Garcia. Some picky people don't ejoy the story that much because the sometimes confusing background of Penelope... how she entered the but enjoy the episode a lot well done.
  • The Lame Queen

    What an awful episode! It seems that the writers had a lot of undeveloped ideas and tossed all them into this episode, making its story confusing, badly executed and full of deus ex machina. The discovery of the second killer is the bigger example of the latter. I don't remember seeing him between the hackers or having any role in the story previously to the scene where he appears, talks with hackerboy about the price of tea in China and, btw, drink this poisoned beverage because maybe someday you'll realize that I am the second killer, niej niej niej. And, oh wait, the good guys arrive just in time to save the dying hackerboy because Reid has the magical antidote in his magical bag.

    Not to mention the Black Queen Garca and her anarcomoronic rant. Yeah, right, me Badass Emo Fat Hacker hate the System, man, down with the Man, man, me Badass Emo, yea.

    I wonder if the writers ever been around a hacker or an anticapitalist activist or a real human being.

    And is it me or the hackers had a huge nostalgia for the 80s and wouldn't accept any computer more sophisticated than an Amiga 500? Why everything about the Breakfast Club (or whatever the name of the hacker group was) seemed so outdated, so predictable, so cliche?

    The virtual talk between Hackerhunk and Garcia? C'mon! Big pixels in the background to tell us that it was a cyberchat? And they have to connect using a solitary that runs in Windows 3.0? Please!

    Ugh! CM is worse every season, but at least they kept a minimum of quality. Not the case of this episode. Here they hit rock botton, made a hole and went straight to the centre of the Earth.
  • Garcia's moment

    One of my favorite episodes this season. I liked seeing Garcia get to be center stage for a minute. And to see where her character was to see the person that she has become. And that she had to return to the person that she was in order to get the case solved.

    I thought it was a fantastic episode!
  • Bad - The Black Queen

    Not a fan of Penelope, so maybe that played a role in my score for this episode, but I just found the whole thing very boring. Played into every cliche and stereotype about hackers and geeks.

    I expect a more coherent story from Criminal Minds.
  • good enough but not great

    a passable episode but not as great as the others from this season. By the way, that's not how writers said Garcia and Morgan met in season 2, so i was kinda disappointed. Anyway, the plot was passable, what saved the thing was Garcia and Derek's moments and her meetings with Shane. It gave another side to the Penelope we now know; i only hope the next episodes will be better.
  • Disappointed

    I was really disappointed with this episode. I didn't like the dark and bad Garcia. It's just not her.

    And the writers can't just change history; Garcia and Morgan met when she walked into the bullpen.

    Mainly this whole bad Garcia-thing doesn't fit her. She's the sweetest one ever and it's just not her.

    The case was interesting though and it was nice to see a Garcia-centered episode.

  • Brilliant!

    I was hoping that one day we would have an episode that took us back to Pnelope's hacking and bad days and today that wish came true with a really entertaining episode!

    Having said that, the previous reviewers are right in stating that Derek and Penelope met differently, and so I believe that even though this Blaxck Queen storyline was great, it should have not featured those scenes of first meeting them and so forth.

    Aside from that hiccup by the writers, the storyilne and the case were brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to more CM as we near number 200!
  • Re-writing history?

    In Season 3 episode Tabula Rasa in one of the flashbacks, Morgan had his first meeting with Garcia. He even asked Reid her name and he said 'Gomez I think' or something like that ...... so how come this episode ignored that and had Morgan there the day she was caught and hired. History re-written again. Do the writers honestly believe that true fans would not remember that scene?

    I also didn't believe that Garcia would change personality so much just because she is recruited into the FBI. I was disappointed with this episode, I found it quite boring and also quite obvious. For me this is the weakest episode of this season, I suppose they are storing it all up for the big 200th episode. However I did enjoy Reid saving the guys life at the end. I'm beginning to think he is going for his Medical degree what with playing midwife in a previous episode lol. I don't mind though, I adore heroic Reid and it's good to see. I love Reid and I think that we need more Reid this season. I did enjoy the sexual harrassment talk being about everything that Morgan and Garcia talk to each other, That was very funny and Garcia and Morgan in this episode was very good.
  • Derek Can You Handle This, Coz' My Body's To Bootylicious For Ya Babe.

    Garcia was known as The Black Queen (when), l cant remember that far back and the opening scene when Garcia is handcuffed and Hotchner and Morgan walk in, this was made just for this episode. Because if that's the way her character was introduced, i would have remembered, that aside this episode was good, not great. I knew Russell did commit those murders and i knew he wasn't working alone and the Star Chamber had the files, so that's where the unsub (Jeffery Combs) was getting the information from. Good storyline for Garcia and Morgan. Cant Wait For The 200th Episode.
  • Didn't Garcia and Morgan met differently, when she was entering the bullpen?

    Didn't he called her by another name the first time he saw her? Gomez or something? I don't remember the exact episode or season where the scene I'm refering to was broadcasted, but I'm quite sure someone does remember. So, what's with this Black Queen thing? Was she the Abby Sciuto of hackers back then all goth and everything? That is so not like her and I think the writers forced it so lamely to fit the plot. I'm not sayin the story wasn't good at all but it seems like they created this new old Garcia out of the blue. I don't buy it.
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