Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 6

The Boogeyman

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2006 on CBS

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  • Elle makes a big decision.

    I thought it was an ok episode but was watching it more to see what happened with Elle after she shot the rapist on the previous episode When a child killer is killing in Texas the rest of the team go there and for most of it they think its Finnegan the man that apparently watches, hunts, kills and eats the kids but when he is found dead they knew it wasn't him In the end they find the child killer to be a child and they have to rush to save a girl when he chases her with a baseball bat but Gideon comes to her rescue and grabs the kid with the baseball bat It was right at the end when Elle makes a big decision to leave knowing Hotch knew what she had done but had no choice really and when Elle walks out Hotch says to himself that he will miss her.
  • A good episode

    all I really have to say is I'm really glad she left the show, never felt Elle really fit in and hated the way she said Hotch lol
  • Who's watching the children becomes even more frightening when you realise that the children aren't even safe with each other.

    Ozona, Texas is a small town where everybody knows everybody else so when children start dying it is incredibly difficult for the locals to accept that one of their own must be responsible for the young bodies found battered to death in the woods.

    With the body count at three over a very short period of time, the BAU check all viable possibilities and come up with nothing except an old man from an equally old house who is a local legend of whom the children are all frightened. Talking to the children, Morgan tells them to use 'The Buddy System' - to never be alone and make sure somebody always knows where they are. A five o' clock curfew is imposed on the kids but there is still more death.

    When the old house is searched and meals for the elderly are found there but the corpse of the owner is found in the woodlands, the team have a suspect, the school guidance counsellor whose prints are all over the trays containing the lunch but he is not the killer, the killer, in many ways is far more terrifying as you will see when you watch this episode.

    On a sad note, Lola Glaudini left the show in this episode when her character of Elle Greenaway found that the job was simply too much for her following the home invasion and shooting from Season One and so we await a new agent and wonder how the team will progress from here?

    An average episode with a couple of good points, particularly from Shemar Moore and Lola Glaudini as their characters struggled with the evil of hunting and child killer and trying to function when evil has already invaded your life.
  • This is when 'pure evil' would become an understatement.

    This was a terrific episode of Criminal Minds! The case that the team was einvestigating was really interesting, involving abductions, murder, children and even a local haunted house!

    The case was exceptional! I didn't foressee the ending. I personally had guessed that it would be the two boys who were telling the myth, but not the other boy!

    Certinaly I thought the kid was very sick. However, the unpredictability was the best part of the episode, other than learning Reid's fear of darkeness, and the funny moment with JJ telling Morgan and Reid a fictitius ghorror story!

    Overall, a terrific episode! It was dark, yet brilliant and unpredictable, not to mention it had its funny moments. Sad to see Lola Glaudini leave the show, and farewell to her character, Elle Greenaway, but considering how amazing her to-be replacement is, it isn't such a sad farewell.

    Keep it up, Criminal Minds, and this would have to be my favorite episode of the season so far, aside from the premiere.
  • A chilling tale about a serial child killer and a confused BAU Agent.

    This episodes is one the most interesting episodes. There are many twists and turns. I think the thing that caught my eye to watch was that it in volved children. The part I really didn't like involved Elle and Hotchner. I think that they should have dedicated a little bit more time to them and made it more clear on what was happening with her,rather than trying to play it off with little segments. I think the most that caught my eyes when watching this episodes when you learn that not an adult was killing the children, but rather a child themslef was killing the children.
  • A child killer thats a child interesting perspective..

    This episode is split in two direction on one hand Hotchner is watching Elle worried about her missing the psychlogical review and not turnign up for work or responding he follows her. The other side the rest of the team looking into a child killer case. With geodean leading the team the four perspectives lead to a very diffrent conculsion. Which was both entertaining but chilling at the same time. Morgan discusses the fact that society has made it easy for victims to be lured stating statisical valules Reid identifies that its more common to be atacked by someone you knwo as you trust them. What was interesting abuout this case was the fact that they didn't profile for a child killer on the one hand you wouldnt suspect it could be a child on the other theres are supposdly the best profilers there is and not one mentioned an age relation to the profile. Garcias role is well played as the techy with personality.. Her lines always draw a smile. Reids wory about Elle shows an attachment which his personality type suggests he wouldnt have, so it will be interestign to see how he develops that. Hotchner finally talks to Elle and you knwo its over for her but you can see he has determination in catching the bad guys even if he knows them. It will be also interestuign to see if he can cope with the knowlegde. We learn a little more about Gideaons photos in his office in this episode they are victims he has managed to save. A kind of light in all that is dark around him. A fantastic episode full of the drama we expect from this show. the next question would be who will replace Elle?
  • The BAU heads to North Mammon, Texas to search for a person killing the town's children. Meanwhile, Elle deals with the consequences of the shooting and her own near-death experience.

    This was a good episode-- a compelling mystery for the BAU to solve. The identity of the killer was a suprise, at least to me. As conditioned as we are to adults taking advantage of children, kids acting violently toward other kids isn't as rare as it used to be (although it IS rarer than the media sometimes leads us to think).

    Again, a balanced episode (I guess I like balance)-- each member of the team contributing to the investigation in their own way.

    Criminal Minds is a dark series, to be sure, which is one reason I like it so well. But I definitely appreciate the ray of sunshine that is Garcia. She provides vital information, a degree of comic relief, and an "outsider's" (non-profiler) perspective to all things.
  • The BAU travels to a small Texas community to investigate the murders of children

    Wow! That was a Little Freaking Psycho, I mean, that boy has real Criminal Minds =\ How can an 8 year old boy do something like that?! Upbrining? I think, that boy was has 'Criminal Minds' when he was 1 day old.. I hate horror story's (What that boy was telling) Because it's rubbish and I don't believe it.. I totally agree with Reid! I do not like the dark to. Only late at night on the streets.

    Saying good bye to Elle was painful for me, because she was my favorite person in Criminal Minds.

    I hope I never meet a Little Psycho like that.
  • a kid? really?

    the BAU investigates a child-murderer case and turns out the killer is a fellow eight-year-old kid??? come on!! that's so far fetched! there are no records of a child serial killer.. are they expecting me to think a child will lose it after he mom left and start killing?? maybe start being violent but kill other kids? I don't know what the writers were thinking. maybe they are trying very hard to shock us but it didn't shock me it just made me laugh cus it is so unrealistic.
    last season was extremely realistic and their analysis seemed true to me but this episode was a big disappointment to me.

    still in love with reed though.
  • “The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

    The main plot was very good – the child who has turned into a serial killer. The team of Gideon, Morgan, Reid, JJ and Garcia worked well together, and had great chemistry during this dark episode where the moments of fun were thrown in to offshoot the distressing storyline. The child actors did a fantastic job, especially the boy who played the unbalanced Jeffrey Charles. Very disquieting in his apparent normalcy. The clues, the suspense, the twist – everything added up to a great episode.

    The sub-plot was disappointing – Elle is forced to leave the team because of her actions. Maybe they played this one too close to reality to be completely satisfying to the viewers. No, most agents wouldn’t break down and admit they had done something criminal, and this does leave the options open for Elle to show up on a subsequent episode, but the scenes between Hotchner and Elle fell flat. She was remote, angry and in denial. He was remote, angry and seemingly at a loss to handle this situation. Not much emotion was shown on either side. I was left wanting more – maybe a scene between Morgan and Elle, or Reid and Elle – but, then again, there was a purpose to the choices the writers made.

    This episode reinforced, in my opinion, one of the themes of season two – that you’ve got to let light shine in the shadowy places of your life to endure the darkness. The moments of personal honesty between team members help them do their jobs. It’s the Morgan/Reid talks, or the Hotch/Gideon conversations that keep them functioning and healthy. Elle could not bring her feelings about what happened to her into the light – she couldn’t tell anyone else about them and get help – so she was swallowed in darkness. Goodbye, Elle.
  • Review

    I think this episode may be perceieved badly for the twist that the killer in the episode turned out to be an eight year old boy. Let me start off by saying Im not one to judge an episode on that basis. I thought the twist was very well written and that they boy was played by a very good child actor and did pass off as something that I could believe. The only part that I didnt like was him swinging and missing at the girl eight times before he was caught. Unless he blindsided all his other victims he should have known how to do this by now. Other then that though - there was nothing else more for me to complain about as far as this episode goes.

    Shemar Moore welcome to one of your greatest episodes yet. Known for his ability to knock down doors for the most part and be an athletic assest to the team, Morgan really got into the case as he talked to the father. I wondered why the dad was caught so early in the episode by the scenes with Morgan and the dad were amazing. Terrific acting by Shemar Moore there. After last episode I knew Elle's days on the show were numbered, thought I thought she was going to last another few episodes. This is the end for her character and I did express after The Fisher King that he was the member of the team that I would target if you ever had to get rid of someone. The next episodes should be fun, with less characters that need to be brought into the picture. That is unless Elle is replaced next episode, which might be fun too. Tremendous episode all around though - best of the season and one of the series' best.
  • Good byes..

    A special episode in many ways... first the whole thing with Greenaway - she leaving, not answering the phones and then going to the grave.. and the thoughts she had in the end.. Sad that she will be gone - I really started to like her char.. On the case - oh.. I do not know - as it concentrates so much on kids, it was not hard to guess that one of them is the killer - maybe unbelievable but quite expected in this storyline.

    I most say I loved that this episode had quite much focus on the people. the whole story tellings, Reid afraid of dark.. that moment when he finished the call with Garcia and Morgan showed up - oh.. I jumped on my chair..
  • Who would have thought that a child could have turned out to be a killer of other children?

    I thought this was a very well written episode. i never
    would have thought that a child would end up to be the
    killer. the un-sub has a lot of emotional problems
    stemming from his parents divorce and he felt killing
    children was his only way to work them out. i felt bad
    for Hotch who had to be the one to investigate Elle. He
    looked so sad at the end, when she turned in her badge
    and gun. i don\'t really know what he would have done if
    she actually confessed to the killing. i wonder what they
    will do now that elle is gone? jackie
  • How do you react to this as a parent?

    The storyline was chilling, to say the least. I was a bit shocked at the beginning to find that this was going to be about murdered kids, but the show developed well.

    What really got to me though was the end. Not that the kid was the killer, even though that was very unexpected. But rather the way his father reacted. Or didn't react. How do you deal with something like this as a father? Disbelieve, shock, outrage, still love for your son, protectiveness, blaming yourself... talk about conflicting emotions.

    I just hope I can sleep tonight and not dream about finding out that my own son has done something wrong...
  • A well written episode with some good character portrayals.

    The main case this week- children being murdered in the woods- was creepy and well written. As is common in this series, light, humourous moments -such as when JJ manages to trick Morgan and Reid into believing her false story of how she became afraid of the woods when she was younger, and Garcia and Morgan teasing Reid about his fear of the dark- blend well into the episode to help ease the tension of what would otherwise be a disturbing storyline. I especially enjoyed the expanded role that JJ played in this episode, as well as what felt like a return to season 1 team dynamics between Reid, Morgan, JJ and Garcia. The subplot scenes with Elle and Hotch, however, were less well done, and prevented this episode from being a perfect 10 in my eyes. Thomas Gibson's acting was excellent, but he couldn't make up for a rather flat portrayal of Elle.
  • This episode was both chilling and telling.

    I thought that this episode brought the characters comprising the team into very sharp focus. Morgan is the muscle of the team, but is also capable of sharp mental leaps. Hotchner revealed a very complex side to his character. He was both determined and relentless in finding out the truth about Elle's killing in the last episode. At the same time, you felt he wanted her to be innocent. Given her actions, he had to let her go. Elle was sliding off the edge and no doubt feels both that she did the right thing and that she murdured someone in cold blood. Gideon is solid as a rock and a man of great empathy and compassion. His brief scene in the backseat of the car with the little boy was very finely nunanced. Garcia is so delightful, she is a joy to watch. JJ is becoming more involved with working the case. I imagine her role will become expanded in future episodes. Last, but not least, Reid is such a charming character. A brilliant bookworm who is still afraid of the dark (and hates spinach). Love this show!
  • Slightly confusing where it comes to Elle/Hotchner, but the case itself was well thought out, and the unsub was surprising ! ( at least to me, I thought it would be the dad, or the tallest blonde kid ).

    Elle checks in with Hotch…and he sends her for a psych evaluation – good call, finally.
    Hypervigilance (is an enhanced state of sensory sensitivity accompanied by an exaggerated intensity of behaviors whose purpose is to detect threats.)
    Ozona, TX, kids telling ghost stories. ( hey, that’s that Fanning girl, nice).
    Nicholas Faye is the second victim, blunt force trauma to the head, the first victim was Robbie Davis.
    Elle never showed for her psych appointment, and she’s not calling back either.
    So Hotch gets to find and watch Elle while Gideon and the rest of the team fly to Texas. (was there ever a case nearby so they can drive ? I forgot..). And now finally the rest of the team begin to worry about Elle, how she is, where she is.. finally !
    Meanwhile Elle sees it’s Hotch calling her and she tosses her phone in the trash. Not a good sign.
    As the team tries to profile the unsub, they need to adjust because a third victim is found and this time it’s a 11 year old girl. Unsub could strike again so they introduce the kids to the buddy system. No one walks alone. Curvue (grr, spell-check doesn’t know this one either, er….) Every kid needs to be inside at 5 pm. Nicholas’ ( I think) mom is asking if they ever found the red baseball hat her son wore when he got killed.
    Elle is visiting her dad’s grave, she knows Hotchner has been following her, she sort of admits to killing him I think? ( I got a bit confused about this at the end).
    A distressed pregnant mom and her younger son report Matthew missing at the police station. The younger brother fesses up that he went to Finnegan’s house.
    So, that’s where the team goes. And thank you writers, FiNaLLy ! someone with the sense to check the light switches instead of waving a flashlight around in the dark for 10 minutes !!
    Too bad the lights don’t turn on in this case. Start of personal gripe : Now if only they could let the main character wear full S.W.A.T. gear as well when they enter a house with a fully geared up S.W.A.T. team. ( I see why it’s easier to recognize main characters without the helmets and uni BP vests, but please don’t send them in first without any protective gear followed by a whole bunch of SWAT’s … it’s like a flashing light above there head reading “shoot me, I’m an easy target”, end of personal gripe. Matthew turns out to be safe and sound and hiding, unlike Finnegan who appears to have been dead for quite a while. ( Did anyone really thing Finnegan was the unsub ? For me it was “I’m not buying this” from the start. )
    So… who has been living in his house ? collecting his newspaper, and collecting the 2 backpacks of the first 2 victims ?? Eating everything but spinach and cream ???
    AJ jokes around a little, and Garcia phones Morgan and they go pay the guidance counselor James Charles a visit.
    His wife walked out on him a few months ago, and when he spots them he takes a run for it. He has a red hat with him…very suspicious! And his son Jeff did not turn up at school either. Reid finds an epinephrine pen and duct-taped-up dairy products. Someone has a serious allergy here. I thought for sure it was the dead, and when he was accepting milk in his coffee I sort of jelled at Gideon not to give it to him, but it turns out his SON was the allergic one… and thus the unsub ! Dad found the red hat in the drawer and knew.
    Meanwhile the beloved son Jeff is walking Tracey home with a huge metal baseball bat.
    Luckily she can escape ( although miss Fanning will probably not win the 100m sprint sometime soon… good thing she’s into acting ;)) and the team are in time to catch Jeff and rescue her. Gideon asks Jeff why he did it, and he replies with the answer I think Elle would have given.. Because I wanted to. I liked seeing his dad not give up on him even though he knew his little kid was a murderer.
    As they fly back home Reid admits he feels guilty about not talking to anyone about Elle, since he knew she wasn’t OK. But as we concluded last week he really tried hard, and luckily Morgan agrees.
    Elle hands her gun/badge over to Hotchner. Tell them I said goodbye.
    But Hotch does not tell Gideon Elle confessed. So.. he does let her get away with it ? He protects her because he know Gideon will not ?
    Elle leaves with a “This is not an admission of guilt” , which I thought she already had given him, so I am slightly confused, and a now I know why you never smile ( the job).

    From the start I thought it would be the tallest kid who did it !
    Never went for Finnegan, but the dad would have been possible.
    Nice episode, but I’m slightly confused about if Elle confessed to Hotch. Before she got sent to psych, and at the grave I thought she did confirm his suspicions ?
  • Hard to watch a killer kid

    That kid scared the bejesus out of me. That kid was creepy when he was trying to kill that little girl. I was hoping they were not going to shoot the kid. Elle leaving was unoriginal. I'm very tired of her storyline. So is she really leaving the show or is this just for entertainment?
  • This show was so scary but that's why you love it too!

    Those poor children. It makes me cry everytime I see such young ones die. Poor Elle, she was so scared and feeling so guilty about killing the rapist but you can't blame her for it either. God I love legends where a haunted house is involved. They are just like what Garcia said, "they're so creepy and sexy." You just want to hear about it. I can't believe a little kid was a killer. How could someone so young be so horribly evil? If it isn't dead children that makes me cry it is certainly evil ones. I just don't understand it at all.
  • Shows why the characters are the way they are!

    We learn and dig a little deep into the characters
    Personal lives as Elle is trying to get over being Shot as well as trying to make amends for it as
    Hotch shows his more softer side with the team going
    To TX to look at murders of children. Hotch is worried
    For Ellie for fears of her going off the deep end. Classic when Garcia was trying to scare Reid. As well
    As make fun of the recent e-coli spinaich scare throughout the show.