Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 20

The Company

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 11, 2012 on CBS

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  • Well, it started off ok, but ...

    I very much like the occasional charactercentric episode. It helps us get to know the BAU family much better and, as long as the episode has a good, well written story to go along with it, I'm quite happy to watch and enjoy. But, the Foyet arc this was NOT. Yes, I enjoyed the first few minutes when I realised we were more than likely going to find out what had happened to Cindy. I had no problem with that at all. Then the truly appalling acting started and I began to get restless.

    It seemed to me as though none of the guest stars, not even Erica Gimpel, who has done some excellent work in her time, could make this terrible script any better. Most of the time it seemed as though Shemar's heart wasn't in it either, and that shouldn't have been so obvious. Everybody was just so wooden. I would rather not discuss the subject matter or the unsub. A grinning, juvenile bafoon who kidnapped and held women captive by fear, degradation and rape. For the team to suggest that Cindi was not a victim of Stockolm syndrome because she loved the man is ridiculous. It was more than obvious that she did not love him, and it soon became pretty clear to me what was holding her to him, long before it was revealed. But they were right, it wasn't Stockholm Syndrome, it was just their reasoning behind the statement that was way off. A parent will go through a lot for their children and even before I found out, I knew what the hold on the victim was.

    Morgan's aunt was very calm in the hallway when she saw a beloved daughter whom she hadn't set eyes on for eight years. I would have been screaming the place down and demanding action, but all the writers could manage for the distraught (or not) mother was a 'That is not my daughter!' Poor actress, I'll bet she wanted to cringe.

    Shemar did a credible job but his facial expressions gave him away. Please, 'Criminal Minds', do better than this and don't make such a horror so simple and easy.