Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 20

The Company

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 11, 2012 on CBS

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  • Based on a true story

    This is truly one of the best episodes ever, because it is so clearly based on the true story of Colleen Stan. This young girl made the fatal error in accepting a lift in 1977 of Cameron Hooker. She thought it was safe because his wife and their baby were in the car as well. An normal, clean, all-American family and thus, by all accounts, save. How sadly and fatally wrong she soon proved to be.

    She was held in captivity for 7 years, mostly kept naked in a wooden box under the marital bed. She suffered unspeakable torture and yes, she was forced to wear the infamous headbox. She was told that if she ever tried to escape, a shady organization named "The Company" would find her and would torture and kill her and her loved ones in an unspeakable manner. She was forced to sign The Company's slave contract and therefore was robbed of her identity.

    Hooker's wife Janice agreed with this bizarre situation in order to escape the abuse she suffered for her loving husband hands. As long as she could have a baby, she would look the other way. She also made him promise that he would not engage in any kind of sexual activity with his slave. A promise soon to be broken, right after the infamous contract was signed.

    In recent years we had off course the case of Natasha Kamphuss, held in captivity for 8 years, and an astonishing 24 year ordeal a young woman suffered from the hands of her father Fritzl. There are also a number of well documented U.S. cases.

    So before you dismiss this episode as "a sick 15-year old boy fantasy", remember Colleen, and all the other girls who have suffered, and who knows, are still suffering as we speak. Why is it that this so called true fans can watch the most scary episode without any comment, but become offended when they are faced with a true life story? Because it hits a little to directly? Because you cannot dismiss it as "it's only a TV episode"? Well, then maybe I have some shocking news for all these so called true fans, most episodes are based on actual cases. If you would have taken any effort to gain a little more knowledge of true crime and this TV show you would have know.