Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 18

The Crossing

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 07, 2008 on CBS

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  • The BAU try to stop a stalker from causing a woman harm.

    Normally the BAU are investigating a case when there is a victim but this time they have a chance to stop that when a woman demands their help after she has been stalked from 600 miles I can't believe the stalker followed her all that way because she said whoops in a shop In the end the stalker got to her but JJ told her if the stalker got to her she had to play along and act like she actually likes him and it works because his guard was down and Morgan was able to arrest him.
  • Two cases for the BAU to investigate at once. One, a woman being stalked and the other, a case where a woman has shot her sleeping husband.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the concept of the team splitting up and taking on two cases, in fact, in theory, it could have been very effective - if the script had managed to have any credibility ...

    A woman is being charged with murder after shooting her husband. There are claims of spousal abuse, but she has none of the bruises or breaks which normally accompany such allegations. To make matters worse, her two children are very much on the side of their dead father, claiming that their mother was a terrible cook, housekeeper, wife and mother and extolling the virtues of dad who was extremely patient and gentle with her, considering that she could never get anything right ...

    Meanwhile, another woman has a major problem too. She has been stalked for a long time and across several states by a man who simply won't give up. Gifts, photographs and all the usual creepy things expected from a stalker are exhibited here and when he sends photographs which clearly show he is changing his appearance to look as much like her boyfriend as possible, the team know that he is clearly a very dangerous character.

    My problem with this episode was the fact that I felt no sympathy or connection whatsoever for the stalking victim, in fact, I didn't like her at all and so, I found myself not really caring what happened to her. I wasn't at all invested in her fate. The OTHER woman who had killed her 'devoted' husband was far more interesting than the stalking victim but the female cop who seemed determined to send her to prison really got up my nose.

    Bad writing, boring storyline and unsympathetic characters do not a good episode make. I can't findmuch to recommend this one.
  • A woman is being stalked, but can the BAU help her?

    This episode opens with a woman picking up her dry cleaning. When she gets home she finds flowers on the door stop and a note. There is a photo inside she freaks and runs back into her car and rings someone. She says he's back again. Rossi & Hotch are not involved in this case as they are at a conference. They (Rossi & Hotch) go to see a woman named Audrey, who killed her husband and claimed it was battered woman syndrome. Garcia finds that there is no record of Audrey, except for her birth and wedding certificate. When then see Kerry (the woman who found the note and freaked) as she goes to see JJ and Emily. She gives JJ a list of names and tells her that those are the people you will be calling when you find me dead. We then see man with huge photo collection of Kerry on his wall. We learn that every photo her stalker sends to her is of one of his body parts such as his arm. The team agree to take on the case. JJ admits to Emily that there was a similar case before and they didn't take it and the boyfriend threw acid in his girlfriends case. That case has been with JJ ever since. They go to see Kerry; they ask her to make a list of everyone she knows. She gets a call to say that there is another box outside her front door. Reid and Morgan try and find out who the stalker could be. He sent her new earrings that were his grandmothers. Audrey's kids don't believe her as they say that their father never hit her. If anything their mother was abusive towards him. They claim that their father always said that he loved kids more than wife.

    Kerry and her boyfriend Ryan are in their house and he hears one of the dogs barking and Ryan goes to check and finds the gate open. They say that only way to open gate is from inside so the stalker must have gone over the fence. The police tell the couple to go back inside and then there's a knock at the dog. We soon see that their dog is gone and that the stalker has taken him. The team then learn that the stalker is trying to make himself look like Ryan. Hotch and Rossi have a heart to heart about family and kids, about Audrey. Garcia finds out that Kerry went to a clinic for an abortion and Ryan didn't know, but he soon does when he overhears a conversation. Kerry sees her stalker across the street, and can soon remember seeing him everywhere.
    She goes to the BAU and then leaves there go to and see Ryan who is leaving for a few days. Rossi & Hotch learn that Audrey was physiologically abused by both children and husband. Kerry goes home and se Ryan outside, as she turns to go outside to see him, her stalker is facing her. HE takes her from the house through the back door. Hotch & Rossi learn that Audrey herself cleaned up the crime scene because her husband wouldn't have liked it to be seen like that to strangers. We then see the stalker with Kerry. We learn that he first saw Kerry at work. He says he knew from then that they were meant to be together. She suggests that they go for a walk and he seems happy to do so. He then cuts off her resultants. The FBI turn up as they are walking. Kerry talks him down and he puts his gun away. Back at the BAU Emily sees JJ asks her what's wrong, but she says nothing. Emily leaves she pulls out a bit of paper and she rings Will, and tells him that she's pregnant.
  • Great episoed1! TERRIFIC ending!

    This was a highly interesting episode and one that was very well written and performed. I enjoyed the fact that there were two cases going on at the same time, and tht added another dimension to it, in my opinion, although it was obvious which case was being focussed on.

    The storyline was amazing, and I thought it was quite a freaky and terrifiying episode, which I enjoyed a lot. The ending was spectacular, and quite shocking and exciting, on my opinion.

    Overall, this is an episode that I would highly recommend, and I hope they keep this up in the future!
  • good episode...

    The team split up on this episode to investigate two different cases. I like this idea because I think Hotch and Rossi are very interesting together. Their case was sad/creepy. A woman murdered her husband and she had a bad case of Stockholm Sindrome. She cleaned up the blood because her husband would hate others to see the house in a was so sad! The other case was ok - it was a woman that was being stalked. The woman and the stalker and the fiancee were interesting, JJ was annoying...and now she's pregnant. Crap. I hope they don't do something stupid with that. Overall, still a good episode.
  • This episode was boring and did not keep my attention. The plotline of a woman being stalked was one that they have used far too many times. The parallel plotting did not work in their favor at all.

    This episode bored me out of my mind. I couldn't even pay attention and I am actually quite a devoted fan. The storyline was just bad. And haven't we seen this already... "Somebody's Watching"??? There was no stand out acting either because the writing had no depth. This is the first time I actually enjoyed the reality tv of the night more than Criminal Minds. Personally, I think after Elephants Memory being such an amazing episode the writers are kind of lagging on the episodes following. It is quite typical. After any good character development episode the episodes to follow are boring and repetitive.
  • Good episode. OMG JJ is gonna have baby.

    The episode was average nothing heart stopping. I knew that women was abused by her husband verbally. And the kids were so awful towards her. I guess you can't blame them, i guess their dad did the most damage. The woman being stalked was a good plot line. The guy was such a creeper. Taking pictures of himself and sending to her. Weird. I thought that the guy in the drug store was the same guy in that other place. But i figured they wouldn't make it that obvious. JJ and Will are gonna have a baby. I wonder if she is gonna keep it. She probably will. I wonder what Will will do about the baby. Maybe he might come on the show a bit more often. Waiting on next week.
  • Interesting cases and some minor character development.

    While Hotch and Rossi are in Boston, they come to the aid of a prosecutor who needs to know if a battered woman accused of murdering her husband is faking her abuse claim. Back in Virginia, the rest of the team take the case of a woman who is stalked by a man who followed her from another state.

    What made these two cases intersting is seeing how psychological abuse takes it toll on individuals and what victims will do once they have reached their breaking point. In the first case, the husband was psychologically abusing his wife and his kids in two different ways which ultimately pitted the children against the mother. In the second case, the woman's abuse came at the hands of a psycho who sent her pictures of various parts of his body, which was creepy. Rossi and Hotch had a great scene that gave us new insight into their character. What we learned is that Rossi didn't have a reason to make any of his three marriages work while Hotch expresses his remorse at not trying hard enough, when in all fairness, it was his wife, Haley, who reached her breaking point due to this job. I liked the fact that Rossi understood Hotch's feelings without being judgemental. It was a nice to see them bond over mutual ground.

    I also liked the way the writer's have chosen to handle JJ's pregnancy. It was done in a tasteful, yet sponaneous fashion.
  • Interesting episode

    Everyone except for Hotch & Rossi are split as the latter goes to a battered women's murder serminar in which the DA needs their help in leading their expertise. Glad to see that there is no turfwars between the state and the feds. While JJ, Emily, Spencer, Morgan are going to stop a stalker that who happens to be a killer on the loose. Usually I like Hotch but he lacks emotion a lot. This time, he is beginning to show a little more emotion than ever. In the end, due to the actress playing JJ, character is also expecting a baby as she needed to talk to the would be father!
  • Oh wow JJ pregnant i have been hoping and wishing and dreaming she would Yay can't wait to see this episode.

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    means yay JJ's going to have a baby !!!
  • Stalkers.

    I liked the case in this episode. Both of them. I think Rossi and Hotcher were put together simply for the scene where Rossi and Hotchner are in the police station and they get to talk about divorce. Don't get me wrong, I did like the little case that the two of them put together about the husband that had the woman controlled so much that he never even had to hit her in order to do it. I liked the final piece that they put together for the cop that was trying to put the woman into prison. They didn't take away from the main piece of the episode though, which is what I thought was best about the entire mini-plotline from the beginning. I liked the big case a lot too, one of the more interesting to see come together. Overall - I think I would have to put this episode in the top five episode of the season.
  • Scary...

    Woman moves to another city but soon she realize that the stalker she had, has followed. Oh.. and how he finds out where she lives - she doing her shopping, getting her medicine.. what kind of personal information is revealed in public what you would never wish and you can never know who will be listening. To be honest, I never thought of it until this episode but that is really scary.

    Ok, the episode - it was good one.. I liked the storyline - not the usual kind of case and some members felt like maybe they should not be there... but anyway.. it was exciting episode and outcome was not sure.
  • The team splits off to investigate two different cases.

    I actually just followed the case of JJ and co. Really liked the whole stalking thing and how great the woman acted in the end. She really saved her own life by talking the stalker that she wants him. I don't think that every woman would act this way, the guy was kinda creepy. I also liked that JJ was so deep into the case. Actually I really adore her working with Emily, two strong women, two great characters. In my opinion this was more or less a JJ/Emily and Hotch/Rossi episode. Both 'couples' had their moments. Especially liked the personal talk between Hotch and Rossi. Hotch really needs someone to talk to. Not much Morgan & Reid in this one and sadly too less Garcia.
    Loved the end. JJ's pregnant and the weekend lover/cop guy's the dad. Could be a nice character development.
  • Two Cases, Two Women, Both Need Protection.

    Susan B. Anthony said, "A woman must not depend on the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself."
    I found this quote, which was stated by JJ very pointent to this episode. I thought the script was incredibly written. It was unusual for our team to be split but I thought it worked. Especially with the cases being similar, both women needed protection but for differing reasons. One from a stalker and the other from herself. I loved seeing the passion that JJ had in wanting to help Keri. I loved it when Rossi & Hodges proved to the DA that Audrey was indeed abused and proved their point. Again EXCELLENT script. Definitely one of my favorite episodes.
  • I really enjoyed this episode, the two cases were great and we got some JJ devlopment!

    Alot of stick has been thrown about two episodes on the run about JJ, some called it overkill and were worried that this would become a regular occurance. To me this episode set them straight. They built in JJ's character development with the story, we got to know how she felt when she dwells on the cases she didn't pick and something was finally said about the huge elephant in the room inregards to incorparating AJ's pregnancy. Loved Hotch and Rossi being refered to as 'mom and dad' and i thought the creepy childrenofthecorn esque kids = Perfect :)

    I have to say that i love seeing them work two seperate cases but i still like the whole team working on one.

    Overall another great episode :)
  • The episode is split into two separate stories. A story features Hotch and Rossi dealing with a emtionally neglected woman, the other dealt with a woman who is being stalked by a guy who installed a computer episode for her at her workplace.

    While either of the two stories might have been compelling done separately, together, they each come off so lame that someone should have called the Kentucky Derby so they could put the episode out of our misery. By the time the segment with JJ and Emily ended, I was waiting to hear Helen Reddy singing "I Am Woman" in the background. Don't get me wrong, I think both stories had issues that are relevant and should be addressed, but the way they were presented was close to being heavy handed (not to mention cliched). The way the show has been going since the writer's strike is starting to concern me. I started watching Criminal Minds because it dealt with the way the agents operate to catch killers, not because of the relationships of the characters in their personal lives. This last episode is like getting a meal at Taco Bell - when you go to Taco Bell, the food tastes good at first, but later you realize it wasn't so good because it leaves you full of gas. Unfortunately, this last episode comes off being about as substantial as a fart.
  • The team splits into two sets, a la CSI format, and neither storyline has much appeal.

    In the tradition of CBS's CSI shows, the team splits into two separate crews to work on different cases, Hotch and Rossi to work on profiling a potential "battered spouse" case, the rest of the team to help out the victim of a stalking. Neither case is anywhere near as intriguing and action-packed as the BAU's normal case load, and in this case two halves definitely don't make a wholly entertaining episode. One would assume that with the limited number of episodes being aired this season, poorly-devised filler episodes like this wouldn't make the cut. There was little in the way of either storyline or character development (save for JJ's revelation in the final thirty seconds) that would make this episode redeemable.