Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 18

The Crossing

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 07, 2008 on CBS

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  • A woman is being stalked, but can the BAU help her?

    This episode opens with a woman picking up her dry cleaning. When she gets home she finds flowers on the door stop and a note. There is a photo inside she freaks and runs back into her car and rings someone. She says he's back again. Rossi & Hotch are not involved in this case as they are at a conference. They (Rossi & Hotch) go to see a woman named Audrey, who killed her husband and claimed it was battered woman syndrome. Garcia finds that there is no record of Audrey, except for her birth and wedding certificate. When then see Kerry (the woman who found the note and freaked) as she goes to see JJ and Emily. She gives JJ a list of names and tells her that those are the people you will be calling when you find me dead. We then see man with huge photo collection of Kerry on his wall. We learn that every photo her stalker sends to her is of one of his body parts such as his arm. The team agree to take on the case. JJ admits to Emily that there was a similar case before and they didn't take it and the boyfriend threw acid in his girlfriends case. That case has been with JJ ever since. They go to see Kerry; they ask her to make a list of everyone she knows. She gets a call to say that there is another box outside her front door. Reid and Morgan try and find out who the stalker could be. He sent her new earrings that were his grandmothers. Audrey's kids don't believe her as they say that their father never hit her. If anything their mother was abusive towards him. They claim that their father always said that he loved kids more than wife.

    Kerry and her boyfriend Ryan are in their house and he hears one of the dogs barking and Ryan goes to check and finds the gate open. They say that only way to open gate is from inside so the stalker must have gone over the fence. The police tell the couple to go back inside and then there's a knock at the dog. We soon see that their dog is gone and that the stalker has taken him. The team then learn that the stalker is trying to make himself look like Ryan. Hotch and Rossi have a heart to heart about family and kids, about Audrey. Garcia finds out that Kerry went to a clinic for an abortion and Ryan didn't know, but he soon does when he overhears a conversation. Kerry sees her stalker across the street, and can soon remember seeing him everywhere.
    She goes to the BAU and then leaves there go to and see Ryan who is leaving for a few days. Rossi & Hotch learn that Audrey was physiologically abused by both children and husband. Kerry goes home and se Ryan outside, as she turns to go outside to see him, her stalker is facing her. HE takes her from the house through the back door. Hotch & Rossi learn that Audrey herself cleaned up the crime scene because her husband wouldn't have liked it to be seen like that to strangers. We then see the stalker with Kerry. We learn that he first saw Kerry at work. He says he knew from then that they were meant to be together. She suggests that they go for a walk and he seems happy to do so. He then cuts off her resultants. The FBI turn up as they are walking. Kerry talks him down and he puts his gun away. Back at the BAU Emily sees JJ asks her what's wrong, but she says nothing. Emily leaves she pulls out a bit of paper and she rings Will, and tells him that she's pregnant.