Criminal Minds

Season 5 Episode 6

The Eyes Have It

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 2009 on CBS

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  • I want HOTCH back !!!

    I just couldn't watch this episode without being undisturbed! Beside that Morgan is better at kicking doors and butts than being the Unit Chief. Personally I love Hotch better than the rest of the team, part of it, is because he has such a good and interesting character and he is also a great team leader. But hopefully he'll be back in charge, I heard.
  • Personally I like Morgan better as the break down doors and kick criminal butt guy.

    Hotch did good at kicking the guys butt though. I Loved when Morgan told him he should've waited for backup and Hotch said "Would you?" Then Prentiss smirked and Hotch said "What?" Lol. It was great to see Morgan understand the guy in charge perspective and Hotch the guy 'on the loose' perspective.

    Hopefully it will be like they said, once they catch the Reaper in the 100th episode Hotch will be team leader again, and he and Morgan will still be able to work together.

    As far as the story goes it was great and creepy. Should have shown it Halloween week. A hearty thanks to the writers for creeping me out even more by setting the creepiest episode in a while in my home town. Lol.

    I still don't like Morgan getting involved with Tamara though. I am thinking that might be part of a grander scheme though. Possibly the ethics behind it and her being a victims sister is how they will lead into him not being ready for command. Maybe he gets written up for it or something...we will see I guess. I just hope no one is leaving the show, I don't want any cast changes!

    I still miss Reid....I wonder if the writers read this stuff....Lol.
  • Morgan's first case as the boss...

    The team tries to catch a serial killer that after cutting the victims throat he removes their eyes with almost not leaving any damage behind. They suspect it could be a veterinarian or a Doctor but it turns out it's a taxidermist that his only social relationship was with his dad that died some weeks ago... just when the murders started. Meanwhile we discover that Morgan is still in touch with the sister of one of the victims of 2 chapters behind... Although he before said he wasn't involved now he is having coffee with her and supporting her... and later in the chapter he goes out to have some drinks with her... I don't like it... I ahve the feeling that this is gonna end badly! Even though that he makes quite a good job as chief although he tries to avoid Chief Strauss calls...
    There's a couple of interesting moments, one when Rossi reminds Hotch that the switch in positions it's just temporal but that maybe Morgan would not be very happy about stepping down and another one when we see how Hotch acts like Morgan, reckless and impulsive, and then Morgans lectures him about it and Emily just chuckles at the situation.
    In the BAU Garcia prepares a surprise for Morgan. She got him an office with JJ's help. While the team is out, Penelope arranges the office including a fun drawer with a picture of her and some toys and they share another Morgan/Garcia sweet moment.
    Good chapter with a creepy killer and some personal developements:)
  • someone has a kink for eyes. Morgan is head, heartbreak! i want hotch back!!!

    Okay, yes there's a maniac on the loose who has a thing for eyes. the first victim is messy, but he gets more efficiant with every kill. not normal right? well, not for the BAU. blah blah blah, turns out to be a broken man who has lost everything, and CAN'T DO EYES!!!!
    but that's not the sad part. Morgan... I love him to death, i do. but he's...this is going to be hard. he's taken to the role of leader, and the stupid strauss want him to succeed in every way possible. the B****! Hotch is okay with everything, but may start to bite with the possiblility of Morgan taking his place, even though this is temp. there will be a show down. The writers know what they're doing to us, and i can't watch. it's like a car crash, with metal twisted around a pole, burning flesh can be smelt, but you can't help but gawk. I need to see this through. I can't! I have to. and morgan's being a dumb butt. He's chasing tail that he knows he can't have. he's gonna get in trouble... and garcia's gonna say i told you so. they're walking into traps, and i can't help but scream at teh television evey wendsday night. I need a life, and CM... someone save them.
  • Really spooky

    Call me crazy or what but I had real trouble watching this episode. I love the show and I think it is probably one of the best if not the best show I am watching currently so I am very eager every week but this was.. I do not know. I was never caught to the story, I found myself too many times not being able to watch the screen. The show has done it before: had very spooky and crouch episodes but this.. somehow was more spooky than usual.

    I did love the storyline with Morgan. I was not very found of the idea of change but it seems to open up a new dimension of Morgan and it looks we get more and more into his char, the life he lives and the way he takes the job. And the ending with office and Garcia was very sweet.
  • Didn't like it. Sigh.

    Sorry, hate to be a party pooper. But I HATED it. Hotch is GONE. Morgan's head of the BAU. There was hardly anything about Reid, or the girls. Gory murders, and sicko unsubs ho hum, ho hum. Sad, sad, sad.
    The whole team is changing. Morgan has got a new love interest - maybe. Reid just has not been doing much the whole season so far. Rossi is not happy. The girls only have support roles this season as well. The writers seem to think that the team needs a shuffle. Instead I think the story lines need a bit of a shuffle. There's got to be more for a BAU team to do than look at gory murders. After all there ARE other criminals in the world.
  • Overall, a great episode, with only a few snags along the way.

    I loved that Morgan made it clear that he was only 'acting' as unit chief when he told Strauss that he wouldn't take Hotch's office. The look on both Hotch and Strauss' face was great.

    I also appreciate that though there is some 'weirdness' with accepting Morgan's new role, the team doesn't seem to have much problem taking their orders from Morgan now. In fact, I think Morgan may be having more of an issue issuing the orders to his team. Its great knowing that the team supports the new roles, even if Morgan is having problems adjusting. I hope this will bring the team closer, and maybe even fix what previously seemed to be a growing strain in the relationship between Hotch and Morgan.

    HATED the whole bit with Morgan and the "girlfriend". I saw this coming, but I really think TPTB dropped the ball here. I have never seen any indication that Derek would be so unprofessional as to cross this huge line. I know there hasn't been a declaration and definitive proof that they are more than friends, but I don't think its too far off.

    Loved the scene right after Reid informed the detective that it was possible the unsub could be eating the eyeballs. To have him eating hard boiled eggs just made me squeamish, but it was a good squeamish (I'm kinda twisted that way, lol). Adored Garcia checking up to make sure that Morgan is faring well in his new role. And her comment when Reid said he was fine, "I know the man is fine, how's he holding up as head honcho?". HILARIOUS, and so Garcia!

    Also this episode highlighted exactly why I love David Rossi. He isn't afraid to ask the hard questions, the ones that everyone else can see, but choose to ignore. Hotch and Morgan may be ignoring it, but Rossi was on point in asking what will happen when Morgan is asked to step down. Sure, we know that Derek will likely do so without issue. But will his brief stint as the man in charge make him long for a team of his own? Will he be able to simply settle back into his previous role as a member of the team? Will Hotch be able to adjust to being back in charge with ease, or will there be issues? These are questions I've been asking myself since Hotch asked Morgan to take his place, and I'm so glad that Rossi got them out there.

    I don't like Strauss. Never have. And I'm wary of the support she's showing Morgan because I think she has ulterior motives. She has hated Aaron since Day 1, so of course it stands to reason she would do everything to use Hotch's stepping down as a way to prove that he is no longer viable as unit chief. I think we'll find that it won't be as easy as we had hoped when Hotch tries to go back to being Unit Chief. I loved Hotch's reply when Morgan told him that he should've waited for backup. "Would you have?" And Prentiss' smile was great.

    Kinda creepy the comment the unsub made to JJ about having pretty eyes. *shudder*

    Love the Morgan/Garcia love at the end. It's been sorely lacking. And it was a great uplifting end to the episode. And yes, I'm completely ignoring that call he made at the last minute. :)
  • The eyes have it was the best thriller episode I have seen in a long time.

    Morgan is super as unit chief. You really got to see the development of his character from overwhelmed, to confident, to super confident. Really nice Shemar!

    I also liked that you got to see the team in a new context with Hotch doing a lot more field work. It was nice seeing him as an agent rather than just a person giving orders.

    The line at the end when Hotch caught the killer and brought him down by himself with Morgan saying "you know you should have waited." and Hotch saying to Morgan, "would you have?" was a classic.

    Excellent episode. I can't wait till next week.
  • Erin Strauss is at it again. Hotch is not doing his job to her satisfaction and so, enter temporary head of the BAU, Derek Morgan.

    We are all more than sure by this point that Erin Strauss is no fan of Hotch but it is, in a way, understandable that she has appointed a temporary 'caretaker' to head the BAU. What I find a little odd is her choice of Derek Morgan. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Morgan's character and Shemar Moore's excellent portrayal of him and I certainly understand why Prentiss wasn't given the job after disappointing Strauss so bitterly after she had put her their purposely to be her 'spy'. But was Morgan really the right choice? Shouldn't it have been Rossi given all his years of experience? That would have made much more sense to me. Morgan is at his best working cases in the field and this episode shows us how tentatively her takes on the leadership role. Anyway, what's done is done and Derek will be in charge until George Foyet is captured.

    Meanwhile, the team are asked to assist in the hunt for a serial killer who removes the eyes of his victims and keeps them as trophies. It all seems fairly routine until they find, after six murders, that the eyes of victim number one were removed in a different way. Creepy stuff indeed.

    Annoyed that the writers are persisting with the whole 'Derek Morgan is having a personal relationship with the sister of a previous victim from another case' storyline. Surely as the head of the team and very new to the position, THAT would be his main focus? Garcia was right to be worried about his ongoing interaction with Tamara Barnes, which is probably why he doesn't divulge that it is continuing.

    Rossi notes how, after a tentative start, Morgan seems to be really enjoying his new position and wonders whether he will willingly relinquish it if and when it is time for Hotch to have his position back?

    In this episode, I feel the main concentration was more on Morgan than anything else. It was almost as though the killer they were hunting was secondary. It was, in my opinion, an ok episode and there was certainly some terrific work by Shemar Moore.
  • Very creepy (and great) case - and the ending was phenomenal!


    This was a beautiful episode of CriminLal Minds, in terms of Derek and Garcia and at the very end, it was really sweet how she had created an office for him - especially the photograph in the drawer!

    Furthermore, regarding the actual case, it was a really creepty one - watching the UnSub hunt was quite spooky, but the suspense factor is definitely worthy of a 10/10. I love how what led them to discover the occupation of the killer, with regards to the damaged eye! That was truly brilliant writing!

    I also loved the ending, with Hotch chasing him down! Very well don! So far, it has been really interesting seeking Derek Morgan in charge! I hope he does well, but obviously Hotch should get back there sooner or later! I still don't like Strauss though.

    All up, I totally loved this episode! Please keep up Criminal Minds!

  • The ending was super cute!

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. This episode marks the first one, where Derek is acting unit chief. The team travel to Oklahoma City to help local authorities track a serial killer who removes the eyes of his murder victims and keeps the eyes as souvenirs.
    The case is creepy, but soon they manage to ID the killer and arrest him. As the episode ends, we see that there seems to be something happening between Hotch and Emily. AS the episode draws to a close, we see that Garcia has sorted out an office for Morgan. Overall a really good episode, that perhaps I shouldn't have watched in the dark.
  • Oanh Ly is one of the outstanding CM writers. A really well-balanced story which managed to find good time to develop the case and to explore the new situation in the BAU team. Morgan great in leadership role.

    This is how you do it. A really nicely balanced and energetic story. The suspense felt by the victims was palpable and great how each incident was developed. Often it seems that stories come unstuck when there's a big team issue to deal with but not this time. The leadership matter didn't displace the needs either of building tension in the investigation or of establishing emotional contact with the victims. The Buddhist family made sure you didn't lose sight of the human cost.

    Loved very much Morgan in the lead. I hope he stays there. He is warmer than Hotch (I feel) and would be an easier guy to work for, more open and available to the others. Having said that, I trust Rossi is right that there will be fireworks later if Hotch tries to come back. Like a bit of conflict. Lovely to see Strauss again. I'm a fan!

    Actually, there are three balls Oanh Ly kept in the air. 1. interesting case 2. Morgan's story 3. establish potent matter for later development. Can she write more please?

    My only regret was the small role played by Rossi. Come on! Let's see more of his lovely beardy face. Crazy to me that you have JM and don't use him more.

    Most of all and particularly as this episode followed 'Cradle to Grave', I appreciate how Ly gives time and dignity to the victims and their families. Great pace. NIce directing. One of the three episodes from this season I'll definitely watch again.
  • I really liked this episode! Perfect balance between case, gore, personal lives and a little humor.

    I really liked this episode! Perfect balance between case, gore, personal lives and a little humor.

    Even though I had to hold off on lunch after the egg thing. (and that wasn't the only "Eww!" I uttered)

    Laughed out loud at Garcia's line "I know the man is fine, but how's he holding up as head honcho" (sp?) I really like those surprise hilarious moments in between all the gruesomeness.

    Very interesting to see Morgan in charge - balancing the case and his new 'she's not my girlfriend', and they're already setting us up for a 'struggle' for when Hotchner takes his old position back, and Morgan has to step down again.
  • I want hotch back

    Yes my preeties while i do love Morgan I do not love him as unit chief that job belongs to Hotch and Hotch alone, it's a good episode with a creepy very scary murderer, it just wasn't the same Morgan just doesn't have the same chemistry as leader of the team, and why didn't hotch just make Rossi temporary Unit Chief he did the job before.

    On to the case i liked the killer storyline mind you i prefer my eyes in my eye sockets thank you, still good though am so so so excited about the 100th that's coming Outfoxed sounds good, actually great.

    One thing i can't believe is that the team didn't have more questions about Morgan becoming Unit Chief I think if your going to bring in a storyline like that then it should cause tension between the characters, and i agree with what Rossi said there is no way in hell that Morgan's gonna give that job up, and hotch has burned to many bridges with Strauss to have her support we will have to wait and see hope it's good.
  • great show, that morgan super. all the actors fit together with the cast.

    i love the show, and i don't miss it. it keeps me in suspense. super show and i can say that my entire family watch it and also my sisters and brothers, thats much older. yea the whole family enjoy the show. i find myself seaching the guide to see what other channels and what other networks has it playing, i bounce around to catch all of them. i think that i have gotten hooked on trying to keep up with the ones i have seen vs the ones that i haven't seen, yet i still watch whatever one is one at the time i could see.
  • Morgan's in Charge! :(

    Ok, here's the 'official' synopsis:

    The BAU is called to Oklahoma City to help local authorities track a serial killer who removes the eyes of his murder victims and keeps the eyes as souvenirs.

    This was a great and creepy episode both at the same time! Taxidermy and murder....icky! The team gets the news that Morgan is taking over and they seem to be okay w/ it, I suppose.....Rossi isn't though. I have to agree. Sometimes Morgan can be a little rough around the edges and he can be a little pig-headed and I don't think that he'll want Hotch to take the unit back over when it comes the time and it'll be interesting to see what happens...