Criminal Minds

Season 8 Episode 7

The Fallen

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 2012 on CBS

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  • My Fave episode of all ... but ....

    I love this episode from start to finish. The ending still makes me cry (OMG when Rossi says "Welcome Home Marine" and Scott says "Oorah" tears just stream. And that final song is just the icing on the cake. Loved the way they dealt with Scott and the flashbacks gave great insight. Loved seeing Rossi as anything other than the cool calm collected guy we know and love today. Also loved the whole "Vets helped you now you have to help them" tone of the episode. And I also loved the fact that the homeless were dealt with in a respectful way (unlike some other shows I have seen)

    However - did anyone else catch the slip up in Rossi's alleged age? In Season 3 he says he is 52. So 5 years later he should be 57 (unless i have suddenly lost the ability to count?) The youngest guys in Nam were 18/19 - so if Rossi was 18 in 1969 (as that is the year the flashback states) then he is in fact 62. When did he suddenly get 5 years older in one year? :) Still my absolute fave though!
  • The usual and good

    Criminal Minds just keeps getting better and better this season... Less unsub and more profilers (although less Reid... my one complaint for this week)... The storyline was good and so was the flashbacks about Rossi... The unsub and the crimes weren't unusual as one reviewer said but wasn't boring (like some of the episodes from s6 and s7)...

    Enjoying it this season... Thank u writers... Finally... :)
  • Phenomenal back-story!

    Today, I definitely think I enjoyed the back-story for Rossi much more than I enjoyed the case, even thought the case was a good one. A killer cleansing the city of homeless people is - admittedly, the not very unique storyline - but nonetheless, a very enjoyable and interesting case as well.

    There was an absolutely hilarious moment when Reid was like - "She was in the city for 2 months and didn't make any friends. I thought that only happened to me!" - or something along those lines, and I thought that comment was really funny and I was laughing!

    The back story was phenomenal and very insightful - and I think the 'dedictaion' for the next book was perfectly incorporated into this episode. Would love to read that book!

    Keep it up, Criminal Minds! Am definitely looking forward to the next one!
  • Nice to see some background on Rossi

    It was very nice to see some more background on Rossi. Especially from when he was so young.

    Other than that it was a good episode, but felt a bit shirt. Like everyone happened too quickly.

    I guess it gets like that when there's only a 42 minute episode.

    This wasn't my favorite episode, but close to it. It was very good. And I like it when Criminal Minds focuses on the people at more risk of getting killed or that society doesn't want to know about.
  • Final Song for The Fallen

    It was Home by Rockie Lynne. try the website and it provides details on all music for all TV shows. Hope this helps you awburch
  • Ooorah!

    The Character, Rossi, is the main reason I am a fan of Criminal minds. Awesome episode! But I'd like to know the title of the end song that had the lyrics; "you were 18 and called to duty," if anyone can give me that info. I'd give this episode top marks!

  • When a serial killer is killing homeless people Rossi fears his old friend from the marines is in danger.

    Rossi meets up with his old marine sergeant Harrison Scott under bad circumstances when a serial killer is killing homeless people and burning them which puts Harrison in danger along with many homeless people.When Rossi finds he is homeless he tries his best to help him but Harrison doesn't want any help which leads to him nearly becoming another victim when he tries to save a women's life from the killer.Later on we find the killer is killing homeless people because they made him sick and he blames them all and when Harrison helps to identify him the killer targets him.When the team manage to save Harrison Rossi learns a shocking truth about his past which is that in Vietnam a marine called Hernandez let himself die to save him and Harrison.It was a nice way to end it with Rossi and Harrison paying their respects to Hernandez who has not only saved their lives but the many people Rossi has saved from joining the FBI.