Criminal Minds

Season 5 Episode 18

The Fight

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 07, 2010 on CBS

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  • jason wiles again?

    huh? jason wiles in this episode...he was a guest star on an epi in season 2 episode 4 as a bad guy who got arrested. so why use jason again as a victim? that does not make any sense 2 there are not enough actors in LA to play that part? i doubt that. LOL
  • Not quite as dire as the other reviewers led me to believe....


    Although the members of the other team didn't strike me as interesting enough to build a spinoff show around, it was nice to see that there was more than one BAU team. Too often the team of this show is presented as isolated. The impact of the larger FBI organization is generally limited to dodging the petty political games being played at a higher level (but never by the team members). Therefore, I found it interesting to see them interact with a peer team even if the case seemed too small to warrant the deployment of 2 BAU teams.

    Unfortunately, however, the desire to quickly introduce this other team as quirky characters in order to build a spinoff led to some very poor writing. I see that the other show was cancelled rather quickly and I suppose that was due to this kind of sloppy writing that equates quirky/eccentric formulas with interesting character-driven drama.

    All that being said, I thought the particular psychopathology of this case was quite interesting and deserved better development. I found it unbelievable that the linkage between the 3 dead males and the father/daughter pairs was simply a "gut instinct" of the other team leader. Furthermore, if he had enough "weight" to be able to hand-pick his team (and include both foreign nationals and ex-cons on that team) then I would have expected his instincts to have been respected by the hierarchy as well. I also wonder how Erin Strauss keeps her job, since her subordinates constantly and publicly flout her orders.

    In the end, even though I will agree that this was a sub-par episode, I didn't find it quite as abysmal as some of the other viewers. I do, however, hope that future episodes willget back on track with some better scripting.

  • Welcome to Criminal Minds Forest Whitaker...

    So we finally get a glimpse of Minds 2.0. I must admit my reaction is a bit mixed. I liked the overall story. The plot of the crazy guy who forces men to fight was well done and the end sequence of his hunt was great. Hotch and Team were excellent as always. As for the new team, I wasn't as blown away as I wanted to be. I liked them overall, Forest was good although at times a bit flat, hopefully they'll give him more character to work through. Beau and Michael were both fine, although Beau as well needs more depth, okay well they all do, but that's hopefully coming. I was fine with Matt Ryan, but please for everyone's sake someone please teach Matt Ryan how to do a British accent, that was painful. My chief concern with the new spin-off is that it will become too much like NCIS Los Angeles or CSI Miami, in other words all action and style and no plot or characters. But I definitely think there is potential and I eagerly await it's debut to see where it goes.
    Overall, solid episode. Not the show's best, but that's hardly saying anything.
  • Introducing spin-off chars

    So.. This was the episode so many people have been talking.. so much hopes have been put and many people were sure if will be disastrous.

    What I think? I can say it was not way the best Criminal Minds episode I have seen and at first glance I thought the new team is.. quite dull.. They did managed to bring some excitement up and open their stories but sorry.. I think they are still too onelayered. Maybe it is too early to say but.. Only one who made me some impression was that english guy.. and worst impression came from that woman. All femal agents original team have had have been that kind of.. believable but she seems to be way too much look not enough depth. And I do not mean char depth.. the way to play.. acting depth. Sorry, but she looked so plain on screen. Cooper, ofcourse will probably be the most dynamic person of the new team.. and for sure, they have great actor behind him.. so I think when their "show" starts, he will have great weight to carry.

    Ok.. but to the story. I most say, it was too plain. I understand that because most of the effort on this episode was given to new chars and bringing as much as we can out of them.. so story was predictable and not very logical.. But.. I am quite fine with this episode if this means I will get two episodes of Criminal Minds next season.. if only the second team will manage to be as good, have as deep stories as the first one.
  • Much better than NCIS: Los Angeles introduction...

    I personally don't like spin-offs. They're fine if there's nothing else on TV but I'll probably never pine for a new episode every week. While the episode was okay, don't get me wrong there, it just didn't quite live up to the expectation. Though I'm not going to judge just yet... I absolutely hated the first two Private Practice episodes. To me, it was physically painful to sit through them, BUT; though I don't pine for a weekly episode, I find it rather good as it is now. I do hope the show won't dissapoint, I love Criminal Minds so much and would hate to have something like a bad spin-off shadow the brilliance.
  • Disappointed is the word I'll use to describe my feelings about this episode.

    I missed something, and I can't describe it, but usually when I've watched an episode I feel like wauw, this was great. After watching this episode, my thoughts were more like: "WAUW, if this is what the Mind 2.0 show is gonna be like, it'll suck, and not in a good way".

    I loved Matt Ryan's role, but I love accents, I think Forrest is a great actor, but he just seems misplaced here. If this was the preview of a spin-off, they did a bad job, almost as bad as NCIS L.A. Why, couldn't they have done it more like the J.A.G episode where they introduced NCIS?

    I was having problems with finding info about Matt Ryan, IMDB mentions a lot of Matt Ryan's, but the one for this episode only has this episode in his Filmography (, but here on he has played lots of roles... if the Matt Ryan that played those roles is the same as in this Ep, than he was born in the UK, and then I don't understand why some would criticize his accent?

    But back to this episode... I didn't like it, I thought it was missing something, and I especially missed Spencer Reid... I love this character. I hope that when Mind 2.0 finally begins, then it will be better than what I saw in this episode.
  • Shallow, watered-down, poorly executed

    It is rare that Criminals Minds does not deliver. But I have to say I am concerned because the last two episodes have been quite below the standard this show has maintained for almost 5 seasons. The previous week's episode was a disappointment mostly because I expected something great after such a long break; I expected steak and got a burger... This week, however, was truly a case of poor writing, poor editing, poor everything. The actual premise of the unsub was interesting and had promise, but the show tried to do WAY too much in 44 minutes. They easily could have done a two part special and produced a much better result. The problem is, they used a poorly executed story to introduce the new cast. Now we are left with a bad impression of the new show! And the new cast, another reviewer's reference to the next Mission Impossible team could not be more accurate. A sniper, a hacker, a yoda-type team leader, and a useless woman... And pairing each team member with their CM1 counterpart to say, "this person takes on a role similar to Morgan, etc"...??
    I bet the original cast hated doing this episode because it made them look irrelevant by association. And what was up with the lack of SSA Reid? The creators clearly forgot their audience. We don't want or need dumbed-down story lines. We expect to be be provoked and all we got was annoyed. This is a bad kickoff for the new series and the producers have a lot of work ahead of them. Forest Whitaker is a brilliant actor, one of the finest of the century perhaps, but he will be the shows downfall if the surrounding cast is not interesting enough to avoid being overpowered by his presence.
  • not bad. but i have seen better episodes of criminal minds.

    this episode wasnt completly bad i liked it in my opinion it was very graphic with the fighting scenes and that but in again so are most of the cases that the bau team solves. on my personal thought i wasnt a huge fan of people on the criminal minds spinoff but in again it was just the start of the spinoff so i will most likely give the spinoff another try when it comes on tv. i also didnt think there was alot of team connection with the reqular characters of criminal minds there wasnt much jokes between morgan and reid and the rest of the team. i love criminal minds but i wasnt the hughest fan of this episode.
  • Not a big fan of this episode to be honest, loved the team, but didn't like the spin-off team.

    After such a big break I really really wanted to like this episode, I really did. But it was a little disappointing. I love criminal minds and all the characters are so original that I can't see them making new interesting and engaging characters. Same with the story lines - how are they going to keep coming up with brand new ideas for both criminal minds and minds 2.0? (btw, the name is stupid.) Forest Whittaker was good definitely, but I found his character a bit annoying. The whole nearly crying thing over the boy? Seriously, I thought it was way too over the top. And it really pissed me off at the end where the woman gave him the girls photo, just like Gideon used to do. No! Just because he's not on the show any more doesn't mean you can make a new one. The British guy was quite cool, I liked the flirting with Emily. (And I liked her snarky replies) but I thought the actor wasn't so good. Not bad, but not great. The whole sniper thing is also cool and unusual, but a bit pointless as profilers don't spend the majority of their time sniping suspects. The blonde woman (Gina?) was typical. They have to have a beautiful woman. This actress was good, but I can't see where they would develop her character. She seemed a bit empty. And at the beginning where she teased the Brit it just made it seem like she was trying to be a less impressive Reid. The 'Prophet' just irritated me. He is a criminal, and I don't know how lenient the FBI is with letting ex-con's be SSA's, but maybe they do. When they were determining who the missing father and daughter were (and I really don't think that would have worked. Do you know how many brunettes between the ages of 13 and 18 there are in San Francisco? And I'm sure that not only one father and daughter set would have missed school and work) and he told them who they were and Cooper was like: The Prophet speaks. Come on, he read out a name. Any one else could have!

    Thought Emily was great in this episode. Fantastic action sequences, like chasing the junkie, and like I said I like her with the Brit. She was also lucky to actually be in this episode. Garcia had about three lines all after thirty minutes, Morgan, Reid and JJ were barely in it at all! Seriously, we got like four glimpses of them. Overall, I thought the team (the real team) were awesome as usual but that the spin-off team were poor. I'll watch Minds 2.0, but I don't think I'll enjoy it.
  • Toxic shaky cam fight scene

    I am disgusted with the current practice of using shaky cam and jump cuts during "action" sequences. Any time it appears, I am not entertained. I avert my eyes, fast forward, or just stop viewing. I know I am not alone, because others find it offensive, too.

    The proponents may argue that it enhances "emotion" - but nausea is my only reaction. Entertainment that annoys is not entertainment. And I, for one, am not going to tolerate it anymore.

    I will no longer quietly endure this crappy, lazy practice, and will object every time, in every way possible.

    Criminal Minds is "criminal" in its production, when it mars the pristine image with unwatchable editing.
  • Interesting case + introduction of spinoff characters = ???

    The case was very interesting. Set in San Francisco, involving a man who kills homeless people for 3 days and on the 4th day, kills a father and daughter. Although I have to say, the case would be much more interesting if they did not introduce the spinoff characters. One team on a case is enough, two is overkill.

    The chemistry between the spinoff characters just did not work. It's nothing compared to the original Criminal Minds. While the episode was busy introducing the spinoff characters, the main characters and the case were ignored. From the very beginning, I was against the production of a Criminal Minds spinoff. Based on the interactions between all the Criminal Minds spinoff characters, it just doesn't work or flow. Overall, the episode was in a different format than the other Criminal Minds episodes. Which IS understandable considering that the episode was busy introducing new characters. Pushing away my opinion about spinoff shows, this case was pretty good. It was interesting enough to attract my attention, but the shifting between the two teams back to the case stifled by excitement. Plus, there was no fun banter between Garcia and Morgan!
  • This is the worst episode of Criminal Minds. It actually wasn't even an episode of Criminal Minds, but vehicle to introduce the spin-off characters. And it suffered badly for the attempt.

    I just disliked this episode so strongly. The writers sacrificed the integrity and quality of the show to introduce these characters whom I did not want to meet. The trademark of the show, the psychology of the killer, non-existent, they didn't spend anytime rationalising his actions. That's really the lynch pin of Criminal Minds. Furthermore, the tone of the episode the feeling a Criminal Minds episode has was lost. When I think back on all the great serial killers that have featured on the show... Excellent and chilling special guests like C. Thomas Howell as the Reaper, Keith Carridine as Frank, Jaime Kennedy as Floyd Feylinn Ferell... it shows how weak the development of this week's serial killer was. The actual serial killer took a backseat story wise to the purpose of chucking in these new characters.

    It was a hijacking. The world of the characters that viewers love and follow usurped by people we don't know and don't like. The rapport between the established characters and this new set was terrible, only Hotch and Cooper had any semblance of rapport and it was very limited. Plus, these newcomers, who mean nothing to the viewer 'saved the day', really irritating. I watch to see the characters I know 'save the day'. Reid, JJ and Garcia didn't say 10 lines between them. Emily's banter with Morgan and Rossi, gone, for something forced and horrible with the British interloper.

    If they had done a Criminal Minds spin off pilot, I probably would have watched it. But now I dislike these characters so strongly I never want to see them again, because it will always remind me of how irritated I was when they took over Criminal Minds.

    I sat down to watch one show and they delivered a completely different show. That episode quite simply was not Criminal Minds. Badly done. Return it to rights please.
  • Only thing missing was Joel and the bots at the bottom of the screen.

    "I am Jack's wasted episode of Criminal Minds." Worst episode EVER. Heck, it didn't even feel like a CM episode, just a really lame B movie that somehow made it to primetime, or a poorly written fanfic that somehow got made into an episode. Either way, the plot was contrived, predictable, and boring. The new characters were dull and cliched. The script stank to high heaven, and I wasn't buying any of it. Every show has it's not-so-great episodes, admittedly, but due to the influx of new, boring characters in addition to the boring script and boring plot, this ep didn't even have the saving grace of featuring its usual magnificent cast in the limelight, whose raw talent has previously been strong enough to carry an episode with a weak plot or script. I really hope this stinkbomb was a one-off. Otherwise, CM hasn't just jumped the shark, it's pole vaulted over the whole friggen aquarium.
  • The team joins up with another to solve a case.

    I wanted to like this episode more, but unfortunately, it wasn't to be. Two teams, too many personalities, and a wishy-washy story made for a busy episode without much substance. We hardly got to know the new people, and that lack of connection makes it hard to definitively say "I want to watch this!". I'll probably give it a shot, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for better writing and character development.

    It was fun for me to see Jason Brooks as the Unsub, a role he did well with. I'll give the spin-off a shot, just because I kinda like the Brit on the new team. But for this episode, it definitely wasn't one of my favorites.
  • Not my favorite, but was it really as bad as a 7.4?

    Let's start with the positives. Forrest Whitaker was excellent, of course. The banter between Emily and Matt Ryan's character was cute, and the scene with her running through the street was awesome. Also, the ending scene where she leaned over the edge (I won't say more in case of spoilers) OH! And Hotch smiled! Now for the not-so-hot. Beau Garrett, who I thought was excellent in House, just didn't do it for me as a profiler. Need to see a little bit more of Prophet's character before I make up my mind. The case itself was disturbing and had the potential to be good, but the profile itself was very basic and mostly focused on the characters (which was to be expected, but still).But hey! Does anyone remember Garcia? JJ? Did Reid even have more than one line? Favorite line? "Agent Hotchner, Erin Strauss." =O. She gives me the creeps forever and ever.
  • Great intro to new spin off.but we need to look beyond that..storyline as good as any previous Criminal Minds episodes..

    I liked this one ...not just because I love the show but I love the new characters for the spin off..think we should give it a chance...Forest Whitaker is going to be great as a new SSA and I really like the English guy & new female agent as well. The storyline was pretty good, certainly not deserving of some of the very low scores I have seen here..I hope that when the spin off finally gets a name & we get to know the new characters that it has a much success a this's all just more to love..
  • A decent episode but too many new characters and not enough from the regular cast.

    I thought this episode was okay, nothing special but watchable. I liked the introduction of the new characters for the spin off but it felt like the episode was just a way to introduce them and I missed the regular characters. Reid was in it for about a minute and JJ was barely in it either. The storyline was decent enough though and it did draw you in but there wasn't so much profiling going on. The script was a bit lacking in some places and it seemed like it was trying too hard to introduce the new characters to the viewer. It basically outlined who each of the new team are and they found ways to tell us what they are like, how they met etc when a lot of this could have been established in the first episode of the new show.
  • Should not be seen as an episode of criminal minds. Suspect behaviour should get cancelled soon

    1 word: Pathetic. A weak and feeble attempt to prove why JJ should be fired just so as to assemble a new cast that showed no character. It felt like the flashy CSI: Miami without any substance to it. As a fan of criminal minds, I hope that suspect behaviour would get cancelled out soon so that the producers can just focus on 1 GOOD show. Criminal minds is not like this. Please dont let this be another CSI franchise. We do not need one, neither do we want one. We want JJ back! Producers, if you are reading this, please bring JJ back :).
  • Oh dear. If this is the shape of things to come then the spin-off and possibly 'Criminal Minds' itself are in BIG trouble.

    I was interested to see how this episode would play out and I HAD hoped that it would be a good one. It wasn't. It was just awful. The new characters, with the exception of 'British Sniper Dude' were like cardboard cut outs, particularly the female. And as for 'Prophet' ...??? Forrest Whitaker is an excellent actor and can certainly do better than this garbage.

    Watching our BAU team lead them around and thereby hopefully make 'Criminal Minds' fans like them a bit more just did NOT work for me at all.

    The premise of the case was a good one and, in theory, hooking up with another BAU team should have been an excellent idea but the whole thing just fell completely and utterly flat and not even the presence of the 'CM' cast could make it any better. Is it any wonder that this show is going to be a mid-season replacement? I can't imagine it would get any viewers otherwise.

  • Bad episode

    They had Emily Prentiss, who is usually a kick-ass agent, play with the idiot ball and put away her gun before checking to see if the unsub is dead. If they cannot make the new team look good without making the old team look bad, they have more than a few problems.

    Worst of all, they've put a foreign national and a convicted felon on an FBI team. A) this is the most prestigious unit at the Bureau and B) neither is allowed, by law, to work for the FBI. Add to that the British character is smarmy and really creepy, I mean, how inappropriate is it for him to be hitting on Emily during a stake-out, he puts her in danger without accepting any for himself. He gets to be up on the rooftops while following his bum lead gets Emily hit by a car.

    This was just terrible.
  • Worst episode ever. It didn't even feel like Criminal Minds at all.

    I don't know what writers were thinking when they put together this episode, but I am sure it wasn't in a Criminal Minds history or Criminal Minds characters. It was a poor introduction to a Criminal Minds spin off and based on this episode I wouldn't even watch this new show. The episode was all about action scenes and the new team. All the old team members were either out of character (as Prentiss and Morgan) or non existent (as in the case of Garcia and Reid).
    I am glad that they were back on track on the next episodes of Criminal Minds.
  • I worship Criminal Minds. It's such a huge part of my life, it's pathetic. But this ep? Worst.crap.ever.

    OOC: basically every member of the team.
    annoying: literally every member of the new team.
    overwritten: every member of the new team.
    bad acting: every member of the new team.
    poorly introduced backgrounds: every member of the new team.
    stereotypes: all over the place.

    so, obviously I won't watch the spin-off. Which is bad news enough. But now I also have this nasty blimp on my radar, whenever I'll watch season 5 again. Because seriously? This is painful. Why? Why Ed Bernero did you allow this F*ery? Where are the writers of Revelations, 100, Penelope? Where is JJ? Where is our! Emily? We had to wait 3 weeks for this?
  • While the "other" team did not appear to be very interesting in this episode, the case was borderline decent but a bit nightmare-inducing. (When reading this review, keep in mind that I haven't sseen any episodes of CCriminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.)

    This was the episode which introduced the spin-off of Criminal Minds; Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour. While the team from the new show did not appaer to be very interesting in what we saw today, I did enjoye Cooper's relationship with Hotchner at the very least.

    Moving on from Suspect Behaviour, the case in this episode was a different and interesting one, but I did think it was a little bit of a nightmare one, in the sense that if you don't have a strong stomach, this is one of those episodes that could give you nightmares.

    I haven't seen Suspect Behaviour yet, but if you have seen it/are planning to see it, I would recommen d this episode, as it introduces their eteam, but in the contect of Criminal Minds alone, not a very good episode.
  • Too much, too little: let's get back to CM1 and wait for next year.

    As a long-time fan of Criminal Minds, this episode that introduces the cast of next year's spin-off was entirely disappointing. The beauty of CM is in the strength of the humanity in each character. Plots notwithstanding, the loyalty to the show comes from fan appreciation of character: Hotch's dedication to the job at the expense of family, Reid's recurring nightmares in spite of his intellect, Garcia's revulsion of the crimes once thought humanly impossible, and Morgan's intensity brought to reality when we find out about his past. Each character is ultimately human, and more to the point, someone that we can relate with because of the normality of their conditions. The casting for CM2 has lost that appeal, with characters seemingly hand-picked by Jim Phelps as he prepared for the next Mission:Impossible task... a rogue FBI profiler with a mysterious past, a Brit sniper from special ops, an ex-con computer dude and the obligatory sexy chick. Truly uninspired and unfortunately cliche. There wasn't enough time for any character development, the script was ultimately designed to introduce these people by superficial commentary, and the storyline suffered the usual depth we fans appreciate. Ultimately, they tried to fill in an hour with too many characters, too little time, and mush as a result.

    My plan: 1) let this one go by the wayside and hope that the original CM keeps up with stellar writing and acting for the rest of this season 2) wait for next season to see if better writing can make up for the conscripted casting of CM2, and 3) hope that CM2 does not bring down the excellence of CM1.