Criminal Minds

Season 5 Episode 18

The Fight

Aired Wednesday Apr 07, 2010 on CBS

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  • Not quite as dire as the other reviewers led me to believe....


    Although the members of the other team didn't strike me as interesting enough to build a spinoff show around, it was nice to see that there was more than one BAU team. Too often the team of this show is presented as isolated. The impact of the larger FBI organization is generally limited to dodging the petty political games being played at a higher level (but never by the team members). Therefore, I found it interesting to see them interact with a peer team even if the case seemed too small to warrant the deployment of 2 BAU teams.

    Unfortunately, however, the desire to quickly introduce this other team as quirky characters in order to build a spinoff led to some very poor writing. I see that the other show was cancelled rather quickly and I suppose that was due to this kind of sloppy writing that equates quirky/eccentric formulas with interesting character-driven drama.

    All that being said, I thought the particular psychopathology of this case was quite interesting and deserved better development. I found it unbelievable that the linkage between the 3 dead males and the father/daughter pairs was simply a "gut instinct" of the other team leader. Furthermore, if he had enough "weight" to be able to hand-pick his team (and include both foreign nationals and ex-cons on that team) then I would have expected his instincts to have been respected by the hierarchy as well. I also wonder how Erin Strauss keeps her job, since her subordinates constantly and publicly flout her orders.

    In the end, even though I will agree that this was a sub-par episode, I didn't find it quite as abysmal as some of the other viewers. I do, however, hope that future episodes willget back on track with some better scripting.

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