Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 22

The Fisher King (1)

Aired Wednesday May 10, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

Open to what appears to be a castle or a fortress. Viewers are taken into the house and down to the basement where a young woman is being held captive. The woman is sleeping and a man toys with her hair as he holds a knife above her head. Inside the BAU break room, Morgan and Elle are discussing their upcoming vacation in Jamaica. They walk back to their desks, holding cups of coffee, talking about what it will be like away from the office for two weeks. They return to their desks where Reid is packing. Morgan tries to get Reid to join them in Jamaica, but he thanks them, declines, and tells them he is going back home. His tone worries Morgan because Reid sounds despondent about going home to his family. After Reid leaves, Morgan looks at Elle and asks her, "Did he seem all right to you?" Elle responds, "He looks about the same as I would if I were going to be spending two weeks with my family." Hotch descends the stairs from his office to leave. He tells Elle, "Hey, don't knock family. I am going to be getting nothing but for the next 336 hours." Hotch is happily married with a baby boy, and he appears to be concerned by how often his job takes him away from them. Gideon practically flies out the door after he tells Morgan and Elle he is going to be lost in a cabin in the woods and for them not to call him. He turns around before he leaves to wish them an enjoyable vacation, and says, "I mean it. Don't call me." Pan through a scene of many different photos of all the members of the team. A phone rings and an unseen man answers, listens, and says, "Thank you." A woman is tied to a bed and the man calls her "my darling" and tells her he must go out but that soon it will all be over. She begins to scream hysterically and try to free herself. Morgan and Elle are relaxing on beach chairs in Montego Bay. Morgan's friend, who manages the resort, drops to say hello. As they talk, Morgan spies a couple of attractive girls and he goes over to introduce himself. While Morgan makes new friends, Elle lies back on her chair and is startled by a Frisbee that lands on the ground beside her. An attractive man comes over to retrieve it and invites her to play. She joins the man and enjoys a dance with him along with Morgan and his new friend. At his home, Hotch cleans out the garage. He finds a pirate hat he had worn in a school play during his junior year of high school. His wife, Haley, tells him if he can come up with a good reason by the end of the day, he can keep the hat. Later that night, Haley comes downstairs after putting the baby to bed and joins Hotch on the couch. He tells her how happy he is to be home with them and she asks him what he was looking at. He holds up their junior year high school yearbook - Reflections 1987. He relates how the day he got the book: it was the end of junior year and he was walking down the hall when he accidentally walked into a theater club rehearsal. It was then he first saw her and he knew right then he wanted to marry her. He had looked her up that night and knew he had to meet her. He joined the theater club the next day and ended up being in Gilbert & Sullivan's "Pirates of Penance" as "the worst fourth pirate in history." Haley kisses him and tells him, "You can keep the hat." Gideon is at his cabin listening to music as he prepares a gourmet feast. He then hears a buzzer, which is a signal of an approaching vehicle. A cabinet opens to reveal a security system with cameras that monitor the road outside. An SUV is approaching. Gideon continues to cook while keeping an eye on the monitors. His visitor turns out to be a lady friend, who is meeting Gideon for a romantic rendezvous. JJ and Garcia are still at the BAU because they don't have the same vacation schedule as the rest of the team. JJ enters Garcia's office where Garcia is playing an online game called Camelot. Garcia explains it is an online world and the characters are the online alter-egos of actual people. Reid is at the Bennington Sanitarium in Nevada, where his schizophrenic mother is a patient. Reid talks to Dr. Jesson, who had looked for him when she heard he was there. The doctor tells Reid the medication takes care of the worst of his mother's symptoms, but she still has bad days. She also tells him that Diana Reid is happiest when she is writing in her journals and receiving his daily letters. She tells him his mother is exceptionally proud of him and her journals are full of stories of his cases. It is revealed that Diana was once a professor of 15th century literature. Reid tells Dr. Jesson he would prefer to let his mother rest that day and will return tomorrow. He asks the doctor to give his mother a book he brought her by Marjorie Kemp, his mother's favorite author. Hotch receives a bizarre phone call. "Please disregard the first two deaths. They were unrepentant bad men. She is the important one. Remember, everything starts at the beginning. There won't be much time. The youngest holds the key. You must help him save her." At the resort in Jamaica, Morgan's manager friend leads the Montego Bay police to Room #19 because he had received a phone call advising him a murder had been committed there. Earlier, he had sent someone from maintenance to check it out and a trail of blood along the walls had been discovered. The police ask for the room key and they open the door to find a decapitated body. A blood trail leads straight to Elle's room, where she is thrown out of bed to the floor by the police and arrested for the murder. While playing her online game, Garcia's computer, which she had hooked up her personal laptop to the internet at the BAU office, was hacked. The unsub had hacked through it to get into the FBI's computers. First, the monitor had read "Game Over," then it changed to "All work no play." The words began to repeat all over the screen of every computer in the office. During the hack, the unsub got into the team members' personal files. Strange packages begin to be delivered. Gideon receives a box at his cabin from Montego Bay that contains a severed head, which is accompanied by a 1963 Nellie Fox baseball card. Fox had played second base for the Chicago White Sox from 1950-1963 and was the MVP in 1959. Gideon later explains to the rest of the team that Nellie Fox had been his idol then, and he and his father had gone to just about every game in 1959. Elle is being detained in a police interrogation room trying to explain to a detective that she didn't know anything about the murder. He asks her who the victim is and asks her where she put the head. She tells him she hadn't even known there had been a murder until she had been rousted from her bed. Another officer walks in carrying a folder that contains a crime scene photo from the room where the body was found. The detective shows Elle the photo of a wall with "Save Her" written in blood on it and asks if she is the "her." Morgan and the Montego Bay police detective in charge discuss the murder, and Morgan tries to convince them of Elle's innocence. His friend from the resort arrives and informs them the victim's name was Marty Harris, and he had checked in with a man named Frank Giles, who had been in the adjoining room two days before. Morgan kicks down the door between the rooms and they see the bed had not even been slept in. Morgan tells them it looks as though he had done a runner, which gave them a legitimate suspect. Gideon enters the office and meets with JJ who asks him about the head. He tells her it had come from Montego Bay. JJ tells him Morgan and Elle are in Jamaica, and there had been a murder, the victim was decapitated, and Elle had been arrested. She tells Gideon that Morgan had called Hotch, who was on his way to Jamaica with FBI lawyers and crime scene investigators. Gideon tells her to call him if they call her. Hotch enters the interrogation room where Elle is being detained, and informs the detective that the body had been dead for over 24 hours and Elle had not arrived in Jamaica until the previous afternoon - she was not even in Jamaica when the murder had occurred. He assures him that Elle and Morgan will be happy to cooperate in the investigation, but it will be from Quantico, Virginia. Back in her office, JJ receives a package and opens it to find a pale clouded yellow butterfly, which is indigenous to England, along with a note that reads: "She has been searched for but never been found." JJ had collected butterflies as a girl, which she later reveals to the team. When she shows the butterfly to Gideon, he replies, "What the hell is going on here?" In Nevada, Reid returns to the sanitarium to visit his mother. He is stopped by the attendant at the reception desk who gives him a package that had arrived during the night. He opens it to find a skeleton key and a note that reads: "She'll die unless you save her, Dr. Reid. Call Gideon, he knows." Back in Virginia, the rest of the team regroups and discusses the case. Hotch tells them about the phone call. He reads from his notes: "You must help him save her." Elle says, "Now there's a him, too?" Gideon responds, "He must be talking about Reid." JJ tells them Frank Giles had returned to the U.S. on a red-eye flight, and had landed in Arlington, Virginia. The team is discussing the bizarre clues when Garcia enters tell them about her computer being hacked and how it had happened. She tells them she has the name and address of the person: Frank Giles. When she tells them his home is just blocks from there, they raid the apartment to find him lying on the bed with a sword through his chest. On the wall above Giles' body is another message written in blood: "Here thy quest doth truly begin." A crime scene investigator points out an inscription on the sword that talks about finding the next clue by using the shadow when the hour is none. As they try to figure out when the hour is none and still have a shadow, Reid tells them that the time would be three o'clock. At Gideon's prompting, he continues to explain that in medieval times the day was broken up as 12 noon as sext and 3:00 P.M. as none. It was already after 4:30 P.M., and Morgan asks if they have to wait until tomorrow afternoon. Reid says they could replicate none if they could block the window and use a spotlight. Using this method, Morgan knocks on the wall along the shadow until he finds a hollow spot. He tears open the wall and finds a locked music box. They need the key Reid had been given. He opens the box and a composition by Schubert begins to play. Gideon sees a tab under the top of the box, and Morgan opens it. A lock of hair falls out along with a DVD entitled "Thy Quest." The team returns to FBI headquarters to watch the DVD. The unsub is seated in shadow so they can't see his face. They decide he is injured in some way, which is determined by the way he moves. He tells them there is only one rule to the quest that they must follow: No one else outside the team could participate. He names all the members of the team involved: Jason Gideon, Aaron Hotchner, Derek Morgan, Elle Greenaway, Spencer Reid, Jennifer Jareau and Penelope Garcia. He shows them the hostage and the state she has reached from being held for so long. He also informs them they have everything they would need to complete the quest, and they just need "a book that has inspired many an adventure like mine." Later, JJ tells them they had a hit with the lock of hair. It belonged to Rebecca Bryant, who had gone missing from Boston two years before. Haley Hotchner comes to the office with her baby in her arms and hands over an envelope to Hotch that had been delivered to their house. The person who had delivered it had told her that Hotch would need it because a girl's life depended on it. A sketch artist works with Haley to get a description of the person who delivered the envelope. Then Gideon asks JJ to hold a press conference to help in identifying the person. Haley and the baby are sent to a guarded hotel until the case is solved. The envelope contains a paper with series of random numbers. Combined with the way the numbers are arranged, together with the fact that the unsub had told them they would need a book, Reid is able to determine the numbers are a code that went page#, paragraph#, and word#. Hotch sends an exhausted Elle home to get some sleep, and then asks Agent Anderson drive her and her car will be sent over later. When she enters her house and lies down on the couch, a man approaches and holds a gun on her. He tells her there was only one rule, and he asks her if she really thought that holding a press conference was not going outside the team. Elle reaches for her gun as two gunshots ring out. (to be continued)
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