Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 1

The Fisher King (2)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 20, 2006 on CBS

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  • reid garcia and Reid's mom, brillant

    tense, brillant episode, love the story and the script. Great banter Reid garcia and mon.
  • The BAU pursue the Fisher King while Elle recovers.

    I can't really decide whether the first or second part was better but this episode was really good as the team have to decipher the clues left by the Fisher King while wondering whether Elle will survive I think deciphering the clues was down to Reed when he found out his mother could be in danger but when some people pick her up she ends up helping with the case Up to this point they have very little on the Fisher king and they identify him in two different ways because Reed's mum watches the tape of him and knew who it was and Garcia identifies him as been the father of the girl he had kidnapped They find out he is called Randall Garner and when they go to his house Randall takes the easy way out but it was good that they managed to save the girl he kidnapped The ending of this brilliant episode ended with Elle surviving and Gideon was happy to see her back This episode makes a very good start to the season.
  • Amazing episode

    I liked this one even more than first part - this one had the complete feeling and again - that kind of amazing quest game and the excitement..

    I most say I loved the whole thing around Reid - the way he did not want everyone to know about her mother but how it all was accepted and it was not a problem.. but the way he said to Garcia that it is genetic.. some great atmosphere..

    And the whole Rebbecca storyline.. her father, the whole adoption, the castle like house - and the way the got the man and he blew him self up.. the fire in the end.. I most say - a really great episode.. had it all - adventure, tragic, secrets.. and really beautiful storyline on Greenaway side.
  • the second part is just as good

    The best episode ever i loved this, i loved all of it even the cliff hanger is really good awesome seing the teams on vacation and there personal life priceless,absolutly hilarious can't wait to see more like this and come on modern knights of the round table great concepts it was cool to met Reids mum all though sad at the same time she seems sweet is crazy, Morgan and Elle at the beach were fun untill people died.

    The case was really clever as well, with the way he was doing things to get to the team and how he really thought he was the fisher king. Plus his poor daughter stuck down there for years

    oh and P.S is it just me or is Reid getting smarter.
  • Incredible!

    This episode was the second part to last season's finale, and in my opinion, it was just as great!

    I really enjoyed seeing Dr. Reid and Garcia work out which book they needed to find. That was a classic moment for me.

    I liked seeing Reid's mom. That was very sad and sweet for me. Very emotional.

    Thankfully also, it was great to see Agent Greenaway survive the gunshot. I thought it had ended on such a sad cliffhanger, but fortunately for me, everything worked itself out.

    Overall, a thoroughly planned and well written episode. It was by far one of the best episodes and I would love to see more like this one!
  • A fantastic episode with which to open the second season as the unsub reacts to the team's refusal to play by his rules by targeting a member of the team personally.

    Tensions are running very high at the BAU headquarters in Quantico as they race against the clock to try and track the unsub who knows too much and is one of the most sophisticated killers they have ever dealt with.

    When the girl being held hostage by the unsub is named as Rebecca Bryant, a young woman who has been missing for two years, the team must try to figure out how Rebecca and the unsub are connected to the BAU team. Meanwhile, Elle Greenaway is exhausted and she is ordered to go home to rest. Upon entering her house, she is shot by the unsub and has a dream in which she is speaking to her father who died when she was eight. Does she want to move on and join him or will she fight to live? The unsub has shown that by not following the rules he set down and playing the game his way, that he will retaliate, and shooting Elle is his way of showing the team what he will do if they contin ue to cross him.

    The pieces begin to come together when it is discovered that Rebecca Bryant was adopted as a child when her whole family except her father, Randall Garner, died in a fire. Randall, it seems, suffered horrific burns while dragging her from the flames and ended up in a psychiatric institution due to not being able to cope with the tragedy. The same psychiatric hospital inhabited by Reid's mother, Diana ... When Reid admits that he tells his mother many things about the team in his daily letters to her and it's learned that Rebecca Bryant is actually Rebecca Garner and the unsub (and the man holding her) is her biological father, the team move in to end the nightmare for themselves and Rebecca.

    A superb piece of drama, excellently written and full of suspense all the way. Don't miss this one because if you do, you're missing some great television.
  • Review

    I thought it was a very good conclusion to the season one finale, but at times I thought there could have been a little more to the episode. There wasnt too much left to solve other then to get the book and where the man was located. There was only one continuity error that I saw when the Fisher King went to Las Vegas to speak to Reids mother, that didnt make much sense to me. Other then that though I did think that the two hour episode came to a very good conclusion, with the Criminal Minds team being able to find the man and Spencer not able to talk The Fisher King out of blowing himself up. Overall I would say that the epsidoe was a very good conclusion to the epsiode that season one started and is a very good way to start of the beginning of a season for a series that uses a standalone format.
  • The conclusion from the season 1 cliffhanger finale is exciting and intriguing if a little melodramatic.

    One of the things I like about this show is that they play the melodrama straight. The actors are all very invest in the roles and that helps when things come across as kind of cliche, as this episode did in spots.

    The story is a good one, but I guess that I expected something with a little bit more impact. I felt bad for Reid through much of this episode, but the main reason I watch the show is for Hotch. Hotch was awesome in this episode. I love that he didn't try to soothe Gideon's conscious about Elle getting shot. One the Elle front, I guess I just don't like her character very much because I just didn't care that she was shot. I also didn't care about her relationship with her father as depicted in the airplane.

    Overall, this was a good conclusion, but a little over the top an unbelievable. After all, the way that bomb went off they would have all been toast at the end so it was more than suspension of disbelief.
  • Wow what an episode, love it. Been waiting for this episode for a wee while now

    I love it, Spencer Reid and Garcia manage to save the day. It was so cool to see that the team trust Spencer to work things out. One thing about this is that probably about mid way though the show.

    Can't wait for more episode this season in New Zealand.


    the thing was that I knew the girl that was kidnap by the unsub was related to her early into the show before the show say so, because the unsub didn't kill so I was thinking hmmm… it could somehow be related to the unsub. but other then that I love it. It was a good episode to start the season. We learn a wee bit of Elle past, it was interesting. I was wondering is there any thing between Elle and Morgan???

    BTW I just wanna put this quote in because it's such a good quote and I also love it. it was said by Reid at the end of the show.

    Reid: "It has been said that time heals all wounds. I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens, but it is never gone." Rose Kennedy.
  • The song is: The Riddle (You and I) by Five For Fighting

    I was counting down the day for this episode months before it came on. It didn't let me down at all. Amazing episode, by far the best so far and an amazing kick off to what should be a great second series. I loved the interaction between Reid and his mother. The ending of this episode was great too, totally had me on the edge of my seat, tryign not to blink. In the end I knew the Fisher King had to die, but at the same time I felt sorry for him. Poor guy had a pretty hard life after the fire.
  • One of my favorite episodes so far! Always great to see how Reid's mind works, haha.

    I loved how they were able to keep the suspense of what would happen to Elle going for the entirety of the episode... Gideon was a little left to the side in my opinion, mainly because he was trying to reason himself out of his guilt, though there seemed to be enough guilty feelings to go around... Something I really enjoyed was that they left Reid behind to analyze the clues that the Fisher King had sent them. He's my favorite character on the show, so it's great to see him getting a greater participation and playing a key role in the episode (no joke intended with the key thing). Also, his mother coming into the scenario was just great. Anyways, gotta say this was the episode I've most enjoyed. And hey, Elle makes it! haha
  • Please helpå me find the song, think the title is "You & I", They played the song in the end of the episode The fisher king 2. Please help me!!!! The Best tv-show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please helpå me find the song, think the title is "You & I", They played the song in the end of the episode The fisher king 2. Please help me!!!!
    The Best tv-show ever!!!!!!!!!!!! Just keep going everybody must love tv-shows like this!!!!!!! Really looking forward to the hole season2.
    Please helpå me find the song, think the title is "You & I", They played the song in the end of the episode The fisher king 2. Please help me!!!!

    The Best tv-show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please helpå me find the song, think the title is "You & I", They played the song in the end of the episode The fisher king 2. Please help me!!!!

    The Best tv-show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dr. Spencer Reid Rocks!

    I really enjoy how the quotes that are read at the beginning and end of each episode truly fit the episode. I\\\'m glad that we got a chance to see into Dr. Spencer Reid\\\'s background a bit more, and I like the fact that his character is stepping up to the forefront more and more. This is an amazing series, and I hope it continues for years to come.
  • I am so glad that Elle survived. A truly excellent episode! It was a great way to start off the new season!

    This an excellent way to start off the new season. We got to see a more confident Reid. I absolutely loved it when Gideon told him that if anyone could figure out the clues, it would be Reid. That may have put a little more pressure on Reid, but it can also help boost his confidence. We learned that Elle's father had been a New York City police officer that had died in the line of duty when Elle was a little girl. The scenes with her and her father gave Elle some closure to his death because she had carried the grief of his death, and the guilt over telling him she hated him for not teaching her to ride her bike the day he left for work. Apparently that was the last time she saw him alive. To carry a burden like that for so many years can really wear a person down. But, we also learned more about Reid. We saw how protective he was towards his mother when he realized that the only way the unsub could have learned so much about the team would have been through the journal entries his mother wrote because she wrote about everything he told her in his letters.
  • A wonderful, well-balanced ending to the cliffhanger that turned most of us into certifiable basket-cases over the summer.

    Three weeks before the premiere, when the summary clued us all into the realization that Elle was indeed shot, my giant concern was that the episode would evolve only around her and inadvertently forget to appropriately wrap up the case. After watching the episode, all the while clinging to the edge of my couch, I left the living room feeling quite satsified that both Elle's shooting and the "Reid connection" to solving the case received equal amounts of screen time. This episode was jammed packed with mystery and action. The way everyone pieced the puzzle together was fun to watch.

    Elle's shooting was handled quite nicely. The team's individual reactions were dead-on. I liked that the writers used this as an opportunity for us to understand better why she is the way she is. I admit, Elle's my least favorite character in the group, but after watching the scenes between her and her father, my heart softened a little bit for her. I especially love that they allowed Reid to actually go into the house with the others and that he actually got a chance to physically participate in the climax. I especially loved the scene between him and Garner, but my favorite part was when he dodged the bomb blast (Reid fans, you all know you jumped for joy at that scene) ;) I also enjoyed the interaction between him and his mother, not to mention the scene where he and Garcia were bonding.

    Anyway, I sincerely hope the writers can continue this fabulous streak for the rest of the season!
  • Great story. Great ender to a two-part episode. So much action and danger packed into a great second half of a two-parter.

    This was an interesting puzzle/quest episode.

    They are mostly all mysteries, but this one was more mysterious than most.

    The cliff-hanger in the preceding episode was that Elle gets harmed. In this episode, we find out what happens to her.

    The resolution of how she ultimately fares is drawn out for a while in the episode, and creates a fair bit of suspense.

    There is more action, suspense, and destruction in this episode than most.

    The team, the whole team, is in a lot more personal danger with this one too. Even a couple families are in close encounters with the psycho killer across this story.

    It had everything: damsel in distress, explosions, fires, guns, drama, suspense, mystery, plot twists - you name it, it had it.
  • finaly a second part to the one at the end of teh summer.

    I was so exited that day that i went crazy so i didn\'t sleep or eat until i saw it. It revealed about reids past and what happen to elle at the end of the first one. you find tha telles dad died when she was eight and that reid knows all of the secrets of his cologes and that is when garcia find out tha t reids mom is a syorathic and that the diseede is spread through genetic. If you don\'t know that disses make you lose your mind an dyou go crazzy and are dillusional.
  • Finally!!!A superb ending to one of the most suspenceful cliff hangers I've seen in a looooooooooong time!

    All of the characters are put on edge as they wait out the results of Elle's surgery; especially Gideon. Elle isn't even sure she's strong enough to pull through as she has an internal debate whether to stay with her father in the afterlife or be the stronger person and fight. As well as finding out some more about Elle's character, we also get a glimpse of Reid's(very adorable and sweet). I very much enjoyed how this episode was written to mimic a sort of old mystery novel and how one clue led them to another and further into the mind of the unsub. Nicely done!
  • The Fisher King Part II was well worth the wait and this episode is one of the reasons I fell in love with this show.

    I think the very end of the episode got me the most with Hotch cleaning the blood off of Elle's wall at her house. It was a very human endearing thing to do..when your job encompasses the deranged individuals that the Behavioral Unit of the FBI has to deal with daily you are afraid you will lose your humanity and be desensitized to these things. This loving act performed by Hotch was a touching end to this episode. I was also glad to see everyone else solve the riddle of the Fisher King and not just Gideon doing all the solving..he was where he should have the he was having his own guit issues about the press conference and the results thereof(Elle's attempted murder). I love Mandy Patinkin and I really like his character but it was great to see even more character development of the others. Reid is just an adorable genius and his fears are well founded about the schizophrenia. I am well-pleased with this episode and hope they keep up the good work and further character development. They are a real team characterwise and real teams care about each other which this episode clearly showed. Great opening to a second season!!
  • This was an excellant way to give us more information on the main characters...

    This episode proved to be an excellant source of information; especially in reguards to Reid's mother, and Elle's father. It was hinted at before (even before last season's finale), if I'm not mistaken, about Reid's mother, and about her mental issues (sorry, I can't think of what it is at the moment; maybe it'll come to me...)... And this episode pretty much expands on that.

    We also learn some family history for Elle. I don't remember knowing very much about her family before this episode. Now I know that her father died when Elle was eight, and in the line of duty. To top that off, the last thing she'd said to her father was 'I hate you'. Now she has a chance to remedy that...

    Deffinitely worth seeing at least once.
  • Well, answers are revealed. As soon as the episode finished, I jumped up and shouted, \"YES!\" I had been waiting since the end of season one for this ending to an interesting mystery story. And it was worth the wait.

    I felt great after watching this episode. All of the little mysteries from the last episode: Elle\'s attack by the unsub, what the book was, who the unsub was, what the HECK was going on... it all fit, and I must say, it fit very well. I\'m very happy.
    This episode will make no sense if you just watch this one. You really need to watch at least \"The Fisher King, Pt. 1\" (obviously!), but I would recommend watching a couple of episodes to get you into the character groove. The show as a whole is a giant character piece, following, well, life. If you don\'t care about the characters, or get some of their personality and background, then you won\'t really care about the show.
    I remember about three or four times in the show, I literally said outloud, \"I knew it!\" Sometimes it was a happy, joyful, \"Yes, I knew it. I feel smart.\" Sometimes it was a, \"Duh! Why didn\'t they think of that?\" (i.e. Reid\'s mom being the leak of information) But there was one moment that stood out to me: the conversation between Reid and Garcia about why he writes his mother letters everyday. \"Did you know that skitzophrenia is heredity?\" I actually did, and since I had seen the first part and heard about Reid\'s mother, I thought about that for a while (and I totally think they should use this idea more). What would it feel like to know that anyday, you could wake up, and not be yourself anymore, completely loose your sanity? I think that that drives Reid, and helps his character, because fears are something that everyone can relate to.
    And I think that\'s why I love this show so much (and it shows in this episode a lot). The problems that these people go through, the things they say, they make the characters real, and someone we can relate to. They aren\'t perfect, they aren\'t living in a comedy where everything bad that seems to happen is laughable. They\'re just people.
    This episode was crafted as an interesting mystery, and I don\'t want to give too much away, since you never know who may be reading. I think I\'ve spoiled enough.
  • The defects and faults of the mind are like wounds in the body. After all imaginable care has been taken to heal them up, still there will be a scar left behind.

    Now this is how you do a season opener ( CSI Miami, are you paying attention ?)

    I'm glad they started right where they left off!

    Hotchner telling Det. Casey that "take her home" does not mean "drop her off". Hello! Finally someone will check on her!
    The unsub wrote the word "rules" on Elle's wall in her blood. And Reid surely and steadily starts putting it all together. The search for the book goes on ( we already knew it was not the 'knights of the round table/king Arthur'or the bible.. we checked..)
    The date on the back of the baseball card the unsub sent Gideon is off, Must be a clue : 1963. Which probably is the year the book was published in.
    Garcia has the hacker/unsub's name on her screen, kneighf , whom she is still very pissed at. Reid finds that an odd way to spell it, Old English... and the lines in the music box message remind him of something he heard a long time ago ( his mom reading him a poem). This al leads to The Collector by John Fowles, when the books' cover appears on Garcia's computer screen they know for sure.
    In the meantime the delivery guy who delivered a parcel to Hotchner's wife was brought in, they question him and as it turns out he was all to happy to take the 1000,- in cash to deliver it. He remembers that the face of the man handing it to him was severely burned. The burn scars also explain why he has trouble moving/walking.
    Gideon gets a call at Elle's desk, where they all gather. It's the unsub, almost apologizingly explaining he killed Elle. Which they did not know yet!
    Reid has tracked down someone who owns the correct edition of The Collector, and they quickly have the riddle figured out.
    Gideon and Hotchner are at the hospital waiting on Elle's surgeons to report; they both feel guilty. Hotchner for sending her home without explicitly telling the detective to stay with her, Gideon for setting up the press conference where the unsub specifically told them not to. "Elle will understand". Reid then figures out that the unsub must have known / know his mother and gets someone to pick her up and fly her in - so now Garcia knows. Reid sort of explains why he doesn¡¦t talk about her (Did you know schizophrenia is genetic? Maybe he doesn't want people to think he might be too?) and he also explains why he writes her a letter every day (so he doesn't have to feel as guilty for not visiting her) He shows his mother the video of the unsub, who then has a name.
    Morgan and JJ are at the kidnapped girls house, where they find Rebecca wasn't exactly little miss perfect, and that she was adopted. Garcia quickly finds out why: the rest of her family was killed in a fire (faulty construction) and her dad survived but spent 2 years in a burn ICU and signed over his parental rights.
    She also finds the same name: Randall Garner.
    All through the episode Elle is hanging in between live and death, talking with he father who passed away when she was 8. She regrets her last words to him being "I hate you" and now has a chance to set that right.
    Spencer's mom shows the team a picture she got ( Reid looks as if he'd rather quickly shush her..) and that takes them to Garner's house where they find him upstairs in a room - wearing a bomb. He thinks Reid's mother explained it all to him. Reid answers : my mother is a paranoid schizophrenic who would forget to eat if she wasn't properly medicated. So now the rest of the team knows as well. He can keep Garner from blowing himself up for quite a while, saying all the right things, but in the end Garner realizes that there really is no magical sentence that will make it all right and he decides he'd rather be dead and pressed the button.
    Smoke, fire. Where is the Rebecca! Reid remembers the picture, his mom, the "map", and there were two lights burning. One where the unsub was, so the other one must be where Rebecca is. Chained to the bed, but "The youngest holds the key" and they unlock and rescue her.
    Elle is out of surgery, she'll be fine :).
    Nice touch, Hotchner going to her home and trying to wash the blood off the wall (kudos for the gloves!).
    Very fitting music at the end: The riddle -Five for fighting.
  • Wicked.

    Can. You. Say. Incredible? Excellent episode. Very well written, they managed to pick up from FK1, get to the climax, and wrap up nicely, without rushing things. They also managed to have a life threatening injury, (in the form of Elle getting shot) without making the entire episode about it, which is something I haven't seen in a while. I wouldn't call this an entirely character centered/character development episode (if anything, Reid's mother may have been the star). Everyone in the BAU managed to play an important role, which didn't happen very often last season. Managed to be a season connector that didn't result in any completely show altering changes. Worthy of a season premiere, while managing to get back in the swing of things for the next episode. Completely an edge-of-your-seat episode.
  • awesome.

    wow, that was awesome. it was a little slow at first but then at the end, i probably had about 5 heartattacks with the scene with Reid and the Fisher King. And now I love Reid even more. The scenes with his mother were heartbreaking. I felt so bad for him. He fears he'll become like her someday. Morgan's shocked reaction to learning about Reid's mom was great. You gotta love Hotch for cleaning up the blood, and Morgan for his reaction to Elle being shot. Gideon is a great concerned pearent-like figure. Overall, A great and suspenseful season opener, I can't wait for more. I have a good feeling about this season.
  • Great way to start off its second season after last season's cliffhanger!

    This is a great way to start off the second seawson after last season's cliffhanger. After all of the members of the team began receiving some wierd messages on their vacation. Gideon for once, tells the team, not to focus on the person aspects but how to catch the killer. Reid is up to the task in doing that. As one of their own becomes the victim. Great show and great second season opener!