Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 7

The Fox

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2005 on CBS

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  • the fox

    this episode is really thrilling and tense. the episode was really scary it had me jumping out of my seat, i would recamend this episode to anyone who is a criminal minds fan
  • Playing family

    This story was really scary one - a man who has problem with family and now he attacks families who are going to vacation, threatens to kill them if they do not play with him - a little play of family to have what he never had for some days.

    The episode has very strong storyline and I do not know - maybe it was the whole case what was very scary that little made me dislike the episode or was just just weaker than previous one what was just so much more brilliant. And somehow this one had little slower motion..
  • Very intense episode!

    This was another terrific instalment of Criminal Minds! The episodes continue to be very spooky, which is one great element of the show, but this time, I enjoyed the fact that they interviewed two people who were not in fact the unsub, before eventually discovering the unsub;s identity.

    I enjoyed the episode thoroughly. It is a very unique one, because the unsub spent time with the families (several days) but still killed them off eventually. I thought this was an unusual yet interesting episode and concept, which I thought was absolutely magnificent! Probably not the bes t one in the season so far, but still very good!

    Keep it up, guys, and please continue to produce episodes tht continue to be this terrific! Great!

    EDIT: And one thing I forgot to mention is the amazing ending to this episode! The ending shows about ten (approximately) gold rings on the table, indicating the killer has had so many more families hotage and killed so many more people.

    That's one way to leave your audience on the edge of their seats, from start until after it finishes!
  • Move or I will break your neck!

    Very good show once again and it shows why it
    Is a hit this year! I love to watch the
    Chemistry between the characters as well as know that their jobs are hard
    As a man comes to a family once in a while as the family takes him in and he precedes to kill them. Wife and children!
    Talk about a heartless person! No consceince whatsoever!
  • really good!

    Woah! i love this episode, it is really freaky to think that there are people like that. Because i watched this at night it really freaked me out. I was alone with the light off. A great episode with all the twists and turns but then again what episode in this series doesn't. It was sad to know that a guy like that would terrorise all those families. Gideon must find the evidence to find the killer but how can you find the killer when he leaves no trace of evidence on the bodies or anywhere? It turns out to be a therapist who prays on those who are just about to go on holidays so then they don't go on the missing persons report. But will Gideon be able to find this man before he kills another innocent family.
  • Another wonderful example of the diversity of psychopathy.

    This episode is gut wrenching as the unsub kidnaps, tortures, and slaughters whole families. Once again Gideon's insight takes a simple piece of evidence and uses it to map out the mind of a killer. Suspense is high as the team rushes against the clock to save a kidnapped family from the grisly fate that has already been visited upon two others.

    This unsub takes the men's wedding ring as a trophy, when they find his trophy case it is filled with more than a half dozen rings.

    Also in this episode we see SSA Derrik Morgan become easily angered at the death of children. This is a recurrent theme that is finally explained in season 2 episode 12: A Profiler Profiled.
  • It’s all about the family. Who has one, who wants one, whose family works, and whose doesn’t. From the small splash of happiness at the beginning – with Hotch’s son Jack being introduced to Hotch’s “other” family, it’s all down hill from there.

    I’ve seen crime dramas and mysteries, thrillers on television and movies, but this episode actually scared me. The intensity of the characters’ reactions to these crimes, the pacing, the darkness, and the very setup of families – families with children – being held captive in their own homes for days before being killed stoked the horror. The subtle threats were more terrifying than a boatload of gunmen: the woman waking up with the killer in bed beside her, the family forced to sit at the dinner table with the killer, the killer stroking the little girl’s hair, the killer giving the baby his pacifier. It was also quiet – as if the team was afraid to speak too loudly. Reid interrogated the huge man with a history of violence and brought the man to tears. The victim’s mentally handicapped brother was treated gently by the usually flamboyant Morgan, and his guilt and grief were anguishing. These scenes intensified the suspense without giving us any moments of release. The only two suspects were as emotionally devastated by these crimes as we were. The one time there was screaming it was Gideon, proving to Morgan that the families were so subdued by the criminal that they didn’t even cry out.

    The story was good, but the direction and the acting stand out most. The underlying score was almost subliminal, keeping the mood tense and viewers’ nerves jangling. The last scenes really stand out: Gideon and JJ taking down the photos, the paintings, the evidence of these cases and packing them away into a small file box, as if they could shut out the memories of the crimes that easily. And then the absolutely silent team sitting around the table as Gideon turns over the box and a pile of wedding rings falls onto the table.
  • Review

    I thought that this was one of the best episodes of the young series so far. I thought without a doubt this episode showed a way to profile someone the best and then have it all come together at the end. I liked how they caught the guy and then had a huge scene with him at the end in order to truly break him - switching up the pictures knowing that he would have to change them because something was out of place. I thought the killings in this episode were likely the most emotional ones, as the killer made his way into four families and killed every single one of them as they were about to go on vacation. I only saw two families get murdered and they only mentioned two, which makes me curious about the eight rings that got dropped on the table at the end. I thought the character devolopment with Gideon and the black man were really good in this epsiode. The both of them excel in the role when they have to do a profile with one of the shows traditional "backgrounds"
  • Families who are planning to go on vacation are being killed in their homes.

    This was a very interesting episode. Gideon was pretty much running the investigation - I think. It's a little confusing at times to figure out who is in charge in these early episodes. Either way, there is something just downright eerie about the way he "becomes" the bad guy in this one. And then, when they caught the guy - and the way he just knew to get him to confess - this makes us see just how deep into the criminal's psyche Gideon is willing to go to find the answers. The last scene, when we realize just how many families he's terrorized and destroyed - heart breaking.
  • I try to find the song in this episode but i don't find !!! :'( please help me...

    I try to find the song in this episode but i don't find !!! :'( please help me...
    I try to find the song in this episode but i don't find !!! :'( please help me...
    I try to find the song in this episode but i don't find !!! :'( please help me...
    I try to find the song in this episode but i don't find !!! :'( please help me...
    I try to find the song in this episode but i don't find !!! :'( please help me...
    I try to find the song in this episode but i don't find !!! :'( please help me...
    I try to find the song in this episode but i don't find !!! :'( please help me...
    I try to find the song in this episode but i don't find !!! :'( please help me...
    I try to find the song in this episode but i don't find !!! :'( please help me...
    I try to find the song in this episode but i don't find !!! :'( please help me...
  • When a family supposedly away on vacation is found dead, there is an immediate connection to an almost identical crime a month earlier and the team must catch the killer before another family dies.

    Shades of the film 'Red Dragon' in this episode when two families are found murdered one month apart. Not as bloody and gory as 'Red Dragon' of course, and this killer targets families who are supposed to be away on vacation so that nobody will miss them. It also appears that he has spent considerable time with them before killing them. But why? Does he want a family of his own or has he lost one in unpleasant circumstances? Or perhaps, he is just a cold-blooded serial killer.

    The team realise that these crimes were meticulously planned and that the killer must have known a great deal about their habits in order to infiltrate in the way that he did at a time when they were supposed to be out of town. When the leads start to come together to form a full picture, they realise that their unsub is very sophisticated and that it will take all of their combined knowledge to trap him before more people die.

    An excellent episode, and one that will have important conotations in later episodes so watch and enjoy an excellent hour of drama.
  • An insane therapist takes families hostage on what is supposed to be their vacations and lives with them as a father figure, before murdering them.

    OMG! I could not sleep for a week! I think the poorest episode so far...probably going to be my all-time least favorite...I still check my closets. I do not like this episode at all. I think the main reason I did not like this episode was because of the music. It would not have been as scary without it. I stupidly watched a rerun, and could not sleep. One of my other problems with it was because that could have been my family. I grew up with one older girl, one younger boy, and dad and a mom. I will NOT ever watch this episode again!
  • Excellent episode! (Spoilers)

    This episode is one of the most chilling I\'ve seen. Every time I watch it, it sends shivers up my spine.

    It\'s a story of two families, and their four-day living hell. A delusional man takes families hostage so he can play daddy for four days. Each family follows a certain pattern, a two-parent household, two kids- a boy and a girl. He gets in through a doggie door, forces a child to draw a painting of the house, then kills them, one by one. He then takes the fathers\' wedding rings as trophies. The twist? Each family is the exact same as the one he lost due to his obsessive and manic behavior- one boy, one girl.

    What is most chilling about this episode is the end scene. The team is sitting around a table at the BAU. Gideon takes a box that they found in the unsub\'s office and dumps the contents out on the table. It\'s eight wedding rings. We only saw two families get killed in the episode. Freaky!!!!!

    I haven\'t been watching Criminal Minds for long, but if every episode is like this one, I think I found my new favorite show.
  • That episode captivated me from the begining to the end!!

    This was the first episode of the serie that I watched and I will surely catch up with the rest of the season if the rest of the eps are that good.

    I love stories about psycho killers and this one is so far one of the best I saw on TV. I've even decided to watch it over a CSI miami rerun. After seeing the first happy family being killed, I couldn't get my eyes off the screen. It was totally nerve wracking watching it but it worth it.
  • Very good episode.

    This was my first time watching Criminal Minds. Lost is in reruns, and I've already watched Bones a couple of times... so I figured "why not". Excellent series. One of my friends says it reminds her of a show calle Unsub that ran back in 1989 for eight episodes. It means "unknown subject" and they use the term in this series. Just a little bit of trivia for you there. Nice to see Thomas Gibson from Dharma and Greg on here. Frankly, I've seen Courting Alex, and this show looks like it's going to be around for a lot longer.

    Pretty cool how they do the roleplaying. It reminds me a lot of the first season of Crossing Jordan before Max's actor was dropped to recurring status.

    Pretty cool plot here. The episode flew by and it certainly kept me interested. I'll be tuning in again... somehow.
  • A killer takes an entire family hostage to play "family".

    This episode creeped me out. Neal Jones portrayed the killer so well that I can only applaud him. All the actors were simply great in this episode, but he as the killer was the most outstanding one.

    I loved how Reid conducted the solo interview - at first I was afraid he couldn't do it, but he pulled him off and that made this character even dearer to me.

    Reid and Garcia's conversation was one of the highlights of this episode for me - this is the kind of light jokes that I like.

    The only thing I have to nitpick is that the suspense arc was broken a bit too soon. From the minute they walked into Dr Howard's office I knew who the killer was and after that it was just cleaning up loose ends, so to speak. But the great acting made up for it.