Criminal Minds

Season 8 Episode 17

The Gathering

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 20, 2013 on CBS

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  • Did not expect that!

    Well, the writers had me fooled.... again. I was sure that Peter was the murderer, but he wasn't. He just wrote about it. The writers did a really good job of leading us on to believe it was Peter and then twist it around. It was a reallt good episode otherwise as well, really freaky considering what some people fantasize about and what they write about. This season the writers have done an excellent job at coming up new stories and strange and twisting stories every episode.

    I would have loved to see more about the replicator, but I think it's quite obvious that they plan to have that as part of the season finale.
  • Enjoyable, great subplots

    I enjoyed this episode! Usually I can tell when writers are playing us about who the usub is, when they strive to divert our attention toward some other criminal or criminal-to-be (like in Carbon Copy). But this was unexpected! I appreciate the two little stories within - the Garcia one, which was quite optimistic (crossing my fingers for this new guy) and the Reids little sub-story, which was very important IMO. I am still waiting for some bigger reaction to his tragedy and further development, but this one was really gently implemented, believable and unconstrained. But his reasoning (last time I lied, it didn t work, this time Ill tell the truth) says that the poor guy still havent apprehended that Meave didn t die because he lied, but because of his poor performance of the well conceived lie: he almost had her (Diane the unsub), but then he screw up, he should have continued playing and being confident and believable in his lie.. And most importantly, he should have subdued this little unsub-girl in that fight over the gun. So he has probably still havent fully understand the extent of his failure.
  • This one was clever.

    While I am dying to know more regardint the Replicator, I would really love for CM to have a season cliffhanger relating to the Replicator in the season final since the last couple of seasons haven't had anything like that due to various reasons.

    Today's case was very cleverly executed. It was smart and it was well thought out. The storyline was laid out intricately and the two unsubs and the dynamics of what he actually did was superb.

    Interesting scene at the end with Reid trying to convince the guy to put the knife down, and specifically with Hotch's comments afterward.

    Meanwhile Garcia has found someone knew and there is clearly some jealousy flying around! It is quite interesting.

    All up, a very good episode! I can't wait to see the next one!
  • An unsub that runs a murder writing class uses ideas from his class to kill his victims.

    After the previous episode the team finds it hard to let go of the Replicator case because there is a new killer to catch The new killer they are looking for uses his murder writing class for ideas on how to kill The episode had a twist to who the killer was but both of the suspects liked to kill It was very unlike Reid in the end but it shows Maeve is still on his mind because of how he thinks he let her down.