Criminal Minds

Season 9 Episode 1

The Inspiration

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2013 on CBS

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  • the best part the restaurant

    i enjoy the restaurant scenes but just that
  • Oh well, he must have a twin, let him go then!

    Interesting episode but pretty standard up until the end. I'm in two minds about the ending either its really good or really bad, I just can't make my mind up! I'm interested to see the next episode because the twins twist is really good, but the execution of the storyline was really bad. I just don't think that after all these crimes they would just shrug and let this man go instantly just because his prints didn't match those at the scene, they would have held him for longer than that, just to make sure there wasn't a mix up with the prints, before going 'oh well, he must have a twin, let him go then' Also wouldn't Garcia have dug up the whole twins thing earlier?
  • Not the best

    Not the best episode but like the to be continued part as from what I read the mother plays a key role. Couldv'e it been done better sure.

    And for all those who watch it just to give it 1 or 2 and says it's my favorite show: How can it be your favorite show if you hate every episode?
  • Unoriginal

    So, they're going to play up the twin angle? Every show has done this story, and it's never any good.

    It was not a bad premiere, but the killer just did not hook me in. Not scary, not entertaining, not a lot of thought put into this villain which is wrong considering this was the season premiere.
  • Fingerprints

    I always thought different people have different fingerprints. Since Hycanith below said they do, I went to google on it and i was right. They have similiar/alike prints but not the same. Anyways they figured out its twins because they caught someone who looks like Wallace but with different prints. Hycanith must have missed out that last part of the episode.

    Besides that, i generally enjoy the episode. It would work with lesser gore to bring out the storyline tho. How can he has such a huge rotting human head and no one notices the smell? And what happens to the body??
  • A Major Letdown

    I had so many issues with this episode, that whatever was good was outweighed by the bad.

    First off: too much gore. As in, gratuitous there for the shock factor gore. By the time it got to the bit with the restaurant, I was almost rolling my eyes. Admittedly, I could see what they were going to do the moment the scene with the restaurant began. I would think it was a decent (and creepy) idea if a very similar thing hadn't happened with Lucky (and the reveal was better, there, imo).

    I'd say the praying mantis thing was a bit of a leap from the evidence, but they lampshaded that on the show, so I'm willing to shrug it off. But the scene with the girl walking on the wall was just... I don't even know. I was caught began cringing and laughing. I think it would have been decent if the girl was actually turning into a praying mantis while that was happening, but as it was it just didn't work for me.

    I also really didn't understand why it was a praying mantis, as opposed to other similar insects. I'm holding out some hope they'll be some explanation of it next episode, but I'm not holding my breath.

    As for the ending, the main problem I had with it wasn't the twin thing. Once I saw they had caught the guy and knew there was another episode, I figured it would be identical twins or a disguise, especially when they mentioned the unusual behavior. However, one thing really bugged me: the fingerprints being different.

    Now, they didn't specifically say they were identical twins, but fraternal twins can look different, and often do; fraternal twins have the same level similarity in DNA as a pair of siblings born from two different pregnancies. So I felt it was implied that these are identical twins we're dealing with. Maybe I'm wrong, and I'll have egg on my face when the next episode airs. Maybe it was fraternal twins. But if it was identical... well, identical twins have the same fingerprints. The exact same fingerprints. So them figuring it was actually an identical twin from the fingerprints doesn't make sense. I guess there could be a scar running through it that makes it obvious it's a different person or something... but I really hope they explain it next episode.

  • I like the chapter

    this chapter was good. Unlike others, I found a chapter that if I kept on the edge of my seat. And the ending was great.
  • Has it outlived itself?

    Yeah, I don't know. I really like the characters in this show, but the stories are getting really far fetched.
  • The Inspiration isn't there!!!!

    Sorry couldn't resist a play on the title but seriously it's like the writing team has zero inspiration. The whole thing was a yawn fest... Criminal Minds is one of my fav shows and so far I've seen all seasons but I got to say if season 7 and 8 were bad s9e1 is so far the worst.

    I really miss seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4...

    Oh and the hairstyles were funny... Nice to a see slight change on Thomas Gibson
  • Good episode, but something lacking

    I tought it was a good episode and creepy as hell with the cannibal thing. I hate cannibalism as it must be one of the most disgusting things ever.

    And although the episode was good, there was something lacking. It just didn't raise the pulse or made me sit on the edge of my seat.

    But it was still good, we know the writers can do better though!
  • Inspired

    The unsub this week was super creepy as usual. Gore is part of every episode, I have learned to not concentrate on that. I'm glad to see a new episode. It has been awhile. You can always tell its' a new season by Spencer's changing hair style. Kristen was awesome as usual and Rossi (Joe Montegna) wasn't telling. Spencer got inspired and figured out what the unsub's inspiration was. The real twist was the revelation of the twins in the end. The best scene is when the team is asking if Hotch is going to take Erin's job and Rossi told them to ask him and the group look as Hotch walks in. And Hotch knowing what that look was all about.
  • Incredibly awful episoed. But a very good ending!

    This episode was bizarre and I did not enjoy it remotely. It was disgusting with I the feeding of body parts and I just can't stand grotesque things like that... it was disgusting.

    Way too many awfully disgusting scenes. And this was the season premiere, so I had very high expectations.

    Unfortunately, this episode was an extreme let down. Stop focussing on disgusting things like this and get back to the core of the show that we all love, with unique and gripping cases each week. This one might have been unique, but it was not gripping. It was disgusting.

    The only thing stopping me from giiving a lower score was the superb ending, which was great! BUT if this means that I have to see more of this disgusting face feeding next week, no thank you.

    Last season we have something as incredible as the Replicator - what a great concept that was! And this season we have a face feeder... did the wrietrs lose their minds?
  • Premiere Episode Review

    I'm sorry. I really wanted to like this episode, but it was just so incredibly stupid. The car thing, at the beginning? Obviously just a ploy to keep us watching for the rest of that goddamn awful episode. And, seriously? TWINS? What is this, a soap opera? That doesn't make any sense at all. Why didn't the mother inform the FBI that he had a twin? Why didn't Garcia tell them he had a twin? Are we really doing the "evil twin" thing, on Criminal Minds? Is this really happening? It's like they took a bunch of hackneyed, cliched television techniques and stuck them together in an episode to see what happened.

    As for the thing with the praying mantis - that was just confusing. This guy gets dumped by his girlfriend and his mind immediately goes to praying mantises, then he wants to "get revenge" on her by making other women eat her. What? If they wanted that incredible weirdness to make sense, they needed to explain it better. Yes, praying mantises eat their mates. Lots of animals do weird shit to their mates. The real question here is: WHY does this guy think he and his girlfriend are praying mantises? I get that the guy was crazy. But you need to explain what about his specific, damaged psyche, led him to be the way he is. In fact, "criminal minds," that is your only job. According to that episode, breakup + crazy + cannibalism = praying mantis. What an in depth analysis of mental illness.

    I'd say the only good thing about the episode was Reid's line at the beginning about the Prius. That was pretty funny. I laughed. After that, it was really just downhill.

    Criminal Minds, I'm only saying this because I care. I know you're running out of storylines, because it's the ninth season, but you're better than this. You don't have to come up with weird shit just for the shock factor, especially if it doesn't really end up making sense/being believable/being at all good, in any way. People already like the show. I'm not saying it has to be completely believable. I know it's a TV show. I'm willing to have a suspension of disbelief. But for the love of god. TWINS? Are you KIDDING me?