Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 6

The Instincts

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2008 on CBS

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  • Hotchner never disappointes. Period!

    I believe Thomas Gibson is such an underrated actor. In every episode that passes I respect him even more.
  • Creepy and entertaining; all in the one package!

    This was another great episode of Crminal Minds. While I thought a couple of the last ones were a little below standard, this show provided a great return to form for Criminal Minds.

    The kidnappping storyline was interesting and well-developed, and the crepy phonecalls from the kidnapper were just absolutely eerie! I loved it!

    I also love d the wtist s and turns along the way, and Reid was just great in this episode. Very interesting to see!

    Overall, it is definitely an episode that I would highly recommend! The storyline was phenomenal and the whole case was breathtaking form start until finish, and a great ending too , I might add! Keep i up, guys!
  • When a little boy goes missing the tam are called in.....

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. The team are called in when a second little boy goes missing. In both cases the murderer, calls the parents of the missing boy to taunt them. Hotch and JJ go to see the family whose son is the second victim and who is currently missing. We learn from the boy's mother that she's scared to close her eyes in case she sees him die. We also learn in this episode that JJ is expecting a baby boy. At a request of the team, the mother and father of the missing boy agree to go to the funeral of the first victim.
    The team believe that the killer may attend the funeral. We learn from Spencer himself that he has been having different versions of the same nightmare since he was a little boy. The nightmares have once again returned. At the funeral the team approach a man who is taking photos of the coffin. We learn that he is from a newspaper. They don't believe his story and so they take him in for questioning. Morgan does some digging and discovers that a murder of a little boy that happened when Spencer was 4 years old matches that of his nightmares. He team son realise that the man they have in for questioning has nothing to do with the murders. When they return back to the house, the killer phones and admits that he was at the funeral and he saw the FBI there.
    After the phone call ends, the team believe that they are in fact dealing with a woman, not a man as they had previously believed. The team soon believe that the woman has lost a child of her won. They son release that she has lost a newborn and that she has been breastfeeding the boys instead of feeding them. The team soon learn of her identify and learn that she had a baby 3 weeks before and after 5 days social services took the baby away from her. They get an address and the team head there. They arrive and the woman runs. The team chase after her and Reid clears the house and finds the boy in one of the bedrooms. As the parents are reunited with their son the mother tells JJ that she's going to be a great mother. At the very end of the episode Spencer has another dream and this time he sees his father with the dead body of the little boy.
  • Excellent episode, full of suspense and twists and turns which keep you guessing - which is exactly what good dramatic television is supposed to do. Great to see more of Reid and learn about his background. Some great acting by all concerned too.

    How lovely to see this Reid-centred episode and to see more of the excellent perfmance of Jane Lynch in the role of his schizophrenic mother, Diana. For all the Reid fans among us, it was great to get another glimpse into his past and his childhood while still dealing with a case.

    With regard to the case in question, the BAU are called to Las Vegas, where Dr. Reid is from, to investigate the murder of a young boy who was abducted, murdered and left in the desert with his clothes clean and attention paid to his physical appearance - his hair has even been combed. When a second boy disappears, the BAU know they are dealing with the same unsub because he makes telephone calls to the parents of both boys. Meanwhile, Reid is having odd dreams about a young boy being murdered. He sees a body in a basement and is pretty certain that he recognises the killer but his mind, at first, refuses to allow him to go to that point. Is he just having a dream based on the case they are currently working on or are the dreams true childhood memories which have been dredged up because of it?

    A great episode, exciting, superbly written and acted and suspenseful at every turn. Watch and see!
  • A boy's kidnapping in Las Vegas causes Reid to have eerie dreams of his own past.

    I loved this episode. I felt so bad for Reid. Nothing is ever easy for him. The dreams were so eerie starting from the crawling baby. I love how concerned the team are for Reid.Morgan was so great being Reid's sounding board. Love Reid's mother. She is so funny. It's nice that she noticed how thin he is. MGG really is a great actor. I felt his fear in his eyes and in his face. I love how even though he was suffering nightmare,Reid was also able to give vital info in the case and find the child. The part at the end was really freaky. The poor thing. Not only is his mother schizophrenic, now his father may be a murderer. I can't wait for next week. It looks so exciting.

    So JJ's having a little boy. I love how she bonded with the boy's mother. I like how Prentiss made fun of CSI. The CSI's usually are mad because firemen and paramedics,who are doing their jobs accidentally wreck their crime scene. It was nice to see Prentiss give it back to them.

    I felt so bad for the unsub,even though I wonder how someone that psychotic got a hold of a voice distorter. The poor boy. That was so frightenig when the unsub was treating him like a newborn. I wonder why the team thought that she was carrying the boy. The bundle looked nothing like a 5 year old. I did like the happy ending and the team night out. Poor Reid though. that was a very ugly nightmare. Can't wait for more.
  • What a way to return to GRACE, after last weeks disappointing episode!!

    I was very pleased to see this episode!! It revealed more about Reid's past, and how he's trying to get a hold on it, the continuation episode looks like a killer finale to this 2 part episode!! This was an episode filled with mystery and revealed more of Reid's deamons in such a way that led him to go into the FBI. I think Reid's mother is hiding something from him, and I hope we find out what that is in the next episode. If it was his dad that killed Riley then we'll know that Reid's mother was protecting him from his father.
  • There is a peculiar case about missing five-year old boys and the entire team does their best to solve it, and the whole Instincts concept gives some insight into the power that a mother holds. Mrs. Reid was as much as hero as the team was . . .

    To start off, I luved this episode, and it really wasn't all about Reid. There were just moments where he had these horrible dreams and we learned a little more about how he grew up. To be honest, I felt that this episode more showed us how much he fully trusts his team now as opposed to when he was battling drugs. I personally felt that all the other characters got a decent amount of showing time on this one. I enjoyed Emily's part in interrogating the possible suspect and her comment about the CSI, JJ's help with the case and Hotch accepting her suggestion to have the mother talk to the unsub, Morgan's soft side (honestly--all he's been doing is running after sickos and slamming them down to the floor, and now he's gotten a break from being the crazy cowboy cop) and Hotch had a great time here. Wasn't that much of Rossi and Garcia though, but it looks like we might get a good amount of them in Masterpiece. Honestly--the star of this episode was Mrs. Reid! She rocks and I totally luv her! :) It was fun to see her humourous side since she was just so scared in Fisher King and it is a little sad though because you can tell she's got a great personality and were it not for her illness she could even be a fun profiler! Her "scratch your eyes out" and "It helps if they think you're crazy" comments were sheer genius! I also liked how she was so concerned about her son. I've seen people speculate that maybe she hurt him in one of her episodes, but I can't think of her ever doing that. All she ever seems to do is care for Reid, knowing that something's bothering him, worried about him being too thin, reading him poetry and classic works--there is no way that she did any of that. I felt more connected to her after this episode than Reid.
  • The Instincts

    "The Instincts" – good title reflecting on the subject of the episode, and what a great episode it was. All along I was thinking what we'll happen, with Reid, with the boy (Michael), he will be saved or not? All through the episode I saw a team working and a family fighting a nightmare. And what a nightmare and a shock was the end of the episode. I just don't want to think that Reid's dad is "one of the bad guys". The character that shined through the episode was Diana Reid and I enjoyed every little line. Also a little inside in why a "genius" could choose to do this job, instead of another more financially rewarding and not so psychically stressful.
    I don't know what next week we'll bring, but this episode is a must. And I say this from the point of view of a person that started watching "Criminal Minds" with season 4, and run a marathon for the other 3 seasons.
  • Makes you want to go and hug Reid!

    This episode really wants to make you go and hug Reid. And that Reid really wants to know why he is the way that he is. Reid isn't like the macho, better than thou FBI type that many portray them to be. He has a soul. As he is the soul of the show. We got to see his mom. Very funny and she does care about her son. Morgan, though I love him, really is getting on my nerves. He needs to calm down. At least he did for this episode. While we didn't get to see much of Garcia and Rossi. Hotch is great and we learn JJ will have a baby boy. Emily got in on an interrogation.
  • Cases from past and present

    Wow.. one of those episodes that on one point leave me speechless - this one definetly did this is the end. That I was not expecting.

    Again, one very emotional case as children is involved - kidnapped and as last case proved, killed after 7 days.

    And Reid, he is having weird dreams what he does not manage to figure out until the end.

    So, we have a family who have to go that all.. and they make a trap in previous kid's funeral and they got wrong guy... and they were working under resumption that the unsub is male but to be weird, I at the first though for the case nature, that it would be woman..

    All those calls, those little hints.. a great episode.
  • The team heads to Las Vegas to investigate the murder of one child and the abduction of another.

    This was an excellent episode. It did have it's funny moment though when Rossi and JJ were discussing the crime scene in the desert:

    Rossi: Not exactly a well preserved scene.

    JJ: It's the crime scene investigators, they all want to play cop instead of just being scientists and they end up trampling on everything.

    Since they were in Las Vegas, it is quite obvious who they were talking about (the CSIs from CBS's top rated series). I think it's rather odd that the two series haven't done a crossover episode. Hopefully that will change sometime soon. It could be the start of some really good crossover episodes since it would put the two shows (along with CSI:Miami and CSI:New York, as well as Without a Trace) in the same universe.
  • Dreams can reveal many things. Including the past.

    Reid's got some secrets, ones that he isn't even aware of. I also found it ironic that his dreams began just before a visit with his mother. I was already creeped out by this before it even started but the scenes with Reid's nightmares made it even worse. Especially when the episodes are cases dealing with children and their murders. I became more intrigued as the case unfolded as it was intertwined with Reid's past. The reaction of the parents seemed very believable and very real. I loved listening to Derek's insight into Reid's dreams and why he does the job that he does shows that not only is he a good agent and a good friend. But from what we saw in the last few minutes of the show, we aren't done exploring Reid's dreams of his past.
  • While everyone looks for a missing kid, Reid is busy having mental problems. Keeps having dreams of a kid he probably saw murdered as a kid. I really loved the last few moments, when you see who it was that probably killed the kid. I hope it was him!!

    This was my first episode for this series, and I have to say that it was awesome! Having no idea what the series was about, or who the characters were (or what their like), I went into this episode clueless. Though I am still pretty much in the dark, I hope to soon fix this. Reid seems like the kinda guy that you just want to coddle, and I think that someone needs to start making him take care of himself. I have totally fallen in love with Reid, and hope to see more of him in later episodes. Now I will go and see about getting the rest of the series, and starting a Criminal Minds Marathon.
  • A very classic episode or fine example of this series. Getting to know the characters better, and more in depth background of Reed. I'm left with suspense.

    For those of us that follow the continuous development of characters, this is really a must watch. From the very first scene with Reed having a dream sequence on the Jet, I was captured. After he woke up, I knew there was going to be a very revealing plot. I had no idea how in depth that would be. Reed's father has always been left out of the picture, even in mention. His life's elements really fall into place here. Mom in Las Vegas in the home/institute. Reed's discomforts with mental institutions in general (he knows that he has a 1 in 10 chance of developing the same mental illness as his mother), and his resolve with much of his past. In his flash-backs during his dream sequences, I would never had imagined his conclusion to his dreams right at the end. I'm left with more questions now, but certainly with a lot of answers as well. Whats going on with the father.? Is the series going to explore this more really soon.? I think so, its the perfect example of the shows direction in keeping to its themes, and following the characters depth. I wonder if Reed's father was a serial killer, as is the nature of the BAU's mission, or whether he (Reed's father) was confronted with a situational vicious crime. I'm gonna stay tuned for the follow ups. I gave this episode a 9.5 mostly because there was so much background and good integration of previous episodes.