Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 6

The Instincts

Aired Wednesday Nov 05, 2008 on CBS

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  • When a little boy goes missing the tam are called in.....

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. The team are called in when a second little boy goes missing. In both cases the murderer, calls the parents of the missing boy to taunt them. Hotch and JJ go to see the family whose son is the second victim and who is currently missing. We learn from the boy's mother that she's scared to close her eyes in case she sees him die. We also learn in this episode that JJ is expecting a baby boy. At a request of the team, the mother and father of the missing boy agree to go to the funeral of the first victim.
    The team believe that the killer may attend the funeral. We learn from Spencer himself that he has been having different versions of the same nightmare since he was a little boy. The nightmares have once again returned. At the funeral the team approach a man who is taking photos of the coffin. We learn that he is from a newspaper. They don't believe his story and so they take him in for questioning. Morgan does some digging and discovers that a murder of a little boy that happened when Spencer was 4 years old matches that of his nightmares. He team son realise that the man they have in for questioning has nothing to do with the murders. When they return back to the house, the killer phones and admits that he was at the funeral and he saw the FBI there.
    After the phone call ends, the team believe that they are in fact dealing with a woman, not a man as they had previously believed. The team soon believe that the woman has lost a child of her won. They son release that she has lost a newborn and that she has been breastfeeding the boys instead of feeding them. The team soon learn of her identify and learn that she had a baby 3 weeks before and after 5 days social services took the baby away from her. They get an address and the team head there. They arrive and the woman runs. The team chase after her and Reid clears the house and finds the boy in one of the bedrooms. As the parents are reunited with their son the mother tells JJ that she's going to be a great mother. At the very end of the episode Spencer has another dream and this time he sees his father with the dead body of the little boy.
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