Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 6

The Instincts

Aired Wednesday Nov 05, 2008 on CBS

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  • Excellent episode, full of suspense and twists and turns which keep you guessing - which is exactly what good dramatic television is supposed to do. Great to see more of Reid and learn about his background. Some great acting by all concerned too.

    How lovely to see this Reid-centred episode and to see more of the excellent perfmance of Jane Lynch in the role of his schizophrenic mother, Diana. For all the Reid fans among us, it was great to get another glimpse into his past and his childhood while still dealing with a case.

    With regard to the case in question, the BAU are called to Las Vegas, where Dr. Reid is from, to investigate the murder of a young boy who was abducted, murdered and left in the desert with his clothes clean and attention paid to his physical appearance - his hair has even been combed. When a second boy disappears, the BAU know they are dealing with the same unsub because he makes telephone calls to the parents of both boys. Meanwhile, Reid is having odd dreams about a young boy being murdered. He sees a body in a basement and is pretty certain that he recognises the killer but his mind, at first, refuses to allow him to go to that point. Is he just having a dream based on the case they are currently working on or are the dreams true childhood memories which have been dredged up because of it?

    A great episode, exciting, superbly written and acted and suspenseful at every turn. Watch and see!
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