Criminal Minds

Season 5 Episode 22

The Internet Is Forever

Aired Wednesday May 19, 2010 on CBS

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  • great episode,

    totally amazing, creepy, agree exit wounds the internet is forever and exist wounds problably are the best episode of this season 5.
  • very interesting episode

    exit wounds, risky business and this one the best of season 5
  • permanently scarred

    this show can be the best on the box at stages but for the writers and director to show lady's frozen and hooked is too far i agree with Patinkin with this sort of behavior been shown on tele i dont want to diss a show i like but there is a line of what your stomach can take on guts gore and morality
  • The BAU travel to Boise, Idaho to track down the killer of several women who appear to be linked by their activity on social networking sites.

    The safety or otherwise of people on social networking sites is regularly in the news as privacy settings are repeatedly hacked and violated. In this episode, Hotch and the team travel to Boise where several women have disappeared and are believed dead. The only connection between the victims is their internet activity, most particularly on social networking sites. All the victims are single women living alone and the team soon realise that the killer is hacking into their networks in order tolocate, stalk and murder them.

    The plot takes on a sinister twist when Garcia finds that the unsub is highly sophisticated in his use of the net and may prove very difficult, if not impossible to isolate due to his skill. When live feeds of murders begin appearing, it takes all of Garcia's talent to find the unsubs location in time to save the life of a recently kidnapped woman.

    This episode should be a 'must see' for all those who believe that social networking sites are safe havens to hang out when on the internet because they are not. Good to see some television with a social conscience. Using a popular program and its characters to relay a message is a great idea and let us hope that people will take notice.

    A terrific episode.
  • The most amazing of storylines!

    This episode featured an absolutely amazing storyline. I loved the idea of a serial killer stalking killers off of Facebook and such sites. Definitely a good reality check though, and I really wouldn't want this to happy to anybody in real life!

    The episode was very well-executed, and I loved how there were many revelations right throughout the episode. They came to new conclusions right throughout the episode, with many new discoveries.

    Definitely Season 5 continues to be great, and I hope the season finale keeps that trend going. This episode was just amazing, and I can't wait to see some more! Fantastic efftort, Criminal Minds, and keep it up!
  • One of the worst researched episodes yet.

    Criminal Minds usually holds a much higher standard than this episode. Some cut off writer must have acted out his own wet dream about computers in a total massacre of facts.
    Starting all the way from interpreting regular HTML/CSS design -code as a chat room code, to really awkward lies and myths about internet hacking and server bouncing.
    They even managed to pull one of the most idiotic myth classic of all time, "Garcia, can you magnify the [...pipe lines on the video]". Iiick! And this is 2009?

    This episode is almost as bad, research wise, as it can get. Mostly like a worst-of-research-bloopers.

    No wonder, the writers were so afraid of computers and internet, when they obviously have no clue on how to use them :S
  • one of my favourite episode

    all social networking portal users such as facebook, twitter and so on must see this episode. they might get some lesson: don't reveal all your personal information to the internet. you might become a victim! story writer should write similar episode like this. like other episode, this episode give a quotations about the internet said by david rossi (joe).

    don't suprise if it is happen in real life, someone stalking you in social portal, and track you down in real life. be careful what you reveal about yourself. like david rossi said: who do you think you are want to tell everyone about your daily life?
  • Technically inaccurate. A CM problem in general, this episode reveals that the technical advisors and producers need to represent the Internet, and the Web, with greater accuracy.

    While a lot of the technical detail in Criminal Minds appears to be logical, to anyone in networking and Internet-related technologies there's a lot of buzzwords and no real substance to some technical explanations. This has been so widespread in popular media that those of us in the technical fields block it out. I'm sure folks in other fields also find flaws and a certain superficiality that television imposes. I wonder if the lack of precision is due to a dumbing-down factor, poor technical advisors and/or poor implementation of advice, a lack of care for fact-checking or all of the above. This episode had some intelligent comments and interesting nuances about technology, but generally speaking the lack of precision in regards to systems and networks, Internet and Web technologies is high. The theme brought these flaws out enough so it was difficult for me to block, hence the lower rating than normal.
  • My nightmare came true......on TV!

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. When a serial killer is killing women and then posting the videos on the internet the BAU team are called in. We see footage of a man entering a house and then killing a woman in her bed (which is my nightmare). As the team get closer to the Unsub, they release what he looks like to the news, and this causes him to go and kill another woman. Garcia manages to track down some of the people who have watched the video's ad we learn that one of them has been helping the Unsub. As he has another woman he is about to kill, Emily and Morgan get there just in time.
    Overall a really interesting and creepy episode. It should how by posting everything you do on line you are virtually making yourself a target and possibly s victim.
  • The BAU travels to Boise to figure out what happened to women who went missing and used social networking websites.

    This episode was a little scary for me, as I'm one of the many Facebook users. I know not to put personal info up, but many do anyway. And this episode dealt with that fact rather well. The build-up was great, everyone got involved (yay Morgan!) and there was a whole bunch of tension. And that scene where they watched...(insert spoiler here). The only thing keeping the ep from being a 10 in my book was the ending- just a bit rushed. For the most part- the episode was clever and well-paced. Overall, a great episode, very well-written, and definitely one of the season's best.
  • Probably the best episode so far of season 5

    In short, this was Criminal Minds at its absolute finest. A true nail bitter all the way through. Excellent acting as always. The writing was superb as well, great story, great concept. They tackled one of the most pressing and difficult topics of our era seamlessly and rather provocatively. The power of the internet was very well represented. The end, where it is clear that the old man's life has been ruined, was well crafted. For me the best part was the opening though. Talk about a creepy way to open a show. It was beautifully shot and realized. The show hasn't quite been creepy enough recently, but it seems to be finding that vain again.

    All in all an excellent episode, one of my definite favorites of the season, perhaps the show.
  • A good thought provoking episode

    I think that episode had great change to remind us how spooky internet is and how much we put ourself there and by that way we are so vulnerable for so many things.

    I loved the whole Carcia thing on this episode. She has really get some great char moments in last few episodes and that's only good.

    Ok.. the case.. I mean.. it was just a case.. I did not see the point of it. The story as whole had the point but we were never explained why he did what he did. And maybe it was cliffhanger(or maybe not? I am still not sure about those words). I also loved Rossi. He has been maybe too much overshadowed (with Reid (and oo no on the hair)) this season but that episode gave him something.. So.. overall good episode but I would have expected something more... I do not know.. huge?
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