Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 9

The Last Word

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 15, 2006 on CBS

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  • Two serial killers in one city.

    I really liked how this episode showed two serial killers in the same city killing at the same time and they know each other and are in competition The Mill creek killer and the Hollow killer are the two dangerous killers in the episode and at the beginning you see who the Mill Creek killer is and how he lures his victims and he goes back to where he killed her which later proves to be his weakness Also at the beginning you see the Hollow killer who shoots prostitutes I liked the part where the Hollow killer saved the Mill Creek killer so he wouldn't go back to the scene Gideon who believed the Hollow killer would be easier to catch was wrong when they catch the Mill Creek killer by making him go back to the scene It was amazing how when JJ did a press conference insulting the Hollow killer he just came into the BAU and held a officer hostage and went for the Mill Creek killer In the end we are introduced to Emily Prentiss who looks likely to replace Elle.
  • Enter Emily Prentiss, confused.

    I was excited to get my first glimpse - and let's face it, it wasn't much more than a glimpse - of new BAU Agent Emily Prentiss in this episode. Backstory please? Just how did this woman finagle a place on the BAU with neither Hotch nor Gideon approving her transfer? She claims parents in high places had nothing to do with it, but how can no one know she's coming? Perhaps just another example of government bureaucracy at work. I look forward to the excellent CM writers fleshing out her character during the rest of the season.

    The adventure itself certainly could have been taken right out of Phoenix, Arizona, where locals had been dodging two serial killers in 2006 - one sexual and one shooter. I loved the puzzle at the heart of this show - that Dr. Reid solves oh-so-capably, I might add. Jason O'Mara - quite good and extremely twisted and eerie as the serial killer who just can't let a dead body go to waste. CM did a good job flying under the radar with this type of offender - "visiting" eh? The interrogation scene with Gideon was awesome - twist the knife some more, Oh Great Profiler! My only complaint is with the plan to catch the Hollow Man. Setting up a bogus press conference is all well and good, but were we really hoping this guy would be dumb enough to target JJ at the police station? He was smart, smarter than Mill Creek, so couldn't he wait until she left the station? He had to attack her in the middle of a room full of armed agents? I don't know, maybe this is an example of "stupid criminal tricks" and is more realistic than I imagine, but sheesh!
  • New Profiler and great storyline with two serial killers!

    Elle is out and Emily is in as there is a new profiler as well as not one but two serial killers on the loose. The team must try to accept Emily as a member after what went down with Elle as the serial killer calls themselves the Hollow man. As they call on the media to help out with capturing the two who are ironcially competitng with one another. Great storyline and character development.
  • Not bad, not good, not nothing

    For a moment I thought that the two serial killers were, in fact, only one person with split personality. It would have been interesting, the guys disconcerted after capturing one of the killers and finding out that the other is gone forever.
    But they decided that not, that were two guys... not bad but the resolution seemed to be very rushed, very deus ex machina.

    The classified ads idea was good, though. And the new agent could be cool

    I hope next episode is better. Please
  • It has been said,'time heals all wounds.' I do not agree.The wounds remain. In time,the mind,protecting its sanity,covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But,it is never gone.- R. Kennedy. Elle never came out of the trauma she experienced.

    Now I think now that CM cast is more complete with Emily joining the team. I am not a big fan of Elle character. I think she serves it right that she was cut out of the show because she does not trust her team. I now see each cast stand out not just Reid. I beginning to see Gideon as Gideon not Greg of D&G show. They have each set of capabilities and strength but they one thing now in common - heart. They have a big heart not just mind.
  • good episode...

    The team is called in to investigate double serial killers in one city. It turns out that the serial killers were competing with each other and were talking through the newspaper. One of the killers lured middle class women and killed them, then burried them in the forest and came back to "visit" them. It was really creepy. He put lipstick on his dead victums...ick! The other one just killed prostitutes and wanted attention. The team annoyed him by ignoring him. They used the two killers against each other and caught them both in the end. Anyways, it was an interesting idea and a pretty good episode.
  • Wow… it was such a great episode!!!

    I was into this episode from the start, compare to last weeks one. Lol, didn't even realise that there were two killers… dad was the one who say there is two. But it was still an interesting episode, for the first time there is two killers!!!! Again it was Reid who knew how they killer contacted each other.

    I found it interesting how they to lured the killer. What I found interesting is that how they are going to catch the two killer, and in this episode, we got to see one killer but not the other. So it was interesting!!!
  • Review

    Another amazing episode coming out of Season two. That makes three episodes now that stand head and shoulders above the rest and really only two below expectation episodes to this point. This show is quickly climbing up my favorite shows list and is without a doubt my favorite series that operates on a standalone format. Loved the case in this one - with two serial killers that seem to be evertything the other one isn't working in the same city. Some people didn't like it because of the fact that it doesn't happen often to have two serial killers in the same city, but I thought the writers wrote it in such a way that you had to view this as a special case going in. Loved the way that the BAU handeled this episode. Catching two men in the span of four days seems pretty unbelievable but I thought the writers did a really good job here in how they caught one and how they caught the one guy right after. The only slight issue I had was the man walking right into an FBI office and disarming two guards. Out of everything they did, that was the one that stood out to me the most. Overall, very good episodes and one of the tops of the season for me.
  • Master and apprentice

    This time something weird happens - two serials killers in the same city - two very different types of killings and BAU have to catch them both.

    It all turns a big game where police, media and those killers take part.

    I most say the whole two killer thing was very cleverly plotted and how they got both of them by other.. in both case they just played them over.. it was great writing.

    I also most say there was again much of the character part in the story - they took it personally, they were involved.

    And that new agent they brought in.. I just cannot stop saying that she looks too much like Greenaway they try to replace with her.. I am not sure about her personality yet as we had her only few minutes but.. Not very optimistic at the moment.
  • I confess I really liked this one and most particularly enjoyed getting a chance to see Elle Greenaway's replacement for the first time. Agent Emily Prentiss has arrived. Just HOW she managed to get there without anybody knowing about it is a mystery ..

    Hotch is surprised by the arrival in his office of Special Agent Emily Prentiss who, apparently, has just been officially transferred to the BAU. The trouble is, in spite of the fact that she has all the relevant paper work, Hotch (and Gideon) know nothing about her supposedly joining the team as neither of them has approved her transfer. Prentiss, we find, has friends in high places. Her mother (whom we meet in later episodes) is a diplomat with important connections and Prentiss has been with the FBI for almost ten years and now, it seems, a move to the BAU has been approved but Hotch doesn't have time to chat with her apart from to tell her that a mistake has been made because the team must travel to St. Louis which, most unfortunately for them, has two serial killers on the rampage at once.

    One has become known as 'The Mill Creek Killer'. He abducts and murders women and then hides their bodies in a place where he can easily revisit them. They are middle class women of good education and yet they seem to trust this man. The other killer, who has named himself 'The Hollow Man' shoots prostitutes with hollow-nosed bullets and is killing at quite an alarming rate.

    The two killers, it seems, are both vying for media attention, but it is all being given to 'The Mill Creek Killer' and 'The Hollow Man' is being ignored, which he doesn't like. When Reid figures out that the two killers are communicating via the classifieds using the names 'Holden' and 'Sonny', (from 'Catcher In The Rye) they are able to plant a Reid-written 'reply' to one which appears to be authentic. This leads them to capture 'The Mill Creek Killer'. A staged press conference where JJ is given a script from which she is told to absolutely NOT deviate makes 'The Hollow Man'seem far less capable and sophisticated than his rival and, predictably, 'The Hollow Man' decides to come after JJ which is probably not a good move seeing as how she is surrounded by gun-weilding officers at the time.

    When it's all over and the team is back at Quantico, surprise, surprise, Agent Prentiss, is still waiting in Hotch's office (well, she has been home, but she's back again!) Hotch gives her a pop quiz on how she would handle certain situations and tells her they will give her a try on the unit. Very nice.

    A good episode and definitely well worth watching even if it is a tiny bit over the top at times but, then again, isn't that what television is supposed to be like?
  • A wardm welcome to Paget Brewster, who is to play SSA Emily Prentiss, the character that will go on to become my personal favorite in future seasons! As for the episode, it was brilliant, with concurrent killers! Great iddea!

    This was yet another fascinating episode! This one was unique from anything that they have done in the past, because it involved multipple killers who are operating tin the same city, apparently competing with one another.

    One killer is abducting women and dumping them in the forest, where he plays out a fantasy post-mortem. The other killer is shooting prostitutes.

    I enjoyed the dynamics of the relationship between the two killers, and kudos to the team, because thy did really well to catch them! There were a couple of brilliant plans involved to acatch each of the killers and there was a fair bit of suspense in the episode.

    I also enjoyed seeing the first appearance of Paget Brewster, who plays SSA Emily Prentiss. Great to see her on the show, as she will go on to be a favorite of mine!

    Keep it going, Criminal Minds! There hasn't been a bad episode yet this season, and I have confidence that this chain will continue! Amazing stuff, and I would have to highly recommend this episode!
  • 2 killers, 1 new profiler and a fast paced chase to stop them competing..

    2 serial killers on the loose in the same town. 2 very different MO's and tacktics... they seem to be competing and communicating with each other.. with a short introduction to the new girl Emily were straight into the chase with the profilers working hard and quickly identifying the fact there are two serial killers. With references from film shows and important leaders to the Reid classic facts regarding other serial killers its a fast paced energetic and compounding episode showing unity and stregth using the media against the killers.. With reid disphering the code used to communicate the trap was set and the first one caught. Then chasing the secon more cleverly than the first the team work together to give a fanatasic ending.
  • Two killers, one great show.

    One of the finer examples of this show. This time we have two serial killers, pretty much opposites in their behaviour and MO, feed off each other and spur each other on, conversing via the classifieds of the local paper. Classic. The development of the two killers\' character was great, even though I would have liked to see more of the hollow man.

    The only thing I found too bad is the pretty short introduction of our newest main character. The few words in the beginning and the short analysis at the end of the show didn\'t really convince me that she has what it takes. It felt a bit cut short to me.

    Let's hope we see more of her in the future.
  • 2 Serial killers and a new team member!

    Again a great episode from Criminal minds. This time not one but two serials killers. One who is famous and alls over the news and newspapers, the other wanting to get famous. This episode was great, it had all the ingredients we usually get in Criminal minds. Also, we have gotten to the point wich we could all expect:
    A new Teammember. But something tells me Elle will be back or be chased by the team.

    Overall not the best episode but definitely not dissapointing. I'm curious about next week in which we will meet the new member of the BAU.
  • Great storyline.

    This episode was very well written and enjoyable. I really liked the interaction between the team members, and the fact that JJ got to actually pull out her gun for a change.

    I thought the double serial killers was a nice touch, especially with the contrast it brought between the women who's deaths mattered and those who were ignored until after the reporter received direct contact from the unsub. The differences between the two unsubs also highlighted the differences between the two different kinds of women they attacked. As to the replacement for Elle- well, while we didn't get to see a lot of her, I have confidence that she'll be a valuable addition to the show, and I'm really looking forward to seeing her interact properly with the team, rather than just with Hotch.
  • Great storyline.

    This episode was very well written and enjoyable. I really liked the interaction between the team members, and the fact that JJ got to actually pull out her gun for a change.

    I thought the double serial killers was a nice touch, especially with the contrast it brought between the women who's deaths mattered and those who were ignored until after the reporter received direct contact from the unsub. The differences between the two unsubs also highlighted the differences between the two different kinds of women they attacked. As to the replacement for Elle- well, while we didn't get to see a lot of her, I have confidence that she'll be a valuable addition to the show, and I'm really looking forward to seeing her interact properly with the team, rather than just with Hotch.
  • The team handles a competition between killers and the introduction of a new member.

    I know there's already talk about Emily joining the team. I think it's good to get anotehr female agent, my problem is that she looks too much like Elle. Getting someone redhaired or even black or Asian might have been a better touch to make her less of a fill-in. However, I liked the part where she comes off as inexperienced but figures out a serial killer without even going to the state he was in. I look forward to her working with the team. The idea of two serial killers working the same town in different ways is something I'm surprised isn't tackled more. It makes for a great contrast, especially how we find out one is a quiet and cultured man while the other is a dishelved loser. The way they trapped them was great although having the Hollow Man basically turn himself in was a bit much.

    I also liked touches like the reporter making the good point that the Hollw Man's victims deserved recognition too. You could have made a whole ep on the idea of prostitutes being ignored because of what they are. As it was, it was a very good hour that puts a turn on the show's usual formeula.
  • can't wait for next weeks episode

    loved the idea of two serial killers basically competing against one another. this episode really shows that there are some very disturbed people in our society that are capable of doing very scary things. i'd also like to point out that one of the characters made a good point, in this day and age we are all more worried about our kids safety than our whole families. remember to always amke sure that your loved ones are safe and that you have some idea of what they are doing just for this reason. this episode was a fine example of that.
  • What happened to my show?

    I really felt disapointed after watching last nights episode. First of all they obviously feel like they need to bring in another female castmate due to Elle being gone. But why bring in another tall, dark haired, pale woman? Typical. Just bring Elle back then. Also, the use of communicating via classifieds was terrible. When Hotch was interrigating the killer, I didn't by his plea to, "not tell the whole story." Cmon like he really cared that much about the world knowing how he would return to visit his "artwork." The only part of this episode that I liked was the usual cute banter between Garcia and Morgan. She is too funny. Hopefully next week the show will return to it's usual suspenseful and exciting self.
  • An excellent episode of Criminal Minds.

    I always look forward to watching Criminal Minds each week, and this episode shows exactly why.

    A carefully crafted storyline involving more than one character, executed perfectly leaving you trying to figure out exactly what's going on, who did what and what the motivations are for each of the characters.

    It was an exciting and interesting episode, and a great example as to why this is one of the most popular shows on television right now. The writing is always top-notch and this episode is no exception.

    They introduced a new character with this episode... kinda.. they showed her but that was about it, so it's difficult to really judge what will come of that.
  • I found it a little far fetched that two serial killers would correspond in newspaper ads, but then who knows? Usual good writing though EXCEPT FOR THE WAY THEY HANDLED BRINGING ELLE'S REPLACEMENT IN which was indeed painful to watch.

    Hotchner displayed just plain bad manners and no professionalism when meeting Elle's replacement until she came groveling over to his desk like a little puppy dog licking their master's hand as she simultaneously razzle, dazzled him with her ability to profile the unsub.

    Previously, with no paperwork to show she should be there, he walked out of his office and left her. Now all of a sudden he doesn’t need paperwork to invite her into the next briefing? Why? Because she’s brilliant AND pathetically subservient. I was embarrassed for her, but I was even more embarrassed for Hotchner.
  • Very well done. Intelligent characters and intelligent storylines.

    I love how these guys think. They just seem to know exactly how to catch these jerks using their brains instead of their guns. Really weird how these guys communicated to each other by putting adds in the classifieds. How they understood each other through those must have taken them alot of time to come up with the codes they did. None-the-less the killers were caught and the women (even the prostitutes) are remembered for their terrible deaths. I was really touched how they made sure that the prostitutes were treated like anyone else who was killed. It was a true tragedy but they were remembered.