Criminal Minds

Season 8 Episode 2

The Pact

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 2012 on CBS

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  • I've seen better.

    I couldnt stand the whining and crying. The plot was decent but the acting by the two female vigilantes was terrible. Also, I couldn't understand how the guy psychopath got over powered by two females when he could've easily taken the gun from the black woman, (whilst she was whining) and took control of the situation. The worst episode in season 8 I think.
  • 2 vigilantes work together to form a deadly pact.

    This was an interesting episode with twists and turns when two woman vigilante killers kill people who have committed a crime but have been let off.The two woman believe they are doing people a favour.At first they was dragging there victims with cars and things got interesting when they picked one victim who turned out to be a psychopath who killed one of the serial killers daughter and the one thing keeping him alive was he knew where she was buried.He manipulated the two woman even making one of them kill a civilian which was the one thing they swore not to do.Surprisingly the two woman killed the man they had kidnapped and left to Mexico and the woman was shocked to see that they had been found but with one unsub escaping Rossi still believes she will be found but I think she is long gone.
  • Feeling better about Blake... interesting plot twist..

    1-Blake - I was so anguished last week at how horrible Blake was and wanted her to STFU the entire episode that my first thoughts were how much I despised her and didn't want to see her ever again... and thankfully we both appeared to have calmed down. She was much more quiet and I was much happier. So I was able to focus more on the episode. Well except for my drifting off wondering if Mackenzie Phillips always had such a deep raspy voice and my trying to figure out why I thought she was very tall all these years after being on one day at a time a million years ago... or if it was just a false perception on my part --maybe the drugs?, either way I drifted in lots of thoughts - then I wanted to straighten out the wig that Kim Wayans was wearing and wondering if comedy is more her thing because she did seem to overcry - whine, etc - and I applauded when she shoveled psycho guy though I wanted her to do it sooner. I can't believe she got away - that just didn't make sense - nor did it make sense that the other one smiled when she saw her getting away. But hey.

    So overall - I liked the episode but not one of the best. For me the fact that Blake didn't bother me as much as the previous one is the highlight.
  • Too PC

    Like almost all crime procedurals, this show almost never has a black person as the weekly perp. Maybe 4 times in 7+ seasons. In the very rare episode where the perp is black, he/she is shown very sympathetically and we are led to believe the victims deserved what they got. By the end of this episode, the audience is conditioned to be happy that she got away. So she beat several men to death with a baseball bat, so what? They had it coming. This is PC race pandering. Unfortunately, every crime show follows this pattern.
  • Annoying

    The mother's constant high-pitched whining was akin to nails on a chalkboard. Yes, she was conflicted about the murders... blah blah blah and didn't want to go through with the rest, but I really wanted someone to kill her the quicker the better.

    The episodes with female serial killers have lacked a certain umph, and I think this one was a prime example, it only got interesting (excluding the high pitched whine of "Why, why, why") when they interacted with the real psycho at the end.
  • pretty decent..

    I think the best part of this episode was when the last guy turned out to be the real psychopath and how he manipulated the women's anger and pain.. so far, this was a pretty decent CM episode..
  • Everyone was as bad as everyone else.

    For me, a terrible episode. I certainly understood why the two women were seeking revenge but the writing and acting were appalling. I think the third grade students have been allow to put the scripts together again.

    Women as serial killers is not all that rare but as a duo, there certainly haven't been many. The team were boring and jumping to conclusions without any hard evidence, which is annoying and not at all professional. I normally have a lot more to say in reviews but I don't believe that this one was worth talking about. And don't get me started on that soil sample because that was almost leaping into fantasy land. Please, writers, do better. I have recently watched Season 1 again and it showed me just how bad things have been overall since Season 5.
  • 8x02 - The Pact

    Okay, I really liked this episode better than the first one. The unsubs methods of vigilante justice gave me the heebie jeebies just imagining how it would feel to be the ones dragged by the cars. *shudders*

    This was a much better episode than the last one. Rossi's grumpiness about taking vacations cracked me right up. And how often do we get 3 killers in one episode? And considering this is criminal minds, I suspect we may see the one who got away at some point.
  • Twists and turns

    What a horrible way to kill someone. Pure Torture. Of course the victims probably deserved it.

    However, the poor random guy did not deserve it. That was pure evil, even if it means finding out where your daughter is.

    Now to the twists and turn, well there's two really; I did not expect two women to be killers, maybe it's because most of the killers on the show at men (although there have been plenty of women as well), second I did not expect it. Second, I sure as well did not see the last guy's psycho persona coming. He had me fooled that he had changed. So that guy sure deserved everything he got!

    I actually liked Blake in this episode, but it's still too soon to tell whether I will continue to like her or not. It takes a few episode to get a good picture of someone's charachter and nature.

    Overall, good episode and it was "nice" to see female killers, especially as a duo.

  • Even though I miss Emily so much, this episode was simply brilliant!

    Before I continue on from last time with regards to Blake - let's discuss the case, which was exceptional if you ask me! I don't think I've ever cheered for an unsub to kill the person before, but I was certainly doing that today! Those people - and particularly the last guy - deserved what they got. I've sympathised with some of the unsubs before (e.g. Hanley Waters from Season 6 or The Bittersweet Science from Season 7) but I've never actually cheered for them before. :P

    Setting two vigilantes after a pure psychopath was a nice touch! It was definitely an extremely unique episode and it is an extremely memorable one for me!

    Now with regards to Alex Blake - I thought she was more tolerable today than she was last week. She had less screentime and made less annoying comments and Reid-wannabe remarks than last time. I really really like the actress - Jeane Tripplehorn - but I can't stand this character. Sorry. The less screentime the better.

    Overall, the cast was superb! And I am definitely looking forward to next week!
  • Weak and brutal episode.

    Someone important to me was killed and I want to find the body so let's kill some random person to make the murderer talk. Sorry, I didn't buy that.

    Morgan and Rossi find the third guy's body in a matter of minutes, based on what? A little bit of soil that could come from many different places? Sure...

    One of the worst episodes of CM.